10 Hilarious “Look How They Massacred My Boy” Memes You Can’t Resist

The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is recognised as one of the best films ever made. On March 15, 1972, it had its New York City premiere. This venerable gangster period piece has remained relevant for 48 years.

The Corleone crime family, led by Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando, is at the centre of The Godfather. Vito is a guy of few but forceful words. He is the founder, patriarch, and most powerful Mafia don in the nation. When Don Barzini’s men ambush him, killing his oldest, impulsive son Sonny Corleone, he is devastated. “Look How They Massacred My Boy,” Vito Corleone sobs as he laments Sonny’s bullet-riddled body. The Godfather has had a significant impact on culture. The fact that these catchy lines have inspired amusing memes demonstrates its relevance in the modern world.

Bob The Builder’s Revamp

The Builder, Bob Meme: “Look how they killed my boy”

Bob the Builder, a beloved cult series, lasted from 1998 until 2012. Children who watched it in the 2000s felt its effects for the rest of their lives. Building contractor Bob, his coworker Wendy, and his crew of anthropomorphic construction trucks, including Scoop, Muck, and Lofty, tell their narrative in Bob the Builder.

Fans weren’t too happy with the alterations made to Bob’s appearance when the redesigned Bob the Builder made a comeback in 2015. Bob appeared to be a ghost of his former caricature in the rebooted edition. Disappointed viewers believe that the original version cannot be replaced and that the updated version is undesirable.

Book Owners’ Sentiments

the meme from “The Godfather” where they “Massacred My Boy”

Any bibliophile who has a strong emotional connection to a book will be able to identify with this meme. Despite being amusing, it captures the exact same emotions as someone who lends a treasured book but receives it back ripped.

People now use memes as a coping mechanism for stress, grief, and in this case, damage to a beloved book!

Disney/Fox Merger

Walt Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, a major global entertainment company, in 2019. Following the historic agreement, Disney changed the name of 20th Century Fox TV to 20th Television. One of the most recognisable brands in the television industry was put to an end by Disney by eliminating the names “Century” and “Fox.”

Given how painful it is for so many people around the world to replace the Fox logo, this meme is indeed a wonderful match.

Global Warming

the meme from “The Godfather” where they “Massacred My Boy”

One of the biggest issues of the twenty-first century is global warming. The majority of scientists agree that human activity’s increasing emissions of greenhouse gases are the primary driver of climate change.

Godfather’s statements emphasise the importance of combating climate change in the face of mounting international calls for action. Marlon Brando’s depiction of mourning in the film accurately captures how many people feel about the troubling situation by using a little of bittersweet comedy.

Joke Theft

the meme from “The Godfather” where they “Massacred My Boy”

People who have had their jokes stolen and repeated by those around them might relate to the “Look How They Massacraed My Boy” meme.

Not only is stealing jokes an unfair and repugnant crime, but it can also be very upsetting to be in the same room as the joke thief while they are being praised. A stolen joke is always a source of unhappiness for the creator, no matter how insignificant the theft may be.

Low-Quality Memes

deep-fried humour the meme “Look How They Massacred My Boy”

The problem with deformed memes is that they hardly resemble their original forms.

Deep-fried memes, as they are popularly referred as, are repeatedly shared to the point that they lose their clarity and colour. Memes keep getting compressed due to significant distortion when they are repeatedly reposted on Twitter and/or Instagram. The hilarity is in the fact that the re-posted memes aren’t even close to the originals; nobody should be sharing them.

Pop-Less Bubble Wrap

Sealed Air Corporation, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, unveiled a new variation of the packaging material without the recognisable bursting sound in 2015. Although there was no discernible difference between the two varieties, the news that Bubble Wrap was losing its pop was not well received. Even after assuring supporters that it will continue to produce both the older version and the newest version, Sealed Air faced criticism.

Additionally, in response, followers used the “Look How They Massacred My Boy” meme to express their anger and sorrow.


Stabbing Erasers

the meme from “The Godfather” where they “Massacred My Boy”

The meme “Look How They Massacred My Boy” works nicely in a range of circumstances. The entire elementary school experience in this sense! This meme would appeal to people who helplessly watched their buddies poke pencils or carve objects out of their erasers.

The fact that the The Godfather still also relates to the joke about the eraser stabbing is really entertaining, despite the fact that it serves as a sorrowful reminder of Sonny Corleone’s murder at the Long Beach Causeway.

That Brutal Rejection

the meme from “The Godfather” where they “Massacred My Boy”

There are several vicious memes on the internet that make fun of those who have been dumped by their crushes.

The meme “Look How They Massacraed My Boy” is especially directed at excessively cerebral, though socially awkward lads who struggle to ask girls out. Being shot down is difficult enough as it is, so to have a meme made in its honour is just plain cruel. For what it’s worth, rejection is unrelated to one’s integrity and sense of self-worth.




The Controversial Pineapple Pizza

Hawaiian pizza Meme: “Look how they killed my boy”

What do Sicilians think about topping pizza with pineapples? Vito Corleone, the tragic hero the film, refers to it as a bloodbath. Because topping an Italian dish with a tropical fruit is the best way to spoil it.

The globe remains divided over whether or not pineapple is a suitable pizza topping. In addition to being false, the practise is something that no self-respecting Italian (including the Godfather) would accept. Pineapples are by far the worst possible outcome of all the horrible things that may have happened to the pizza topping.


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