Encanto Sequel Update : Will There Be An Encanto 2?

Disney hasn’t officially announced Encanto 2 yet, but given that Encanto has recently won an Oscar, maybe they will.

The beloved animated film, which won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, has been a huge success since it debuted on Disney+ in December 2021. Even Disney CEO Bob Chapek referred to Encanto as a “franchise” in a February 2022 earnings call.

While the other songs from the fantastic soundtrack to the movie have all charted in the top ten globally, the movie’s breakout hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” shattered records in both the UK and the US.

It’s caused a Disney mania that we may not have had since the debut of Frozen.

Encanto doesn’t instantly suggest a sequel, but neither did Frozen, and we went back to Arendelle with the blockbuster sequel Frozen II in 2019. Why not Mirabel, Bruno, Luisa, and the rest of the gang if a sequel was good enough for Anna and Elsa?

We regret to inform you that as of April 4, 2022, Disney has not officially announced a sequel to Encanto. Given how popular Encanto has been, you can never rule out a sequel. If that were to occur, what might the subject matter be?

Here is all the information you require for a prospective Encanto 2.

Encanto ending explained: Does it set up Encanto 2?

When the Casita, the family’s enchanted house, starts to break and the flame starts to flicker, Mirabel makes an attempt to save it in the first movie.

Mirabel runs after the Casita is destroyed and the candle goes out since she believes it was all her fault. The Madrigals are reunited, nevertheless, and work with the neighbourhood to reconstruct the Casita after making amends with Abuela. When Mirabel instals the doorknob in the front door as instructed, the magic returns for everyone.

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Actually, Mirabel still lacks a power, yet despite this, she is still quite unique. If you want to delve deeper, there are many ideas on why she wasn’t given a power.

Stephanie Beatriz believes that Mirabel’s lack of a power is irrelevant. She told Digital Spy, “If you really do a close listen to the lines, oftentimes it’s just right there.”

Disney voice actress Stephanie Beatriz performs the madrigal “Mirabel”
“You are the miracle, each and every one of you. There are two instances of that line being repeated. And there are a few various ways that line could be read, right? You all, she said, indicating a group of people. You guys are all the miracle, right?

“And the miracle is also every aspect of you; it is everything that makes you who you are. There has never been anyone living who is exactly like you, and there never will be.

Encanto is a self-contained novel, so as we noted above, the conclusion doesn’t exactly build up a sequel in a straightforward way. That does not imply, however, that there won’t be any fresh ideas for the sequel.

According to one fan hypothesis, Mirabel replaced Abuela as the Casita family’s matriarch, which is why she was denied a power. She might then take the family out out into the wider world and out of their neighbourhood.

The sequel may take any direction, and we’d be excited to see what the Madrigal family does in the future. The actress who plays Luisa, Jessica Darrow, has her own ideas about what might transpire next.

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“Luisa needs to rest, please. I really want Luisa to be humanised since we have already seen how difficult her life is and how anxious she is, the actress told Buzzfeed.

“I hope for the day when she is able to enjoy delight, relaxation, and simple pleasure. I’d also like to see her spend a little more time with the unicorn donkey. the talking of the donkeys. That’d be awesome.

Another possibility is that instead of an Encanto 2, Disney+ may air a spin-off TV series that will focus on various family members.

Director Jared Bush said to The Digital Fix, “I believe with this movie specifically we fell in love with every single character, and I think that we tried to create them in a manner that you want to know more about them.”

Therefore, I would gladly watch a show about any member of that family.

“I can tell you that Lin-Manuel Miranda truly wants a production about Dolores,” co-director Charise Castro-Smith continued.

Encanto 2 release date: When could we expect Encanto 2?

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that a release date hasn’t been set yet for Encanto 2 because, as was already noted, Disney hasn’t confirmed it.

Before Lin-Manuel Miranda gave his official confirmation of the first film in June 2020, it had been in development for a few years. Although it was released in theatres in November 2021, a sequel will likely take some time to come out (if it happens).

Given that there was a six-year gap between Frozen and Frozen II, Encanto 2 might require a lengthy wait. Ideally, it wouldn’t take that long, but it’s impossible to predict when it will be issued until it is official.

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Encanto 2 cast: Who’s coming back for Encanto 2?

For a prospective sequel, we would anticipate the return of the entire principal cast, lead once more most likely by Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel.

She will be joined by actors such as Wilmer Valderrama as Agustn, Jessica Darrow as Luisa, Diane Guerrero as Isabela, Mara Cecilia Botero as Abuela, Mauro Castillo as Félix, and Jessica Darrow as Bruno.

Encanto 2 trailer: Any Encanto 2 footage yet?

Although we would love to show you brand-new footage of the Madrigal family, Disney hasn’t yet confirmed Encanto 2 as a sequel.

You’ll just have to revisit Encanto to pass the time or view the teaser for the original film up top.

Disney+ has Encanto available for viewing.

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