Is There Going To Be Enola Holmes 3? Is It Based On The Book?

We’ll take a peek and see what to anticipate in the project’s future development as the second Enola Holmes film becomes available on Netflix. Are there any signs that this well-liked adaption will be released again, and will there be an Enola Holmes 3? Here is what we currently know.

Enola Holmes 3 may or may not happen, but based on what we can discern, if the second film performs better than expected, a third one is almost certainly in the works. Nancy Springer is the original author of the An Enola Homles Mystery book series, and she has published seven volumes to far, two of which were Edgar Award nominees for Best Juvenile Mysteries.

The project appears to have a solid foundation, and it looks even more promising given how actively involved its star, Millie Bobby Brown, is. In many interviews, she has mentioned how this film was a new challenge for her because she was cast in the position of producer. After all has been said, let’s look at all the information about the third movie!

Movie vs. the book

Recapitulating the events of the first Enola Holmes film and contrasting them with those in Nancy Springer’s book can help with the comparison. The mother of Enola, Eudoria, vanishes in the beginning of the film. Enola learned everything she knows from her. In her most formative years, she served as her mentor and tutor.

Enola has only really engaged with Eudoria and their housemaid since they have been living together in the country. Her two elder brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, who she hasn’t seen in ten years, also vanished along with her mother. In this film, Henry Cavill portrays her brother as the most well-known detective in the world, Sherlock.

Similar like Sherlock, Eudoria, who is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, has a distinct personality and is funny and brilliant. She left some hints for Enola because she enjoys deciphering puzzles. The movie and the books are extremely similar up until Enola decides to leave her brothers in order to avoid attending a boarding school for girls.

Enola’s age is another minor alteration; while she is fourteen in the books, she is closer to sixteen in the movies, matching Milly’s experience. We can state with certainty that this picture was made with a teen audience in mind, but it also sought to deal with some issues in a mature manner to allow for the enjoyment of older viewers.

The complexity of the case in the movie is another significant distinction between the two; the cases in the books are less complex because they are written for younger readers.

The original author

The Case of the Missing Marquess, the first book by the original author Springer, was published in 2006 and received excellent reviews. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called Enola a “Highly appealing heroine,” and other reviews praised the book’s fast-paced suspensefulness, well-writtenness, and unexpected ending despite its slow start. A nomination for an Edgar Award was made for the first and fifth books in the series The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline.

There are some parallels in Springer’s own life narrative because she had two elder brothers who had already left for college by the time she reached adolescence. She was just fourteen years old when her mother, an accomplished artist who painted oil portraits of pets, passed away. It seems likely that she was motivated to write the books by both this and the fact that she read numerous Sherlock Holmes stories as a child.

Feminist themes

Women’s rights issues are a subject that the film discusses extensively. Women’s rights concerns were on the rise at the end of the 1800s, which is when the story takes place.

Susan B. Anthony specifically testified in favour of women’s suffrage before the U.S. Congress in 1884, the year Enola Holmes takes place. She asked the senators to vote in favour of a constitutional amendment that would grant women the right to vote and that “must prohibit the disenfranchisement of citizens of the United States on account of sex.”

A protest for women’s rights is planned in the movie Eudoria, and towards the conclusion, it makes an appeal to the government that wasn’t included in the original plot. Eudora explains to Enola that her purpose is to create a better world for her when they are reunited.

The interaction between Enola and her brothers also demonstrates how they treat her differently because she is a girl. Enola was finally sent to boarding school as a result of Mycroft’s desire that she learn proper manners, which included paying a private tutor to teach her how to behave like a member of society.

Currently, it appears like the third movie will be released. After Enola Homles 2 is released tomorrow (November 4), we will undoubtedly learn more, and we’ll monitor the ratings throughout the course of the next month.

The first movie was released during the epidemic, and thanks to Netflix’s acquisition of worldwide distribution rights (excluding China), it was one of the most popular releases, with 76 million households watching it in the first 28 days.

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