Encanto 2: Lin-Manuel Miranda(Encanto’s Writer) Wants ‘This’ To Happen Before Encanto Sequel

It goes without saying that Encanto, the most recent animated picture from Walt Disney Animation Studios, was a huge hit and this year’s Best Animated Feature Oscar winner. And as we’ve learned from the studio in the past, whenever Disney makes something that consumers find appealing and demand more of, we’ll eventually get it. How the Madrigal family will return is the main concern of Encanto. If you ask Lin-Manuel Miranda, he is certain that a Disney Parks attraction should be the next step for the animated musical.

Encanto has just been in cinemas for a little over six months, but since then, there has been speculation of a sequel, Broadway production, or Disney+ spinoff series (perhaps starring Bruno?). Miranda’s most current thoughts on it are as follows:

It was amusing since everybody was asking if there will be a sequel. A show will there be? Afterwards, I declared, “I want a ride before I want any of that.” On the case are the Imagineers. I’m not sure of their occupation or residence, but I do know they’re there.

In a recent interview with Insider, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who collaborated with Encanto’s on the plot and music, expressed his desire for a Disney Parks attraction before a sequel, spinoff, or show for the film. The good news in this situation is that it appears that Imagineers are already developing a concept based on Encanto.

Back in February, Lin-Manuel Miranda disclosed that he had an idea for a dark ride based on Encanto when visiting Disney’s California Adventure and riding The Little Mermaid ride. He even contacted the Disney CEO about his concept. He said this:

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I told [Bob Chapek] that I was aware of a scenario in which the casita is a theme park residence and we may visit it in person. Disney is the only company that can do what they can do, thus I want to enter and exit this casita to see those characters and how the house reacts.

Yes, this must take place. Encanto contains so much gorgeous images that would work great as a ride. Visitors could explore the Madrigal family’s numerous chambers inside the casita and have a fantastic experience. Additionally, there are a lot of fantastic songs that may serve as the ride’s soundtrack.

Disney previously had Mirabel in its park for visitors to meet this spring during California Adventure’s Festival of Holidays. In addition, the firm agreed to temporarily install a two-minute Encanto projection show at Disneyland’s “It’s A Small Qorld” after the film won an Oscar.

Encanto was one of the top 20 highest-grossing films of 2021, and when it started streaming on Disney+, it caused quite a stir. Despite the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda is primarily hoping for a Disney Parks attraction, the Hamilton creator has also said that he is “down to explore” a film sequel.

Miranda believes that there are numerous potential to develop Encanto because it features such a large cast of people. He hasn’t yet chosen the primary medium he’d like to use for that, though. With a Disney+ subscription, you can watch the movie while fans conjure up their hopes for additional Encanto stories.

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