God’s Crooked Lines (Netflix) Ending : Does Alice Have A Mental Disorder?

Spanish director Oriol Paulo’s psychological thriller movie “God’s Crooked Lines” is available on Netflix. The film, originally titled “Los renglones torcidos de Dios,” is a remake of Torcuato Luca de Tena’s book of the same name. Alice, a private eye who appears as mentally sick and checks herself into an asylum, is the subject of the story. Her primary goal is to seek the truth about a possible murder that occurred inside the asylum, but as she learns more about the facility, she feels there is a deeper issue at hand.

One of the main mysteries in the movie is Alice’s mental state. Alice and the crew are questioned about Alice’s genuine mental state by the various medical professionals. We appear to have arrived at a certain conclusion near the end, but a surprising turn leaves us with questions. The spectator is left wondering what is true and what isn’t because the story is unfinished. to the of Here is all the information you require on “God’s Crooked Lines” conclusion. Spoilers follow!

God’s Crooked Lines Plot Synopsis

The 1979 setting of “God’s Crooked Lines” is the Our Lady of Fountain Hospital, a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Donadio informs Dr. Teodoro Ruipérez, one of the hospital’s medical professionals, about Alice. The latter reveals that Alice is a habitual liar who is also incredibly cunning and capable of entangling anyone in her web of falsehoods. When Alice arrives at the hospital, she inquires about Director Samuel Alvar and is informed that he won’t be back until two to three weeks have passed. Dr. Ruipérez diagnoses Alice with paranoia after enquiring about her and her marriage. He describes how she attempted to kill her husband by poisoning him three times. Alice has expressed dislike for her spouse, but she disputes these accusations.

As the story goes on, Alice admits to César Arellano, a different doctor, that she is a private detective whose sole goal is to learn the truth regarding the death of a former patient named Damian del Olmo. Alice reveals that Dr. Damuel Alvar is the only one who is aware of her assignment at the asylum; Damian’s father, Garcia, gave it to her. Arellano doesn’t believe her at first, but as the story goes on, he starts to trust her. Alice looks over Damian’s paperwork after breaking into the hospital, and she questions why Dr. Samuel Alvar never told the police.

Dr. Alvar claims he doesn’t know Alice and the two have never spoken when he returns to the asylum. He lies, according to Alice, and acts violently. She receives a sedative from Dr. Alvar as a result of her activities, and later she has the chance to explain everything to Ruipérez, Arellano, Alvar, and a few other hospital employees. When they initially met, Alice tells Ruipérez how she lied to him. The detective confirms that everything is fine with Heliodoro and describes how Heliodoro met Garcia del Olmo through her. Alice restates her goal and requests that her account be verified. After the tale is finished, she encounters a man who claims to be Garcia del Olmo. Alice is unable to identify the individual, and the staff members doubt the veracity of her claims.

As the film goes on, Alice strives to demonstrate her mental stability while Samuel Alvar treats her using his most severe techniques. During one of his surgeries, Alice had a revelation and learns that her husband and Dr. Alvar had planned the entire thing. She claimed that Heliodoro had lured Alice toward a phoney lawsuit in order to trap her because he wanted Alice’s wealth and money. According to Alice, her husband has enough sway over Alvar to have a different guy pose as Garcia del Olmo. Alice eventually persuades the staff of her sanity, but Dr. Alvar stands by his conclusions. Dr. Alvar summons Dr. Donadio to support his claim after the board votes on whether or not Alice is unwell, and Alice doesn’t seem to recognise him either. The question is, is Alice unwell or insane? Let’s investigate.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending: Is Alice Gould Mentally Ill or Sane?

Is Alice lying or not, and does it matter towards the end of “God’s Crooked Lines”? The hospital personnel oscillates between the two options throughout the film. Every new information forces them to reconsider their position, and the film’s conclusion leaves them strangely confused. Why is Dr. Donadio not recognised by Alice? Is she imagining another another justification? Here are our theories, then.

Theory 1: Alice Gould is Mentally Ill

God’s Crooked Lines’ Alice Gould may be suffering from a mental illness. About Alice’s past and her connection with her spouse, not much is known. She may have poisoned Heliodoro three times before he noticed it, but that is all we know. But the purpose of her activities is never revealed in the film. If we pay close attention, we can deduce the likely purpose from a number of occurrences, routines, and characteristics. Her mannerisms may also demonstrate Alice’s propensity for deceit and manipulation. We observe Alice’s narcissism in several situations, which may be one of her most notable traits. The psychosexual theory of Sigmund Freud, which was popular in 1979, is refuted by Alice. Alice tends to flip on people when they disagree with her. Because he is not as willing as the rest to accept her lies, Dr. Alvar turns into her adversary. Because of his background, he is aware of Alice’s predicament.

Because of her sense of superiority, Alice might poison her spouse. Although she claims to have studied chemistry and later worked as a private investigator, we have never seen her engage in activities associated with either career. It seems weird that she is just concerned in Damian’s case. In contrast, Alice makes fun of her husband in front of the doctors by claiming that all he can play is polo and poker. She also says that she doesn’t think her husband has a legal degree. Heliodoro, though, appears to be working harder than Alice when we observe him. He engages in social interaction, participates in charitable events, plays polo, and gives the impression of belonging to powerful groups.

Alice gives Heliodoro a glance that looks to be motivated by jealousy as he converses with a group of women in a club. After all, he appears to be more successful than she is. These incidents demonstrate Alice’s desire to murder her husband due to her feelings of jealously and resentment. We also notice a pattern in the way Alice fabricates her truth using various bits of information.

Alice claims she dislikes her spouse at the beginning of the movie, but when she has a problem, she claims Heliodoro and she get along just well. She believes Heliodoro is the real culprit behind everything when Dr. Alvar doesn’t accept her justification and shocks her. Alice then modifies her position and attributes all of the problems to the man she wants to murder. At every turn, Alice’s beliefs and justifications seem overly convenient. Because there isn’t enough evidence, she can lie her way out of practically everything. However, Alice is speechless when Dr. Alvar shows that she doesn’t know Garcia del Olmo and Dr. Donadio.

in the dish……………….. When Dr. Donadio finally stands in front of her, we observe a dramatic change in her demeanor. The spectator gets the idea that Alice has been lying the entire time as Alice’s mind appears to be digesting the dissonance. To clarify, Alice may be mentally unstable and a serial liar who fabricates evidence to support her claims.

Theory 2: Alice Gould is Sane

It’s possible that Alice is rational and the victim of a complex plan hatched by Heliodoro and Dr. Alvar. This view is supported, in part, by Dr. Samuel Alvar’s actions throughout the film. The dude appears rather egotistical despite talking about curing everyone and reforming mental health facilities. Luis Ojedas, for example, doesn’t feel the need to call the police after he passes away. Dr. Alvar only thinks about his reputation when a murder takes place in the hospital. He attempts to cover up the situation by inviting the inspector to his office. The two incidents provide us a glimpse of the real Dr. Alvar behind the persona of a cutting-edge mental health professional.

The way Dr. Alvar acts with Alice is just another unique facet of his personality. The man becomes defensive every time Alice makes an attempt to refute him and undermine his interpretation. He screams at her in one scenario because he can’t take Alice asking him questions. Dr. Alvar’s attitude would have changed if he had actually thought Alice was ill. He would have greater compassion for Alice’s situation. i. sums of sums, ands ofs sums. Dr. Alvar avoids attempting to develop it with Alice because she will probably find out.

We learn that Dr. Alvar received two million dollars from Heliodoro in addition to his mannerisms. The fact that he is collaborating with Alice’s husband to show that she is insane becomes increasingly clear as a result. When Castell discovers the receipt, he claims that it is simply a donation from Heliodoro that he deposited in the account of the organization. Heliodoro doesn’t know Dr. Alvar personally, thus the reasoning doesn’t make sense. In a perfect world, Alice’s husband would have given it straight to the charity.

When it comes time to vote for Alice’s discharge, he withdraws his support and displays arrogance. Dr. Alvar laments the inadequacy of all medical professionals, saying that they are motivated by a desire to help sick patients. He hands Castell an envelope with a note inside addressed to the Health Minister. Dr. Alvar requests that Castell not file a report against him and resigns for personal reasons. Dr. Alvar explains how he called Dr. Donadio to provide evidence that Alice is mistaken as he prepares to leave. Alice is unable to identify Dr. Donadio when he first comes. Dr. Donadio is probably a conspirator as well, given the ties Dr. Alvar has in many areas. By explaining to the board how Dr. Alvar, Heliodoro, and Dr. Donadio planned the scheme together, Alice might once more demonstrate her sanity.

Does Alice Leave the Mental Institution?

Due to the unanimous decision of the medical board that Alice is mentally stable, Alice is most likely to exit the mental hospital. Dr. Donadio does show up in the end, but Alice might be able to explain everything. She claims at the outset that she enjoys getting what she wants at whatever cost. Alice can so leave the psychiatric hospital despite having a mental illness. After all, she had the option to go after starting the fire, but she opted to stay because of specific circumstances. The physicians will release Alice if she is actually sane, but if she is mentally ill, she will devise a different escape plan.

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