Elite (TV series) Season 6 Recap & Ending Explained

The repercussions of Samuel “Samu” Garca’s passing is shown in the sixth season of the Netflix teen drama “Elite.” In order to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Ariadna “Ari” Blanco turns to drinking. The compatibility of Patrick Blanco and Iván Carvalho is strained by the latter’s personal tragedy. Sara, a social media influencer and one-half of the well-known couple “Saraul,” is welcomed to Las Encinas. Isadora Artián deals with the trauma of being sexually assaulted by three of her classmates and looks for justice but is let down.

The sixth season of the Spanish series’ narrative follows the format of the first five seasons by centering on a shocking mystery. We have examined the season finale of the show, which is full of astonishing surprises, in further detail since we were intrigued by the same. You are in the perfect place if you share that interest! Spoilers follow.

Elite Season 6 Recap

Iván gets left behind on the road and is driven over in the opening moments of the sixth season of “Elite.” Samu’s buddies depart Las Encinas after his passing. The Isadora House is a new bar that Isadora’s parents open and manage. The friendship between Patrick and Iván is strained after Cruz kisses the former. When the video becomes viral, Patrick uploads one in which he claims he started the kiss to make apologies with Iván and restore the football player’s reputation. Cruz is inspired to come out as gay by Patrick’s deceit. After he comes out, his supporters begin to pick on him, leading the referee to call off a football game he is playing.

Cruz runs up to a bunch of unrelated males in distress, who beat him to death because he was gay. Iván begins to think that Patrick was responsible for the football player’s passing since he set the path for his father’s coming out. Because of the same, he breaks up with Patrick. The rape accusations against Hugo, Javier, and Lex are dismissed due to a lack of proof. By filming his friend’s confession to raping Isadora with Hugo and Lex, Javier’s boyhood pal Ddac attempts to uncover the truth behind the same. Despite the confession being rejected by Isadora’s attorneys as inadmissible proof, she is successful in telling the world the truth about her suffering.

Hugo and Lex employ Javier to divert Isadora and her companions while fabricating a story that Iván also sexually assaulted her. Isadora initially had some of the same thoughts, but when Ddac makes his friend tell her the truth, she is able to reunite with Iván. Ral, Sara’s dominating and abusive partner, causes her some difficulty. She gains awareness of Ral’s abuse and the strength to leave her partner thanks to Menca Blanco. While out having fun, Sara kisses Menca, but the latter quickly finds that the former isn’t into girls. Sara is urged to be honest with herself by Menca, who also cautions her against forcing intimacy.

Ari is drawn to Nico, but when she learns that he is a trans man, her biases prevent them from being together. Nico dates Sonia to avoid thinking about Ari, but he ultimately comes around. Ari understands that her fear of hurting Nico the way she did Samu is undermining her relationship with him. When Bilal hooks up with Ari, Roco develops feelings for him. Nevertheless, each time Roco sees him at The Isadora House, where he works, she makes an effort to meet up with him. When she leaves her luggage at the bar, Bilal brings it to her house, where they end up kissing.

In order to persuade Patrick and Menca to testify in his place, Benjamin Blanco urges Ari to do so. In order to sway their thoughts, he even gives them three cars. In the end, Ari is able to persuade each of her siblings thanks to a specific goal in mind.

Elite Season 6 Ending: Does Iván Die? Who Runs Over Him?

Ari learns she is expecting Iván’s child during a Venetian carnival night at Isadora’s bar. She leaves the bar in astonishment and doesn’t say anything to her family or friends. Raal has drugged Menca, but despite being close to comatose, she pursues her sister. She discovers that the car’s front glass is partially broken when she awakens. Menca mistakenly thinks that she drove over her brother’s partner when Ari calls to tell her that Iván was struck by an unidentified car. Sara, though, is the one who actually tramples Iván.

Sara runs into Menca as she exits the bar and notices that her buddy is not feeling well—she can’t even stand up straight. Sara receives the key to Patrick’s automobile from Menca after the latter informs her that Ari is ill. Menca, who is ill, sits next to Sara while she drives. Sara loses control of the vehicle as she tries to contact Menca, hitting Iván in the process. Ral cleans the vehicle to remove Sara’s fingerprints and dragged Menca into the driver’s seat as she reached out to him in surprise. Ral persuades Sara that they are acting morally since Menca, who comes from a powerful and wealthy family, is better equipped than Sara to handle the difficulties of the situation.

Sara is a social media influencer who makes a living from her work. The last thing Iván wants if she passes away is for everyone to know that she was responsible for their passing. She worries that finding out the truth will result in a massive loss of supporters, which will have an impact on her ability to survive. If Iván survives the accident, Sara also wants to avoid the legal struggle against him because he has the resources and power to ruin her life. She agrees to Raul’s scheme because she thinks Iván won’t forgive her but will pardon Menca because the latter is his boyfriend’s sister.

Despite the worst being feared by Iván’s friends and acquaintances, he survives. Within the window of hope, Patrick is able to transport him to a medical facility. Surgery is performed, saving Iván from certain death. Iván’s odds of passing away are incredibly slim, but they can’t guarantee it to Patrick, Ari, and Menca. As the story comes to a close, Iván regains consciousness and calls out for Patrick, which can be interpreted as a sign that he would likely survive.

Who is the Shooter? Does Anyone Die?

Hugo and Lex plan to rape a girl they meet on the dance floor at Isadora’s pub during the Venetian carnival night. Hugo struggles to obtain an erection after accidentally injecting a substance Isadora had put in his suitcase. He believes that forcing himself on someone will give him the thrill of achieving the same. Javier, having discovered his two friends’ plot, tells Isadora about it, who then phones the police. Javier also appears to admit to the police that he raped Isadora alongside Hugo and Lex. Isadora meets with Ddac to make amends after the capture of her rapists.

In the meantime, a car enters the Las Encinas property, and an unknown individual fires a gun repeatedly. Given that Isadora was present when the gun was fired, the gunman might be a relative of Hugo or Lex, seeking retribution for the two rapists. The individual, who is probably attempting to assassinate Isadora for damaging Hugo and Lex’s lives, could be a relative or someone hired by the relatives of the two boys. Hugo and Lex most likely come from such influential families because the boys attend a school where only pupils from Spain’s most powerful families are allowed.

If so, the families’ reputations must have been damaged by Hugo and Lex’s incarceration, which may have prompted them to wreak revenge on Isadora, the root of their problems. If the shooter fires at Isadora, Ddac must have sought to shield her with himself, possibly killing himself in the process. Isadora must have also been the target of gunfire.

Why Do Ari, Mencía, and Patrick Leave Madrid?

Ari believes that Menca’s admission that she ran over Iván is the last straw in their sad life in Madrid. Benjamn and his kids travel to Madrid in search of a new beginning for their lives. However, the decision opens the door for events like Ari’s near-death encounter and unintended pregnancy, Menca being attacked by Armando de la Ossa, Samu’s passing, and Menca’s conviction that she almost killed her brother’s partner. In terms of Ari, she understands that they must flee to a location where they will not be required to cope with their prior traumas.

Ari must have realised that she cannot live in Iván’s presence any longer after aborting the baby. In case Iván passes away, Menca doesn’t want her sister to be accused for murder after Ari blows his chance with Nico. She is aware that, contrary to Menca’s view, her sister is not strong enough to conceal the fact that she ran over Iván, which could lead to her imprisonment. Only Ari’s sister and brother remain in the world, and she is unable to part with either of them. In the event that Iván is able to survive, she also doesn’t want Patrick to suffer harm constantly. In order to escape the city where she and her siblings suffered greatly, she forces her family to move.

Ari, Menca, and Patrick might not be able to permanently leave Madrid, though. Iván will undoubtedly attempt to contact Patrick after he regains consciousness and starts to ask for him. Patrick might hasten back to Madrid to be with Iván if he learns that the latter is still alive and well. It’s possible that Ari and Menca won’t want to split up with their brother either.

Do Isadora and Dídac End Up Together?

Isadora had been wanting to connect with Ddac ever since she first met him. She hesitates to marry Ddac because he is good friends with her rapist Javier. She is unable to accept the fact that her spouse is still in some way involved with her rapist’s life. Additionally, she is unable to trust anyone, not even Ddac, due to the trauma of being raped. As a result, she immediately dismisses the idea of dating him. Javier’s admission to the authorities and his reassurance that Ddac can be relied upon without a doubt give Isadora the confidence she needs to repair their relationship.

Even though it is Ddac, Isadora is still not ready to fully trust a man. But by kissing him, she tells him that she is evolving. Isadora and Ddac should be together if they aren’t both killed by the mysterious shooter. Isadora will likely be helped by Ddac to gradually come to trust him. She might soon start getting close to him without being troubled by her history. Isadora is given all the time she needs and wants by Ddac to adjust to her new situation, and he is also kind enough to assist her in coping with the ghosts of the past. Isadora and Ddac might find love and a home in each other given that their families haven’t shown them love.

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