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Ethan Freeman Shot by Police: Unraveling the Controversial Incident

Public uproar and demands for accountability followed the New Hampshire incident in which Ethan Freeman was shot by police.

In a terrible incident that took place in Thornton, New Hampshire, in October 2020, Ethan Freeman was shot and killed by a police officer.

Due in large part to Freeman’s lack of weapons and his alleged mental health issues, this episode has drawn much attention and raised many questions.

The subsequent pronouncement by the New Hampshire attorney general, however, has clarified the shooting’s circumstances and confirmed that it was regarded as legal within the limits of the law.

Let’s look at the police shooting of Ethan Freeman, the inquiry that followed, and the Attorney General’s conclusion that the police officer’s actions were legal.

The Shooting Incident

Officer Matthew Yao of the Thornton Police Department, who was dispatched in response to a 911 call about a guy named Ethan Freeman who had hurt himself in an apartment, arrived on the scene of the shooting incident.

Yao arrived to find an insane Freeman, nude and covered in blood, gripping a shattered piece of furniture.

Freeman vowed to kill Yao during the encounter, and despite Yao’s efforts to calm him down, Freeman leaped out of the window and rushed the officer.

Yao fired two shots at Freeman at this precise instant, killing him.

The decision of the New Hampshire attorney general

The office of the New Hampshire Attorney General opened an inquiry into the shooting event.

Yao’s body camera footage was examined during the investigation, and witnesses were questioned to ascertain the specifics of the incident.

In a recent judgement, the Attorney General found that Officer Yao’s shooting of Freeman was legal and reasonable.

The report describing the decision stated that Freeman had threatened to kill Yao and had the opportunity and capability to do so.

Furthermore, Freeman was charging at Yao and gave him only a few seconds to react before deadly physical force would be used against him.

Officer Yao’s assertions that he thought his life was in danger and had no time to holster his weapon and turn to a non-lethal means of defense were supported by sufficient evidence acquired during the investigation.

Key Facts About the Shooting

It is significant to remember that Freeman was unarmed and was experiencing mental health problems.

The Attorney General’s ruling, however, made clear that these facts had no impact on how dangerous the situation remained.

Yao had little options as Freeman charged towards him while yelling a death threat, creating a fatal situation.

Yao’s body camera footage was another crucial piece of information that was crucial to the inquiry.

Yao’s actions were backed by all other obtained evidence, the footage, and Yao’s claims to investigators.

Final thoughts

Police use of force has been under scrutiny in the wake of the unfortunate shooting of Ethan Freeman in October 2020.

However, the judgement of the New Hampshire Attorney General has demonstrated that Yao’s activities were essential in the face of a pressing danger.

Yao’s accusations were sufficiently supported by the investigation’s findings, leading to a justified shot.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the events preceding up to the shooting were stressful and dangerous, necessitating Yao’s swift response.

The verdict emphasizes the significance of contextualizing instances involving police shootings while also considering the security and welfare of the officers.

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