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Fia Elden Ring : Complete Questline Walkthrough For The Age Of Duskborn Ending


Elden’s Ring The Fia questline is a significant one that requires you to finish a protracted quest for the Deathbed Companion in order to unlock the Age of Duskborn ending. takes you around the majority of Elden Ring before arriving at the Erdtree itself, though oddly, not the area you had been viewing all along. Fia, Deathbed Companion’s quest revolves around death, as would be expected, and the theme of her Age of the Duskborn epilogue is whether or not the Lands Between would benefit from the introduction of a new sort of death. If it sounds like something you want to accomplish, we have a whole Fia questline walkthrough below, complete with locations, advice, and strategies for defeating the boss battles present at key moments.


The following steps and locations make up the Elden Ring Fia questline for the Age of Duskborn ending:
There is obviously a lot to this, so if you’re unclear, scroll down or click on any of these items for more details on how it’s done. Although the majority of this quest takes place in Roundtable Hold (steps 1–5) or a single arena in Deeproot Depths, you can alternatively refer to the maps we’ve included (steps 7-12).

This quest begins with a lot of pretty straightforward stages, but from stage 6 onward, things quickly become very challenging. But don’t worry; we’ll walk you through each step of the quest to make sure you never get lost or confused.

Beat the Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight

When you do, you will be transported to a boss battle with the huge undead dragon known as the Lichdragon Fortissax. Unfortunately, knowing how to defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring won’t have prepared you too much for this fight because Fortissax’s combat style is more similar to that of Placidusax and the dragons of Farum Azula than the more common sort. But here are some helpful hints:

Before taking on Fortissax, you should be about level 80 and have weapons with a +16 or higher.
Fortissax has a low piercing resistance but a high lightning and holy resistance.
Hit Fortissax’s head if you can, although it’s not necessary because attacks there deal double damage.
Protect yourself from Fortissax’s attacks, which primarily deal damage that is a combination of physical, lightning, and fire.
Fortissax frequently employs AOE attacks that are effective all around him but have a limited range. Spellcasters should maintain a safe distance, while melee combatants should remain quick and nimble while forgoing shielding in favour of rolling through his blows.

Embrace Fia after reaching the Altus Plateau for the Weathered Dagger

Return to Fia and give her a firm hug this time after relaxing at any Site of Grace on the Altus Plateau (typically reached after learning how to use the Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring) or by completing specific events like Rogier passing away from his illness (which ones trigger it are still unknown). As you proceed, she will engage in fresh conversation and offer you a unique crucial item called the Weathered Dagger. She asks you to deliver it to its proper owner, which will undoubtedly be a difficult and lengthy task.

Find Fia in the locked room in Roundtable Hold

When you return after reloading the region, Fia should be gone; more specifically, she is in the locked chamber to Hewg’s left at the end of the hallway. The doors are now open, and Fia is standing over a body. Could this be a parlour murder mystery? No, it’s quite obvious who’s at fault, and neither party is bothered. When you talk to Fia after looting the body for the Twinned armour set, the next time you reload the location, she has left and is apparently fairly far away.

Find the Cursemark of Death at the Divine Tower of Limgrave

Since the Cursemark of Death can only be found in the Divine Tower of Liurnia and Ranni is the only one with the unique key that allows you to enter the Tower through the Carian Study Hall, you must now advance the Elden Ring Ranni questline and hidden ending! To reclaim it, continue Ranni’s quest until step 5.


Along the journey, Fia’s questline offers a variety of rewards, some modest, some significant, and some incidental. Below, we’ve included every significant one along with why it’s so great. This doesn’t even include any bonuses that players might receive while completing these objectives, such as those for defeating the Valiant Gargoyles if they choose that route to Deeproot.

Twinned Amor set, obtained in step 5 from the body: A good middle-weight armour that is accessible early on, effective against the majority of assaults, and has a very… distinctive appearance.
Fia’s Mist is a special sorcery that creates a fog in front of the caster and deals Death Blight to anyone who steps through it as a reward for eliminating Fia’s Champions in step 7.
Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing (10th step: acquired from Fia): This Blessing is a special item that can never be earned again; it costs FP to use but dramatically increases the player’s poise for a brief period of time. Additionally, unlike the ordinary Baldachin’s Blessing, it does not reduce health.
Like all Remembrances, the Lichdragon Remembrance can be offered to Enia for one of two rewards after slaying Lichdragon Fortissax in step 11. They have two Incantantions to choose from in this instance: Death Lightning or Fortissax’s Lightning Spear. Both are effective, but the Lightning Spear is thought to be more potent.
If players choose to complete the final optional step, they will additionally receive the Inseparable Sword, a potent Greatsword that deals extra Holy damage with each stroke and scales well to Faith. This blade is gained from D’s brother in step 13.

Give the Weathered Dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead

As the case may be, or not. Talk to D, Hunter of the Dead, in the main area, and give him the dagger. Even though he will have additional flavour text, the main point is that he knows who the dagger belongs to and will give it to them. The dagger is a key item, not a weapon, hence there is no advantage to keeping it.


The Mending Rune of the Death-Prince is what you need most now that Fia’s quest has been finished. This merely gives you a potential alternative when the choice for endings appears; it does not obligate you to choose Fia’s ending. Therefore, hypothetically, you may finish Fia’s quest line, obtain her Mending Rune, and then decide not to use it, leading to a completely different ending. However, we have instructions on how to gain all the other Elden Ring endings, as well as Fia’s, on our page dedicated to those endings.

Hug Fia at the Prince of Death’s Throne

Once Fia’s Champions are slain, a Site of Grace named Prince of Death’s Throne will emerge nearby, and resting there will bring Fia herself into view. She orders you to kill her, but resist! If you choose to hold her instead of hugging her, she will provide the next step in the quest, which is to locate the Cursemark of Death. In fact, this touches upon someone else’s goal as well.

Kill Fia’s Champions

After entering the arena, turn around and face Fia’s Champions, five NPC invaders that come at you in waves. This is where the boss battle will begin. You battle one of them first, then another, and finally the final three all at once. They are not particularly challenging on their own, but the final step is challenging because you run the risk of being attacked from all sides by numerous attackers that you cannot all repel. Summons will undoubtedly be helpful in this situation, but you should also get a shield for quick defence, and spellcasters should stay back and employ AOE strikes. Faster melee combatants should aim for those priceless backstabs in the meanwhile.

Kill two Shardbearer demigod bosses and talk to Fia

The next section is quite open; after defeating two “Shardbearer” bosses, you must return and speak with Fia. Any boss with a Great Rune is a shardbearer, including Godrick, Rennala, Radahn, and Morgott, to mention a few. Once you’ve done that, speak with Fia, who will then give you a map to something called a Black Knifeprint. Although it’s a part of Rogier’s questline, not Fia’s, you don’t have to continue it, but it does seem to open up the following crucial stage.


Make your way to the Deeproot Depths

The Deeproot Depths, a large underground metropolis located beneath the Erdtree, is where players must travel in order to encounter Fia once more. This is the first genuinely challenging section. There are two ways to complete this quest: either defeat the Valiant Gargoyle dual boss fight in Northeast Siofra Aqueduct and wait to be carried there in a coffin, or descend through the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds beneath Leyndell until you come across a secret passageway next to the Cathedral of the Forsaken Grace that leads you further down the Erdtree roots.

The large arena on the upper-Northeast side of the city is the precise area you need to go after you arrive. To get to the ridge, you can either ride or walk up the enormous roots in the main town area to the east of the Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace (we’ve shown the route on the map). The arena of Fia will be beyond a breach in the cliffs.

Pick up the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince off Fia’s body

After killing Fortissax, you’ll return to Fia and find she passed away while you were gone. The Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, an artefact made by Fia that will repair the Elden Ring but give it new thoughts about death that it didn’t have before, is something you can take off of her. You need this for the ending, which is covered a bit lower down.

Return the Cursemark to Fia and reload the area

Take the Cursemark back to Fia, who now resides permanently at the Deeproot Depths, after you have it. Give it to her to receive the Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing. After that, restart the location to see Fia dozing off. Get ready for a massive fight, talk to her, and you’ll enter the Deathbed Dream.

Talk to Fia upon reaching Roundtable Hold

The first time you arrive in Roundtable Hold, go to the bedroom next to Smithing Master Hewg and speak to Fia, Deathbed Companion, who is sitting on the bed. This is the easiest quest to complete. You don’t even need to hug her and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the Elden Ring embrace debuff; just talk to her so that she is aware of your presence. After that, you can put her out of your mind for a while.


(Optional extra) Give the Twinned Armor to D’s Brother

A depressed NPC who is D’s nameless brother is located right outside the arena where the Valiant Gargoyles fight. Give him the Twinned armour set that you looted from the level 5 body. Return to Fia’s corpse and you’ll find the brother there, engaging in a brief monologue. He will disappear once you reload the scene, leaving behind the armour for you to retrieve once more and a brand-new sword called the Inseparable Sword. If you do it later, you obtain this special Greatsword without losing anything, however doing it sooner runs the danger of abruptly ending the Fia quest.


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