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The finest places to find Elden Ring armour may be found all over the map. Some are difficult to locate, but others may be taken up with little to no effort and are very powerful. if you know where to look. We’ve included 12 sets of Elden Ring armour below that we believe are the best, along with information on where to locate them. They range from starter sets to items you can acquire right away to some items that need some effort.

Naturally, how well you perform in Elden Ring will determine what you want. Some sets are designed for protection, some for speed, and so on. It makes no sense to play a magic-heavy, intelligence/dexterity build and then take forever to find an armour that focuses on strength. However you decide to dress, it’s generally better to invest some points in Endurance. The stat determines what you can carry, and practically all available armour requires additional lifting power to utilise without slowing you down.

Make sure you have been gathering all of the Elden Ring map fragments before using the locations of the greatest Elden Ring armour that we have placed on a map below. There is also more information on what it is and potential uses. There is absolutely some fantastic stuff you can obtain shockingly quickly, so it’s definitely worth checking out sooner rather than later. Additionally, we’ve got the greatest Elden Ring early game weaponry, which are also loaded with surprisingly simple items, to help you quickly build a strong loadout.


  • Armor of the Banished Knight
  • Armor of Radahn
  • Raging Wolf protection
  • Knightly attire
  • Crown of Queen’s Crescent
  • Vagrant armour
  • Scale armour
  • Country of Reeds Samurai robes
  • Greathelm
  • Glintstone Crowns of Olivinus and Karolus

Elden Ring armor locations

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While some of the best sets of armour in Elden Ring can drop randomly from particular opponents, we’ve whittled down the armors that’ll benefit players who are feeling a little exposed. Some of the ideal armour placements include what we’ve listed above and below, taking into account the requirements of different types of players. We’ve noted the location of the boss you must defeat to unlock these armour sets if they are purchased back at the Roundtable Hold.

Banished Knight armor

Despite being rather heavy, this armour is unexpectedly among the best in the game. Banished Knights, the tall, fierce knights that periodically wander the later parts of Stormveil Castle, have a very limited probability to drop all components (such as the room with the mimic veil).

Radahn armor

The Radahn armour set is a heavy set, hence it’s best suited for individuals with excellent endurance and equip load. But if you’re levelled up enough to manoeuvre in it, it provides excellent protection. Additionally, you will need to defeat Radahn in Redmane Castle first; this isn’t exactly a walk in the park (check out guide in the boxout for help there),

Once you’ve defeated him, though, you can purchase the set from Enia at the Roundtable Hold. The helmet, arms, legs, and chest armour can be be purchased separately from Enia at the Roundtable Hold for Runes as long as you have the Runes. Given the weight of the entire set, it isn’t a terrible idea to purchase the pieces one at a time to improve your defence while you raise your Endurance stat to carry it all.

Raging Wolf armor

It has a stylish appearance and offers excellent defence without being overly burdensome. Complete two contracts for Lady Tanith’s assassinations at Volcano Manor, and then go hunting in Leyndell with her goon Bernahl. Along the journey, you’ll also find the Scaled Armor, a suitable replacement for Radahn’s armour that also has a great appearance.

Knight armor

After defeating Godrick, the Twin Husks at Roundtable Hold sell this heavy yet reliable mid-game armour. He’s a challenging boss when you first see him, so if you’re having trouble beating him, check out our guide on how to battle Godrick in Elden Ring, which should help.

Queen’s Crescent Crown

This helmet, which is a part of the Queen’s outfit, increases intelligence when worn. Once you figure out how to use the Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Academy Glintstone Key to get to the boss Rennala, you can unlock it by defeating her. As long as you have the Runes, you can then purchase the crown from Enia at the Roundtable Hold after she has been vanquished.

Vagabond armor

Another heavy but strong option that isn’t organically available until the middle to end of the game. It is either sold by one of the Elden Ring merchants in Mountaintops of the Giants’ centre area, close to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, or it is the first item in Vagabond.

Scale armor

Early game armour that works well is thin but protective. sold by the vendor standing next to the Site of Grace at the Castle Morne Rampart.

Land of Reeds Samurai armor

Good defence and surprisingly light. The Samurai begins with it, or the North Caelid vendor close to the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace sells it.


This offers exceptionally high defence despite being simply a helmet and is worth pursuing. Along with the less impressive Champion armour set, it is offered for sale by the merchant in Southern Caelid.

Karolus and Olivinus Glintstone Crowns

These helmets are a great option for sorcerers if they can’t obtain the Queen’s Crescent Crown because they increase intellect while reducing stamina or health, depending on which one you wear. They may both be found in Raya Lucaria Academy but both require diversions to locate:

(A) Olivunus is located south of Grace’s classroom in a schoolhouse. A secret balcony can be found by turning left and hitting the bookshelf. To discover the crown on a corpse, jump down to the left, follow it around, then climb up the rocks.
(b) The Red Wolf of Radagon boss battle was fought at the Debate Parlour Site of Grace, which is right after Karolus. You can discover a glowing crab in the bushes by going outside, then heading to the northwest corner of the courtyard and hugging the left path along the cliff edge. For the Karolus Crown, kill it.

What’s the best armor set in Elden Ring?

You can pursue a plethora of different playstyles in Elden Ring. Do you like to use all of your magic, precision parrying, or colossal swords in melee combat? The top Elden Ring constructions that we have discovered are shown below.

The first two choices in the list above—the Banished Knight and Radahn armor—are the greatest armour sets for us. Both provide excellent protection, but because they are so heavy, you should be cautious about how much of either you wear lest you wind up weighing yourself down. Overall, if armour is vital to you, we advise greatly increasing your Endurance. No matter how protected you are, wearing too much armour and gear will put you in the “Heavy Load” status, which will make you move and roll much more slowly and use more stamina. To prevent the slow roll, keep the overall weight of your equipment below 70% of your equip load.

The greatest armour in Elden Ring will differ depending on the type of character you choose to play as well as the type of foe you are facing. The amount of protection you receive from armour doesn’t depend on a single protective stat, but rather on what hits you; some types will aid you more against physical attacks than others. This should be kept in mind when thinking about boss battles, your opponents, and your own strengths and limitations.

Can you upgrade armor at the Blacksmith?

No, armour cannot be improved or upgraded in Elden Ring, with the minor exception of changing clothing at Sites of Grace, which slightly changes the stats of some sets without necessarily improving them. Typically, this lowers overall protection while removing certain components of the armour, such as capes, to reduce weight. No matter how many Elden Ring Smithing Stones you donate, Hewg and other blacksmiths will not upgrade your armour, so it is up to you to locate a better set on your own.

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