The Twilight Saga: What Was Actually Happening Between Jacob and Renesmee?

Over ten years later, we are still perplexed as to why we let Stephenie Meyer to get away with it when she penned the Twilight saga. She was truly on her crap. Whatever your opinion of her writing may be, there is no doubting the cultural change that occurred when a vampire stepped into the sun and turned into a disco ball rather than a pile of ashes. Since the publication of the first book in 2005, Meyers’… unusual… perspective on the undead has captured the attention of readers, and more than 15 years later, people are still interested in the whys and hows of Meyers’ universe. The logic of the books was not at all tightened or made any clearer in the movies, but at least we got to enjoy shirtless Taylor Lautner for the duration of the film. At the conclusion of the Twilight saga, one may have many unanswered issues, but the one we’ll be focusing on here is Renesmee and Jacob: How did that work?

The fourth and last book in the Twilight quadrilogy, Breaking Dawn, concludes Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s “romantic” love tale. After years of Bella hankering after Edward’s marble-like manhood, they finally get married, which causes a pregnancy. In this dimension, vampires only have one bodily fluid—venom, which is essentially vampire blood—along with pheromones and a toxin that renders prey unconscious and, if left unattended, transforms them into vampires. It appears to be able to fertilise a human embryo as well. Throughout the expedited pregnancy, Bella must maintain her humanity, which is not a nice time. Jacob Black, a wolf shapeshifter who should not be mistaken with the Children of the Moon who are real werewolves, is drawn to Bella for no apparent reason.

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Bella Cullen gives birth to a human-vampire hybrid named Renesmee in the Breaking Dawn book (and its two film adaptations) since Albus Severus was unable to be there. She literally dies during delivery, but Edward is able to inject her with venom multiple times (by biting her all over), which allows her to change into a vampire that enjoys frolicking in the forest over the course of several excruciating days. As soon as he saw his prey, Jake, who was intended to kill the alleged dem on spawn for killing Bella, IMPRINTED ON HER. The fictitious Quileute wolves in Twilight imprint on the person they are meant to be with forever. This guarantees they have the best match to spread the pack or whatever, in Sam Uley’s opinion. Jacob somehow imprints on newborn Renesmee despite the species difference, leaving him with no choice but to Stan.

After learning about Renesmee, the Vulturi gather a group of vampires to “see” the monstrosity in real time and colour. To demonstrate that Nessie—awful Jake’s moniker for the unfortunate Renesmee—is a real, developing girl who resembles a human, the Cullens put together their own ragged band. When the Vulturi arrive to kill an eternal child—a youngster converted into a vampire at a young age too young to control their conduct or conceal themselves—they find a full entire aged-up child instead. Jake defends his charge during her entire babyhood, which is only like months. Alice summons Nahuel, another hybrid, before they decide to just murder her because she’s an unproven threat. He explains to the gathered vampires that he was born to a human mother, can survive on both human food and blood, and aged extremely quickly before stopping at adulthood. He served as evidence that Renesmee will mature and enter a stable adolescence.

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Now, let’s get to the main issue. Jacob explains the imprint relationship in the following way: “It’s not like love at first sight, really. It feels more like gravity is suddenly shifting. You are now being held by her, not the earth. You adapt to her demands, whether they be those of a lover, friend, or protector. Despite how strongly the rest of the text suggests it, this does not necessarily necessitate romantic chemistry. After watching his potential spouse mature, Jacob will start dating her when she is of dating age. However, since he is not a vampire, he will perish. Says you.

Well. The Quileutes can practically live forever. They stop ageing the moment they first phase into a wolf. There are several story holes in this book, but Jacob can practically live forever provided he performs regular shape-shifts. This is advantageous because Renesmee will soon reach Jacob’s physical age. Jacob being stuck in time at least allows Renesmee to catch up, and when things start to get romantic in a few decades, they’ll both be emotionally mature and physically young together for all of eternity. The decision by Jacob to imprint on Renesmee may be the most problematic Meyer made in the entire series because it has so many negative consequences, including grooming and removing agency. It must also be one of the more difficult concepts to transfer into a visual medium, in my opinion.

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