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The premise of Hajime Isayama’s manga series is based on the life of Eren Yeager, the most complicated character in the Attack on Titan series. Eren is unique not only because of his significance to the plot, but also because he formerly had three of the Nine Titans: the Attacking Titan, the War Hammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.

The Founding Titan is the most specialised of them all, and this article will tell you everything there is to know about Eren’s Founding Titan form.

The circumstances under which Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan revealed itself are largely to blame for its extreme specificity. Namely, Eren was already beheaded at the time the Founding Titan showed itself. The spine of the Founding Titan really served as the foundation for the body, resulting in a monstrosity largely made of bones, as it had to join Eren’s head to his body.

We will provide you with more details about Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form in the next section of this post. The Founding Titan form of Eren Yeager was not just distinct from previous Founding Titan manifestations, but it was also highly particular and unsettling. We’re going to give you all the details you need to know about this form in this article.

Eren’s Founding Titan Height

We are aware that Titans are often massive; they are certainly considerably taller than average people. The Founding Titan is one of the bigger Titans and has an astounding base height of 13 metres, or 43 feet.

This is the fundamental form right now, but as we can see, Eren’s Founding Titan was far taller. Regrettably, we don’t know the actual height of Eren’s Founding Titan because Isayama never made it public. Since the height of Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan form is also unknown, this is not particularly surprising.

Why Is Eren’s Founding Titan so Big?

Eren’s Founding Titan is excessively large for a very special and peculiar cause. For example, if we go back to the beginning, before Ymir Fritz became the Founding Titan, we will notice that the Founding Titan was created when the Titan’s spine joined with Ymir’s body, expanding Ymir’s body. You can see for yourself that Eren’s Founding Titan looks like a complete monster, in contrast to the Titan, which appeared to be a monster but had a humanoid form.

In case you were wondering, Eren’s Founding Titan does indeed resemble a massive, monster spine. Eren had already been beheaded when the Founding Titan connected itself to him. The head had to be reattached to Eren’s body, which could only be done by the spine, in order for the Founding Titan to materialise.

Eren’s head and body were thus connected by the spine of the Founding Titan, but because there was a space between them, the spine began to grow out of control, turning Eren into a monster.

This explains why Eren genuinely resembles a monster and why he is so big: the spine just began to grow out of control, and rather becoming the body, the spine served as the foundation for Eren’s Founding Titan form.

Why Is Eren’s Founding Titan Just Bones?

Because they are so obviously related to one another, the answer to this question is actually a continuation of the prior one. In particular, as Eren’s Founding Titan took form, its spine took up the majority of its body. In contrast to most previous Titans, Eren’s Founding Titan manifestation was a little more particular, and as a result, the possessor’s body also serves as the foundation for the Titan’s body.

The Titan’s body in this instance was built around its spine, which served as the link between Eren’s severed head and his body. Because the spine is essentially a collection of bones, this explains why it got big and why Eren’s Founding Titan was made of bones (vertebrae and ribs).

Why Did Grisha Give Eren the Founding Titan?

The Reiss family gathered in the underground cave beneath the chapel, where the Founding Titan had been handed down for generations, as soon as they learned about the attack on the Shiganshina District. Grisha Yeager, who had been hired by Eren Kruger thirteen years prior to take the Founding Titan, came to see them in the cave.

Grisha introduced himself as an Eldian and Ymir’s subject, pleading with Frieda to utilise the Founding Titan to free the inhabitants of the Walls. Grisha, feeling compelled to keep his word to Kruger, changed into the Attacking Titan and engaged Frieda’s Founding Titan in combat.

Frieda was swiftly overpowered by Grisha because to her inexperience, and he consumed her, gaining her strength and killing her. After killing Frieda, Grisha turned his attention to the Reiss family and killed everyone except Rod, who managed to flee, and Historia, who was left behind. Then, Grisha went back to Wall Rose to look for his family.

He discovered his adoptive daughter Mikasa and son Eren, but discovered that his wife Carla had been murdered. After giving his son Eren Yeager the Titan transformation serum and taking him alone into the woods, Grisha assigned his son Eren Kruger’s original assignment. For the next five years, Eren won’t remember the incident, but as a Pure Titan, he absorbed his father and took both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan as his own.

What Are the Founding Titan’s Powers and Abilities?

Before we wrap up this essay, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the founding titan’s primary powers, which make it the most potent of the titans.

Titan Creation

Eldians can become titans thanks to the Founding Titan, who can even make them as big as the Colossal Titan. Many of the 50 metre Titans that make up the Walls were built by King Karl Fritz using this talent. The Beast Titan of Zeke Yeager may also turn Eldians into Titans by howling after injecting the target with his cerebrospinal fluid.

Given that Zeke’s Beast Titan is stated to possess skills similar to those of the Beast Titan, it can be presumed that the technique for the Founding Titan is largely equivalent.

Titan Control

The Founding Titan gives its wielders complete power over the Titans, enabling them to direct them to do almost anything. Eren Yeager gave evidence of this when he unintentionally gave orders for surrounding Titans to assault and eat Dina Fritz’s Titan and the Armored Titan. King Karl also utilised it to build the Walls, ordering numerous 50-meter Titans to fortify their bodies and enclose themselves in the ensuing constructions.

Although his claims could never be proven, over a thousand years ago, Ymir Fritz claimed to have used Titan Power to accomplish great things for the old Kingdom of Eldia. Although the Founding Titan’s influence is so wide-ranging that it compels the Titans to take activities that endanger their own lives, there is no known limit to its strength. According to Rod Reiss, if employed to its full power, the Founding Titan could potentially eliminate all Titans.

Memory Manipulation

One or more Eldians’ memories can be changed or erased by those who possess the Founding Titan. It was employed by King Karl to make his subjects forget the history of the world before the Walls were built and by Queen Frieda Reiss to seal Historia’s memories of her visits, making him and his successors the only people living inside the Walls who are aware of the truth about the Outside World.

Since they do not share a bloodline with the Eldian race of the Walls, non-Eldian lineages of the Walls, such as Clan Ackerman members and noble families, are known to be immune to this mind control.

Royal Bloodline Connection

It has been said that the Founding Titan can only be completely utilised by a member of the Reiss Family, and consequently the old Fritz Family. The power appears to still be used if a member of the royal family is physically present when the Founding Titan is held by someone who is not a member of the family, though.

This was shown when Eren punched Dinah Fritz’s enormous hand to release the power of the Founding Titan. Later, when Rod and Historia Reiss placed their hands on Eren’s back, it brought back memories of Grisha Yeager.

Holding Historia’s hand, however, did not work when trying to see past memories. Eren has given the question of whether touching a Royal Blood Titan a second time some thought, however he has refrained from discussing the concept in public for fear of endangering Historia.

No Founding Titan of royal blood has ever declared a desire to end the menace of the Titans and restore humanity’s freedom despite the legacy of the world’s memories and the capability to command the Titans, even if they had done so before inheriting the power.

This is thus because the First King’s ideas and memory were passed down to these Founding Titans. These recollections caused Frieda to go through episodes of craziness and depression, and she asserted that the Eldians were sinners who deserved their fate.

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