Gabi Attack Of Titan Death : Does Gabi Die In Attack on Titan? What happens To Her?

Suddenly, Gabi Braun gained attention in Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime. Gabi Braun, a character that appeared in Attack on Titan’s fourth season, had a breakthrough performance despite being introduced somewhat late in the narrative. It only makes right that we devote an entire essay to Gabi because she had a crucial role in the events that led to Eren becoming the Founding Titan. This article will discuss Gabi Braun’s actual fate as well as if she perishes in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan’s events were avoided by Gabi Braun. The Marleyans’ arrival and their demand that the Eldians all provide evidence that they can no longer transform into Titans cause Gabi and her family to part ways after Eren’s death. Armin intervened to save them. Gabi and Falco take care of Levi for the three years that follow the conflict.

The discussion in the following paragraphs will centre on Gabi’s narrative as it appears in Attack on Titan’s final volumes. You will learn all there is to know about Gabi Braun after reading our article since we will go into greater detail regarding her life and her epilogue in the Attack on Titan universe.

Will Gabi die in Attack on Titan?

Fans have been curious about Gabi Braun and her life story ever since she first gained attention in the Attack on Titan anime series. Gabi Braun is a renowned Braun family member and Reiner Braun’s cousin; her parents’ names have never been made public. Currently, Gabi is a key character in the War for Paradis arc and the primary catalyst of the events that turned Eren into the terrifying Founding Titan.

Fans are understandably interested in learning whether Gabi Braun perishes in Attack on Titan because she actively participated in the battles in Marley. Before we actually go into the details of her story following the encounter with Eren, let me quickly clarify that Gabi Braun does not pass away in Attack on Titan. She makes it through the fights in Marley and continues to live. We will now investigate what specifically transpired to her.

What is Gabi’s destiny in Attack on Titan?

We don’t see the need to detail Gabi’s life prior to the incident with Eren, and you may read about the incident surrounding the shooting of Eren Yeager on Fiction Horizon. Due of this, we will start with Gabi’s narrative following Eren Yeager’s shooting.

After shooting Eren, the rebound of the rifle knocks Gabi back, and she misses Zeke catching Eren’s head. As she hits the ground after falling, Gabi realises that the surrounding walls are beginning to shake and the earth is beginning to tremble. The Colossal Titans appear in their place after the walls collapse briefly. Gabi looked up in surprise to see a strangely shaped titan skeleton emerging from Eren’s torso as a consequence of a massive explosion of steam.

Reiner utilises his Titan powers to defend Gabi and take her away from the falling debris as he saves her from the danger. But as the Titan’s armour starts to break down, he is compelled to leave the Titan’s body. Gabi searches for Falco as the two walk forward. Reiner hypothesises that the aggressor most likely kidnapped the boy. He nearly faints from tiredness at that same time, and Gabi helps him to the closest building to rest.

Reiner commands Gabi to flee with the rest of Marley’s men and head south before ultimately passing out, but Gabi decides to stay and search for Falco. Later, Gabi and Armin travel to Ragako. Gabi discovers Falco, and they both lament Colt’s passing. The Yeagerists have taken over Paradise Harbor when the alliance arrives the following day.

Pieck transports Gabi and the bystanders to a boat in the harbour while a portion of the group engages the Yeagerists. Once on the boat, Gabi and Magath support their friends by providing cover fire for the back. However, a light coming from the port blinds everyone in the following instant, indicating that Falco has transformed into a Titan.

Gabi observes a regenerated Falco as the boat sailed away from the harbour. When she asks Pieck where Magath is, he replies that he stayed behind to give the others time to escape. A short while afterwards, there is an explosion. Theo Magath is slain as passengers watch the blazing pillar soar into the sky. Pieck instructs Kiyomi Azumabito in Odia to keep Gabi and Falco sequestered in a room on the ship because they will undoubtedly want to join. When the Titans show up, Gabi cries out to Annie to let them go.

Falco brings Gabi and Annie to the middle of the action using his Titan. Just before the Titan army is about to annihilate Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie, and Levi, the group arrives to save them. The group thinks they have no choice except to execute Falco once he returns to Eren. Gabi informs the others that she witnessed a light “centipede” emerge from Eren’s spine and attach itself to his head after coming into contact with Zeke when she beheaded him in Shiganshina.

Inferring that this “centipede” might be the real reason the Titans appeared, Gabi speculates that if Eren is beheaded once again, they might witness the “monster” once more. Gabi shoots Armin in the head with her gun from the back of the Titan, helping Mikasa pull him out of the Titan’s mouth. Falco returns the other members of the gang to the Fortress of Glory as Armin Arlert transforms on Eren’s “back.”

After being reunited with her family, Gabi hurries to tell Karina that Reiner is still alive, but their conversation is cut short. The “centipede” and Eren made it through Armin’s change. Find a means to prevent the “centipede” from reconnecting with Eren, suggests Gabi. However, the gang is caught off guard by the “centipede’s” startling smoke at the same time. The Survey Corps understands that she will use this method to transform the fortress’s Eldians into Titans.

Gabi and the others wait behind as Falco departs with the Ackermans and Pieck. The Eldians inside the fortress change into titans and rush to the centipede’s aid as it makes its way back to Eren. The giants’ influence is reduced with Eren’s passing, and all of the Eldians assume human form.

When the Marleyans from the stronghold arrive and demand to show they can no longer turn into Titans, Gabi’s reunion with her parents and Falco is cut short. Armin shows up and convinces the Marleyans before they can start firing. Gabi and Falco took custody of Levi, who was left paralysed following the Battle of Slava Fortress, three years later.

Will Gabi inherit a Titan?

Gabi Braun’s status as a warrior is well known. A division of the Eldian Unit of the Marley Army is the Warrior Unit. Its members are granted Titan Power and are in charge of managing Paradis Island under the Marley Empire’s rule. There was only one candidate in line among the future Warriors when the unit was disbanded in 854, and her name was Gabi Braun.

We are aware that the Warriors are potential candidates for Titan capabilities, and Gabi Braun was first in line to do so. However, since the Titans vanished after Eren’s passing, Gabi was never truly endowed with Titan abilities, thus she was never a Titan.

Gabi would have inherited which Titan?
It is known that Gabi Braun would have inherited the Armored Titan had the Titans survived Eren Yeager’s death at the hands of Mikasa Ackerman in the manga’s closing chapters. However, Gabi Braun never truly became a Titan because of the events we have stated above.

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