In Pictures : Elvis Presley’s Teenage Granddaughters Harper and Finley

When Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis came out in June, it sparked a fresh wave of interest in the late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Celebrity hounds were curious about everything, including who he was offstage, who he dated, and, of course, what his living relatives are doing these days.

Elvis Presley is the father of only one child, Lisa Marie. In 1968, he gave birth to Lisa Marie with his wife, Priscilla. Three of Lisa Marie’s four children are still living.

Despite the family’s preference to avoid the spotlight, images of them are frequently posted on social media. As we watch Elvis’ grandchildren mature before our eyes, it becomes abundantly clear that the girls not only resemble their mother, but also bear an uncanny resemblance to Elvis.

The most recent attention-grabbing incident involved 14-year-old twin sisters Harper and Finley, who made headlines when they were photographed as “groom’s women” at their father’s recent marriage to his new wife.

What you should know about the youngest Presley is as follows:

Who are Elvis Presley’s four grandchildren?

The youngest of Elvis’ grandchildren are twins Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, both 14 years old. Riley Keough, 33, is the oldest daughter of Lisa Marie. Danny Keough, the musician Lisa Marie was married to for six years, is Riley’s father.

Danny and Lisa Marie also had a son, Benjamin. Regrettably, Benjamin committed suicide in 2020. At the time, he was 27.

The father of Harper and Finley is musician Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Presley’s bitter split with Michael Lockwood, the twins’ father

Recently, Harper and Finley attended their father’s wedding to well-known hair and makeup artist Stephanie Hobgood. According to media accounts, the twins served the marriage as “groom’s women.”

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After a protracted custody dispute over the twins between Lockwood and Lisa Marie, the twins unexpectedly showed up. According to media reports, the ex-couple’s divorce papers were initially filed in 2016, and last year it was decided that the two would split custody 50/50. They settled out of court before their planned trial in December could take place.

Lisa Marie and Lockwood wed in 2006, and the twins arrived in 2008. Lisa Marie allegedly charged Lockwood with possessing pornographic material with children on his computer. Additionally, Lisa Marie claimed in court documents that Lockwood “took advantage” of her financially and was a “poor father.”

According to Radar Online, Lockwood has had a variety of professions, including those as a store clerk, a factory worker, and a guitar teacher.
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The Presley clan is close knit

Lisa Marie has maintained a modest profile on social media since since her son passed away in 2020. But from the few posts she does make, it’s clear that she and her daughters have a close bond.

She stated that her daughters had seen her through the difficult moments following Benjamin’s passing: “I keep going for my girls. I continue because my son made it abundantly clear in his final moments that taking care of his younger sisters and watching out for them were his top priorities. Both of them and him were utterly beloved by him.

Because of how similar they all appear, the four-squad girl gang is frequently referred to as twins by its fans. Riley, Harper, and Finley all share a striking resemblance to their mother, and Riley frequently needs to clarify who is who in a photograph in social media posts so that people aren’t confused.

The Elvis biopic saw three generations coming together in support

The twins took part in the renowned handprint ceremony outside the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in June along with their sister Riley, mother Lisa Marie, and grandmother Priscilla.

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Three generations of Presleys came together for the first time to support Austin Butler’s upcoming Elvis biopic. “Mesmerizing” is how Priscilla described Butler’s performance.
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