8 Gay Comedy Movies Like Bros You Must See

As times change, we observe a paradigm shift in how romantic relationships and passion are portrayed in films. Every type of love story is well represented as society shifts to a more liberal and accepting way of life. The romantic journey of two completely different men is the focus of the modern romantic comedy “Bros.” Their aversion to commitment is one thing they do share. Aaron is a lawyer, whereas Bobby is a podcast host. Both people are unattached and not searching for a committed relationship.

When Aaron and Bobby begin to feel drawn to one another, they gradually let their guard down and develop a solid friendship. The film, which was directed by Nicholas Stoller, stars Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in the key characters. Their romance blossoms out of nowhere and leads them to the place they were intended to be. The movies listed below are excellent choices if you want to see a romantic homosexual love tale with a humorous series of events. The majority of these movies like “Bros” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Alex Strangelove (2018)

Alex Strangelove is a romantic comedy written and directed by Craig Johnson that centres on the title character, a smart and nerdy student named Alex. He and Claire, who have been together for a while, decide to share a bed. The introduction of a gay man causes Alex to get perplexed and have trouble understanding his sexuality.

The coming-of-age film’s main story hits all the right notes in terms of inclusivity and representation. It paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced in the modern dating scene. Similar to “Bros,” “Alex Strangelove” makes a parallel between heterosexual and homosexual relationships in passing. The various phases of a queer relationship are depicted in both films with accuracy.

All Over The Guy (2001)

The romantic comedy “All Over The Guy,” which was directed by Julie Davis, tells the love tale of two couples, one straight and one LGBT. When Jackie and Brett fall in love, they set up Tom and Eli, who are each other’s best friends. The latter couple, however, flees from both love and one another. They start to get along, but then a slew of problems suddenly appear.

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This dysfunctional drama depicts how people introduce their pals to other people they know, much like the comedy film “Bros.” This idea underlies a section of the dating scene when two people are set up with one another. Just like Brett and Jackie do for their best friends, Jackie and Brett both encourage Bobby’s straight pals to find love and settle down.

Crush (2022)

The main character of “Crush” is Paige, a girl who is out queer and navigating high school. The problem? She’s never been in a committed relationship. As an artist, Paige sees beauty in the ordinary. However, when reality presents her with two options, her perspective on love shifts. The romantic comedy film follows Paige as she learns what love means to her via her experiences.

The Hulu original film, directed by Sammi Cohen, provides a glimpse into the tangled love lives of high school kids. This film likewise has closed-off, distant characters who become vulnerable when cupid’s arrow strikes their hearts, just like the film “Bros” did.

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

The comedy film is an adaptation of Steve McVicker’s book, “I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, and Prison Breaks,” which is based on a real event. It chronicles the life of Steven Russell, a married police officer who appears to have it all. But in order to experience some pleasure in life, he comes out as gay and moves to Florida, where he gradually develops into a con artist. Steven meets Phillip Morris while serving a prison term, and the two develop a strong romantic relationship.

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To be with Morris, the love of his life, Steven will do everything. With Jim Carrey’s breakthrough performance, along with performers Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann, “I Love You Phillip Morris” is a funny viewing. Russell and Morris’ connection is quite similar to Bobby and Aaron’s in terms of their affection and bond. Both films give accurate depictions of LGBT couples.

John Apple Jack (2013)

A playboy and a virgin encounter each other in the homosexual romantic comedy “John Apple Jack,” which is set in the restaurant industry. As John’s life spirals out of control as a result of learning that Jack, his high school sweetheart, is engaged to his sister, passions start to flare up. The movie’s plot is full of details on heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The Monika Mitchell-directed film also depicts the relationship between two people who are vastly dissimilar and both misunderstood in their own manner, similar to “Bros.”

Single All The Way (2021)

The characters Peter and Nick are longtime friends who share a room in the movie “Single All The Way.” Peter’s family berates him nonstop to commit to someone so that his problems will end. He is a friend in need who, in an effort to stop his never-ending singleness, invites his roommate to pretend to be his partner for the holidays. However, the fictitious romance quickly develops into something more serious.

Peter and Nick come to the realisation that they have been oblivious to what has been right in front of them all along. The romantic comedy film, which was directed by Michael Mayer, tackles the difficulties heterosexuals and lesbians alike have in finding a compatible companion and a committed relationship. This aspect was similarly emphasised in the film “Bros.”

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The Birdcage (1996)

The drama “La Cage Aux Folles” by Jean Poiret served as the inspiration for Mike Nichols’ film “The Birdcage.” The Goldmans put on a show to win over the parents of their son’s fiancée. Armand and Albert, a gay couple, are forced to act like heterosexuals because the latter is a traditional family. The events that transpire next are amusing, and Robin Williams’ masterful acting skills only serve to enhance them. Both “Bros” and “The Birdcage” illustrate the idea of having a masculine and a feminine partner in a homosexual relationship.

The Thing About Harry (2020)

The story of how fate pulls two high school rivals together is told in the Freeform original film “The Thing About Harry.” Sam has been damaged by bullying at school and is gay. Years later, on Valentine’s Day no less, Sam and Harry are forced to drive to a friend’s party together. Sam begins to experience varied emotions after learning that Harry is pansexual.

The romantic comedy, which Peter Paige directed and co-wrote, is based on the idea that opposites attract, much to the attraction between Bobby and Aaron in “Bros.” Both love stories give readers a glimpse into the realm of LGBT partnerships and how to deal with problems there.


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