10 Best Hayley Marshall Moments From The Originals

One of the main characters on The Originals is Hayley Marshall, and although she is not quite as well-known to the fanbase as Klaus and Elijah are, fans can still look up to her as a fierce mother and an extraordinarily strong lady.

Hayley has a flair for language; she can make circumstances seem humorous or understandable, ensuring that her arguments are understood and have an impact. In both her words and deeds, Hayley is a force to be reckoned with, and she is deserving of all the admiration and fame enjoyed by the other characters on the show.

She Has Sass

“And you’ve reached your daily complaint limit. Congratulations, You Are The Worst.”
In The Originals, Hayley is prepared for combat
Over the course of the programme, Hayley has some great lines where she gets to flaunt her sass at the Mikaelsons, who are prone to moping and whining. Klaus was protesting about the places she was taking him to hide him and his kid when she shut him down at this point.

Hayley doesn’t tolerate excessive whining from anyone, especially not on the environments and ways of life she lived in and was accepted by. Fans think Hayley should be considered for the title of New Orleans’ queen in part because of this.

She Won’t Lie To Her Daughter

“I won’t lie to her, but one day I’ll have to explain this family to Hope. Never will I lie to her. However, do you know where I’ll start? Forever and Ever.”
Marsha Marshall,
Particularly in light of its relationship to Hayley, the Mikaelson family is nuanced. Hope was conceived as a result of Klaus and Hayley having an affair, and Klaus adores Hayley for being the mother of his child. Then there is Elijah, who has romantic feelings for Hayley.

The family also managed to accumulate thousands of adversaries throughout the years. Hayley is adamant about not lying to her daughter despite her concerns about how to explain all of that madness to her. She’ll instead begin with the vow the Mikaelson siblings made to her to always look out for and defend each other, “Always and Forever.”

She Prioritizes Her Needs

“I want you to know that none of those people are the reason I married you. For myself, I married you.”
The Originals’ Jackson and Hayley
Jackson is present in the heart of Hayley’s tumultuous Mikaleson drama. Jackson is one of the most sympathetic characters on the entire series, and he genuinely cares about Hayley. Hope is loved by him as if she were his own daughter, and he recognises that Hayley will always have some sort of relationship with the Mikalesons.

He worries that Hayley only wed him because it was best for their tribe, even though it was undoubtedly a factor. Hayley, however, doesn’t waste any time in assuring him that there is more to it, that she loves him f or who he is, and that she married him for her own reason because he provides the security and affection that she so desperately needs.

She Won’t Let Klaus Get Away With Anything

You Do Realize I Had To Endure A Horrendous Labor And Actual Death Birthing The Child That You Are Holding? She Won’t Let Klaus Get Away With Anything

Hayley was viewed by Klaus as little more than an incubator when he first started to comprehend that he had a child. But as the show went on, Klaus developed a genuine admiration and love for her. However, it doesn’t follow that he always did.

It is simply unacceptable for Klaus to be holding Hope while belittling Hayley at this scene. Hayley is constantly prepared to remind Klaus of everything she endured in order to save Hope, so that he will treat her with the deference she has more than deserved.

She Can Approach Any Situation With Humor

“Elijah, you, I, and the miracle child are all together under one roof. Like a reality show, in a way.”

Even while the Mikaleson family’s connection with Hayley is problematic, especially when favoured ships are involved, they don’t necessarily have to see it that way. Fans can immediately see how the show could have been if they had chosen to play it as a reality TV show as Hayley hilariously twists it that way.

Hayley’s ability to always turn a situation into something humorous or snarky is one of her best qualities. Although she is kind and encouraging, she won’t hesitate to describe a situation in all its funny bluntness.

She’s Nobody’s Damsel

When I escape from the tower after being locked within, there is drama, and you two both realise that I am capable of taking care of myself, then we may do that thing.

Hayley Marshall isn’t the type to back down from a fight. She will always prioritise keeping Hope safe, but when she gets into difficulty, she won’t hang around waiting to be rescued. She will initially put up a struggle for herself.

Another instance of Hayley seeing right through people’s attempts to present things in a positive light is this quotation. She quickly instructs Klaus and Elijah to forego the drama and reach the same decision after predicting how her being locked up for her own safety will play out.

She Fights For Her People

“If the werewolves are excluded, there won’t be any peace. They want a seat at the table, and if they don’t get one, you’ll all regret it, I can assure you of that.”

On The Vampire Diaries, Hayley appeared to be a villain more than anybody else, but in The Originals, she battles valiantly for her people. She still feels a deep connection to her werewolf roots despite becoming a hybrid.

The groups in power and those who are oppressed in New Orleans are bitterly split from one another. Throughout the course of the episode, the witches’ power changes, although the werewolves never seem to gain genuine power for a sustained period of time. Hayley is determined to make that right.

She’s A Great Mother

“And I want to promise you three things that I never did but that you will. A secure home, daily affirmations of love from someone, and unwavering support from someone.”

Hayley keeps saying to Klaus that all she wants for her daughter is the security and safety she was never given. She expresses the same in a letter to her unborn child, listing the three things she can guarantee her daughter.

The Mikaelsons may be many things, but they are strong and fiercely protective of their own, which Hayley had never experienced before joining her family.

She Gives Amazing Advice

“Create art. Employ Your Voice. Engage in adventures. Additionally, have at least one truly epic love. And be who you are in every way.”
In The Originals, Elijah and Hayley are shown standing together at the Strix Gala.
Hope enters the afterlife when she is dying and runs into her mother there. Hope wants to stay, but Hayley forbids her, insisting that she return to her life and live it.

Hope explains that she doesn’t want to and doesn’t know how to do it without her mother, and Hayley responds by giving her some wise counsel that anyone may use to their lives. Hayley offers excellent guidance on how to live life to the fullest, whether it’s counsel for Hope or guidance for all the followers that need it.

She Puts Hope’s Needs First

“Parents abandoned me. Yours turned away from you. Now, Klaus, look at us. She Deserves Better Than What We Gave Her. All I’ve ever wanted for her is something better, and that’s all!”

Klaus hires a witch to curse the New Orleans werewolves so that they can only be human during full moons when Hayley tries to remove Hope from the Mikaelson conflict. The following moon, Hayley arrives at the family’s compound in a rage and attacks Klaus. However, her fury isn’t directed at herself for the humiliation and suffering she went through, but rather towards Hope.

Hayley reminds Klaus that he should want the same thing: for her daughter to grow up in a home that prioritises her. This statement becomes the cornerstone of Hayley’s and, eventually, Klaus’ perspective on fatherhood and family.

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