Which Of The ‘Good Bones’ Cast Members Are On Instagram?

Fans want to know where to follow their favourite mother-daughter fixer upper combo when the Good Bones cast returns for season six. More of the family’s private life was explored in season five. Naturally, it also included some quite beautiful home improvements. Even while the well-known HGTV programme has an official Instagram account, the cast members each have their own profiles where fans may get a glimpse into their personal lives.

The mother half of the team, Karen E. Laine, has partially retired from Good Bones, which is one of the show’s most significant changes from season six. Karen will still play a significant role in the show, but she won’t be as actively involved in the remodelling tasks.

Other cast members will take centre stage due to changes to the show. The remainder of the Good Bones renovation team and interior designers will soon be seen by viewers much more frequently. They will also discover more about Jack, Mina Starsiak Hawk’s charming son, and her husband. It’s time to talk about the Good Bones actors’ Instagram accounts.

Austin Aynes


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On Good Bones, Austin Aynes is a member of the Two Chicks And A Hammer crew. His Instagram account, @track suit papi, is not frequently updated. His most recent posting was made around a month ago. He did share a few images of his first home purchase experience on social media. Austin, the project manager, also took pictures with a number of his co-stars. Good Bones has a lot of fans. They adore Instagramming the cast.

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Cory Miller


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Mina referred to Cory Miller from the Indianapolis-based show as a triple threat because he looks after her children in addition to serving as a project manager and handyman on Good Bones. Since the two are usually seen having fun together on his @cory miller30 Instagram, the fan favourite enjoys a terrific working connection with his employer Mina. When they conduct walkthroughs of properties for the show, he also frequently shares funny mistakes and behind-the-scenes happenings. The funny stuff is in high demand.

Karen E. Laine


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Karen E. Laine began her professional life as a lawyer. She founded Two Chicks And A Hammer with her daughter Mina more than ten years ago. In Indianapolis, she and Mina have renovated countless homes, but Karen is taking a break to enjoy her retirement. With numerous postings promoting her pop-up class and retail store, Karen has been keeping busy and keeping her fans up to date on Instagram. She regularly updates her fans on her favourite unusual finds.

Mina Starsiak Hawk

Fans love watching Mina’s job and personal life on Good Bones since she is the show’s fan favourite home restoration specialist. In season five, Mina underwent IVF procedures before becoming pregnant with Charlie, her second child. Some of Mina’s favourite Good Bones revelations are included on her Instagram page, along with some sponsored content. She primarily shares adorable family photos with her followers, though.

MJ Coyle


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On Good Bones, MJ is the interior decorator who makes Mina and Karen’s idea a reality. He has a tonne of beautiful home designs on his @michaeljeffreydesign Instagram, as one would anticipate from an interior designer. Nearly 18K people follow him. In addition to sharing behind-the-scenes peeks from their demo days, MJ provides viewers closer looks at some of his favourite designs from the event.


Steve Hawk


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Mina Hawk’s husband, Steve Hawk, frequently appears on Good Bones despite not working for her. Similar to Mina’s, Steve’s @srhawk2003 Instagram grid is filled with cute images of their two children, Jack and Charlie. Aside from giving his followers—more than 32k as of this writing—workout advice, Steve has also invited people to message him in private messages.


Tad Starsiak


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Each episode has demolition specialist Tad butting heads with Mina in jest. On his @the demogod Instagram account, Tad refers to himself as a Demo God. He contributes significantly to the labor-intensive renovations of the extreme Good Bones. Mina’s half-brother Tad Starsiak frequently posts selfies on social media. He is renowned for including lengthy, profound, and uplifting subtitles in his posts to his roughly 37k followers.


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