Netflix’s Dark (Series) Ending Explained : Making Sense Of The Bizzare

You should read this Dark Ending Explained if you’re still in the Dark over Dark. To be completely honest, at the conclusion of episode 5 when I finished watching the series, I was seriously perplexed and on the verge of worrying about whether or not I understood what was happening. Fortunately, it turned out to be a rather simple finale, and I can’t wait to discuss it.

The Dark Season 3 conclusion has many unanswered questions. This article will cover a variety of topics, including who Regina’s father is, how Jonas came to resemble Deadpool, how Claudia learned about the Origin World, the purpose of the program, and much more.

There will be spoilers in this article, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the season yet, I strongly advise that you do so immediately and refrain from interacting in any way with your future self.

Dark Ending Explained: What Was The Point?

What was the point? might have crossed your mind after finishing Dark.
Adam and Eva have been at conflict with one another continuously since the former believes he can break the time loop by destroying the origin. Eva simply opposes this and will do whatever it takes to keep the cycle going because she doesn’t want their child to pass away.

Adam succeeds in his mission but stays put after recognising that destroying the genesis was not the best method to break the cycle. Eva shares this desire for the cycle to continue, so neither can truly prevail.

The two dimensions we had seen throughout the season were revealed to be offshoots of an origin dimension in the season’s concluding episode. Adam and Eva, or more precisely Jonas and Martha, had to go to the source and stop time travel from being developed in order to stop the creation of their worlds in order to end this paired cycle of eternal suffering. They were able to do so, but it completely wiped both their existence and the world, making everything appear to be a dream, as Martha put it. Hannah really drove home this point in the last several minutes when she said that she briefly experienced a dream-like experience in which she felt the characters’ joy in passing away.

But if it was all just a dream, what exactly was the point? Actually, the reason for the creation of the worlds and their eventual demise are related. To save Tannhaus’ son, that was. Marek stormed out into a storm with his wife and their child during a heated disagreement, and he was murdered in a car accident. Tannhaus became obsessed with time travel as a result, and he built a time machine to stop them that night and spare their lives.

Therefore, despite the fact that Dark seemed to have no purpose at all, there was one, and we witnessed directly how these two other realities unwittingly saved Tannhaus’ family. Tannhaus’ ultimate purpose was to save his family, and he succeeded in doing so by inventing two parallel universes where a pair of heroes would team up and perform the deed for him. Even though it wasn’t his aim, he eventually succeeded in achieving his objective, which in my opinion served as the show’s main plot element.

Claudia, who had to repeatedly witness her daughter’s death, symbolised the desire of the characters in these worlds to break the cycle of darkness.

How Did Claudia Know Of The Origin World?

This leads to our following inquiry: “How did Claudia know about the Origin World?” To begin with, Claudia is a very intelligent woman. She wasn’t just in charge of a Power Plant; she also found ways to get around the loop repeatedly and utilised Adam and Eva as pieces in a game of chess to fix everything in the end.

Adam and Eva didn’t comprehend the loops or time machines, but Claudia did. Adam found it really challenging to build one without getting burned, which is why. Adam and Eva were both her puppets, constantly turning to her for guidance, just like you and I can use a phone and a computer, but I doubt we could actually design one from start.

Because Regina couldn’t be fully included into the family tree and must therefore live outside of it in another universe, Claudia now genuinely comprehended that there existed an initial planet. She was aware that, despite the popular belief that her father was Tronte, this was untrue. As a result, she had to have been created in a different manner, therefore eliminating the likelihood that either of the two dimensions she had travelled through was the real one.

Despite the fact that people often thought in terms of opposites like light and dark or day and night, she also understood that there would need to be a world where both elements coexisted as one. Instead of the infinity symbol that we saw Eva understand, the timeline resembles the Triketra very closely.

The number three appears frequently in Dark, including in the 33-year time jumps, the trio of Jonas, Martha, and Claudia making up the majority of the travelers, the younger, middle-aged, and older versions of most of the protagonists, the length of the series at three seasons, and many other instances. She probably wasn’t aware of that last one, but since everything was developed in stages of three, the third planet was a given.

You kind of have to jump on faith with it, but you also have to recognise that she had been through these loops so frequently that she had picked up things.

How Did Claudia Come Back To Life?

The question, “Well, how did Claudia come back to life?” may then arise. You may, however, reverse things if you alter these switch junctions, which is precisely what Claudia did. There are several switch points that, over time, will loop around in one way before returning to a particular location and then repeating the loop once again, as we discover with Jonas, who is killed at one point.

This is demonstrated by Martha, who at one point has the choice of whether or not to save Jonas. She was aware that there are options for making decisions and that she could do it either way—or Eva’s way—sorry, bad pun. Eva didn’t tell Adam because she only wanted to maintain the loop in which her kid was eternally alive.

It was also discovered by Claudia, and it wasn’t until Adam was informed of it in the epilogue that he understood he too had a choice.

So basically, Claudia survived because she utilised the UNO switch card and got herself out of it in the end so she could travel to Adam and tell him the truth. She may have even let a different version of herself to perish so that Regina might show up in the conclusion and direct Adam away from continuing the loop because all she did was to save Regina. In addition to saving the planet, this causes the characters to live happy lives.

Who Is Regina’s Father?

Here, in the joyful life, we realise that Regina is indeed alive and discover the truth about her father. Now that it’s been delivered to us in a picture frame, we learn that her father was actually Bernd. Draw your own conclusions about that. Bernd did make out with a younger Claudia, and we learn that he ultimately wed her.

But now that it has been verified on the Dark website, we can say with certainty that that is the fact. Additionally, it must be because Regina effectively demonstrated the existence of the original world through her father, who lived outside of the loop. We can therefore affirm that it is the case.

How Did Adam Get The Scars?

The following query is, “How did Adam acquire his scars?” Although there are multiple hints, this one is more of a “make your own conclusion” type of situation. We were informed that Jonas acquired them as a result of his frequent travels, which is why this topic has been addressed at this time. Although we know that several other characters traveled, Martha only really received a cut on her cheek, which was caused by a fence and also the one that Eva gave her, allowing her to remember her responsibilities.

Consequently, why did Adam possess them and no one else? We can infer from the fact that the machine severely burns the elder Jonas at the beginning of episode 7 that he would have sustained further burns as he built the contraption in an effort to perfect it. We didn’t get to witness the exact moment he turned into Freddy Kruger, which is terrible because I would have wanted to. I suppose that what we do and don’t know is like a drop in an ocean.

Are Jonas And Martha Alive At The End Of Dark?

To wrap things up, let’s return to the happy ending. First of all, the versions we saw of Jonas and Martha are not likely to still be alive. Since Mikkel, Martha’s time-traveling brother, was the source of Jonas, it is quite improbable that they will return. As we can see from the family trees, a lot has changed.

Hannah does, however, say that she intends to name her child Jonas, and you may either interpret this as the character returning and breaking free from the cycle or merely being a tribute. Personally, I tend to choose the former since I’m sentimental, but if his father weren’t present, Jonas would be a very different person.

What Happened To Charlotte and Ulrich?

Ulrich and Charlotte, who are also absent from the dinner table, reflect this in a similar way. First off, Ulrich isn’t there because the time loop caused him to be created. He was the grandson of Agnes and the unknown and the son of Tronte. He is a part of the loop because the unknown was the grandchild of Jonas and Martha, his great-grandparents, and if they aren’t alive, he can’t be either.

Ulrich is a cheat who doesn’t really appreciate what he has and causes a lot of misery and suffering to those around him throughout the seasons. Therefore, I believe that he simply wouldn’t exist in a paradise to cause suffering, and it’s feasible that he’ll never be created even if Martha and Jonas are born.

The two never date because Katharina no longer sports a wedding band. Because Charlotte was essentially created by the loop, with her daughter Elisabeth becoming her mother and so on, it is similar to how Charlotte does not exist at all in this world. She isn’t present because of this. It’s possible, though, that she carried on in some way, just like Jonas.

She might have ended up becoming Tannhaus’ grandchild as was the case in the original universe because we know that his family survived.

What Did The Dark Season 3 Ending Really Mean?

When the group asks Hannah whether she has any names in mind, she looks at a yellow raincoat and responds, “Jonas,” just before the screen goes dark in Dark Season 3. This means that most of the characters we’ve come to know and love, including the Jonas we knew, will continue to exist in some capacity.

In contrast, in their grim nightmare counterparts, like Adam, it will all be a dream, and the characters will no longer suffer the agony of previous lifetimes.

Because of Jonas and Martha’s sacrifice, all of the circumstances that would have resulted in the murder of children, the deaths of millions, and other tragedies have been avoided. In order for the world to go on without the versions of themselves that we saw, they eventually broke the bond.

The house’s lights turning on and off served as a metaphor for how they had led us from darkness into light. Dark became one of the best sci-fi shows ever created as a result of the season and the entire series.

What Happened to Woller’s eye?

With the exception of “What Happened to Woller’s eye,” all of the questions have now essentially been answered. It has become a running gag throughout the entire season because the character keeps pausing as he tries to explain how he destroyed it.

Many fans have speculated as to what might have caused it and how it came to be that way, and it kind of became the Nick Fury of Dark. Well, in order to avoid disappointing everyone, I’ve reviewed all of the relevant notes and background information and have finally traced everything back in order to provide a definitive explanation for how the character lost it.

We now know that it occurred in the summer prior, and it is obvious that Woller covered up the details in order to prevent anyone from finding out. But at last, at last, we understand that it…

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