First Love (Japanese Series) Ending – Who Ends With Namiki?

Welcome to the Netflix-produced new Japanese romantic drama series, “The Ending Explained for First Love,” which premieres this week. The nine-episode series is written and directed by Yuri Kanchiku, who also wrote the well-known My Rainy Days a decade earlier. Hikari Mitsushima, Takeru Satoh, Rikako Yagi, and Taisei Kido are the series’ main actors. The television show portrays the epic love story of two lovers who first meet, fall in love, and are later torn apart by life.

A Japanese TV show called First Love gives the sensitivity and delicacy that only Japanese people can portray in their works of art. The show has excellent direction and photography, as well as some charming and straightforward acting that really captures the love, anger, and frustration that come with being in love. The characters, their lives, and their choices are the only things that are actually important in this series, which doesn’t exactly adhere to the rules of a storyline.

How Do Yae And Namiki Fall In Love With Each Other?

The characters and their choices are the main emphasis of the First Love series. There is undoubtedly a timetable of events that may be used, but what matters most are the significant moments when the characters face their most difficult choices. These choices led Yae and Namiki, our two major characters, down quite different courses in life. even if their love always means to bring them together. One of the most sincere love tales of 2022 involves two people who genuinely care about one another.

The show’s narrative format alternates between Yae and Namiki’s points of view while also shifting back and forth in time. Our primary characters are mature adults when we first meet them. After leaving his post in the Japanese Air Force, Namiki is a man filled with sorrow, lost in life, and searching for a sense of direction. Yae is a cab driver in the interim. Tsuzuru, one of her children, has the talent and desire to become a musician. Yae, however, has given up on her desire to tour the world and become a flight attendant.

They first met while they were in high school, as we can see by looking back in time. Yae appreciated Namiki’s free attitude even if it was obvious that he liked to cause trouble. They were obviously in love, but Namiki found it difficult to convey his feelings for Yae. Every time a boy expressed interest in Yae, he prayed. It wasn’t until one snowy night that Namiki finally admitted he liked her, and they began dating, after she consistently rejected each of them. One of the most heartfelt scenes in the show is this one.

However, neither of their lives would be really simple. They would remain together for a while before being divided by their love. When Yae becomes pregnant, Namiki enlists in the Air Force.

Do Yae And Namiki End Up Together?

We concentrate on Yae as the series comes to a close because she is working to mend her bond with her son Tsuzuru. Yae strikes up a friendship with Uta because Tsuzuru likes her. Yae reflects on her feelings for Namiki as she watches her son’s affection for this girl. Uta is about to leave Japan, but she takes her son to the airport so that he can tell Uta that he loves her because she knows firsthand that her son needs to take action. Yae’s miraculous driving ensures that they arrive on time, and everything goes according to plan. Even Tsuzuru’s love interest gives her a kiss.

Yae considers her own predicament and decides that action is required. She had previously told Uta that she wished to tour the world as a flight attendant. She uses Google Maps and her phone while travelling, but she wants more. She so intends to use all 40 of her accrued vacation days before embarking on a trip. They rejoice when their taxi firm coworkers assist her in obtaining her vacation time. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has just begun, and Japan is currently shut down.

After three years, Japan once more welcomed visitors. When Uta and Tsuzuru reunite, it is obvious that they are dating. Yae, meanwhile, seizes all of the Namiki letters he had been sending her, gets her passport, and departs for Iceland from Japan. After she arrives and starts asking around, the locals realise she is trying to find the only other Japanese person there. Namiki, a staff member at a tiny airport. When Yae shows up, we see Namiki boarding the aircraft and getting ready to board himself. They kiss and embrace.

As they prepare to take off, we see Yae, who is now a flight attendant as she always wanted, as Namiki, the pilot, boards the aircraft.

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