High and Low The Worst X Ending, Explained: Why Was Suzaki Ryo Working For Kohei?

A spin-off of the popular multimedia series “High & Low” is called “High & Low The Worst X.” High & Low The Worst X, directed by Norihisa Hiranuma and Daisuke Ninomiya, continues the story of previous fan favourites Fujio, Tsukasa, and Todoroki, among others, and picks up after the events of its predecessor film, “High & Low The Worst.” Moreover, it introduces Kouhei, Ryo, and Raoh as fresh characters into the franchise’s filmic universe. With its thrilling action sequences, which were directed by Masaki Suzumura and Takahito Uchi, the Japanese action movie “High & Low The Worst X” delivers as expected. Rival high school gangs constantly picking conflicts with one another while the plot explores concepts of friendship, loyalty, and unity.

Due to the franchise’s already massive scope, the presence of so many new characters alongside enduring characters can occasionally make the plot difficult to follow. This is everything you need to know about “High & Low The Worst Xending “‘s in case you had any unanswered concerns at the film’s conclusion regarding its characters and settings. SPOILERS AHEAD!

High & Low The Worst X Plot Synopsis

High & Low The Worst X commences with an alliance developing between the schools of Senomon Technological High, Kamasaka High, and Ebara High, which is set three years after the end of the rivalry between Oya Highschool and Housen Academy. This three-school alliance is led by Senomon’s leader Amagai Kohei, a wealthy criminal who wants to rule the city of S.W.O.R.D., to prepare an assault on Oya Highschool. Hanaoka Fujio, the principal of Oya High, is searching for Suzuran’s Raoh, a figure from folklore and tall stories. Tsukasa, a friend of Fujio’s, meets up with Todoroki to talk about their worries about competing, power-hungry schools as Fujio roams the town picking fights with Suzuran kids and renewing acquaintances with the Housens.

The three-school coalition finally launches a massive assault on Oya High as Kohei’s influence and physical strength from Suzaki Ryo increase along with his influence as a wealthy person. The Oya criminals are caught off guard by the ambush. The Oya students are severely outnumbered and outpowered by Kohei’s gang, but some of them, notably the administrators of Oya High, Fujio and Todoroki, are able to flee the conflict. Tsukasa, on the other side, is held hostage by Kohei after losing to Ryo. In order to save his comrade and establish Oya High’s dominance over the rest of S.W.O.R.D. city, Fujio must now square off against Kohei.

High & Low The Worst X Ending: Why Was Suzaki Ryo Working For Kohei?

The main antagonists of “High & Low The Worst X” are Ryo and Kohei, a dynamic villainous combo, but Ryo does not quite agree with Kohei and his ways. Ryo shows himself as a character with buried depth quite early on in the novel through desolate looks and regretful gaze. Additionally, figures like Sameota and Tsukasa ponder his motivations and justifications for collaborating with Kohei. Ryo is a powerful combatant. He moves quickly and doesn’t mind taking a few blows. It should be clear why Kohei would want him on his team. Yet, Kohei hardly ever provides Ryo a reason to support him during the course of the narrative.

Kohei is a stereotypical selfish, affluent brat who uses people as pawns in his game and even acknowledges it to them. Ryo travels with him to Senomon Technological High when he transfers there. Kohei rapidly seizes control of Senomon and its pupils with Ryo’s assistance. Ryo and his fighting skills are also a big support for Kohei’s quest to become the most powerful man in the city. Kohei hardly ever engages in his own battles, in fact. There are two factors at play in this power disparity between the two.

It appears that this is the case because Kohei’s father employs Ryo’s father. Formerly the owner of a company, Ryo’s father was quickly forced into bankruptcy and was acquired by Kohei’s father. He is still owed money to the Amagais and is currently employed as their chauffeur. For the same reason, Ryo accompanied Kohei when he had to relocate to Senomon. Even if this sheds some light on their poisonous friendship, it still doesn’t paint the complete picture. Like other members of his group, Ryo hasn’t merely vowed his allegiance to Kohei. Ryo has an unnervingly high amount of loyalty to Kohei.

Because of their childhood bond, Ryo has remained steadfastly loyal to Kohei. Kohei used to hit several of Ryo’s bullies when they were little. By doing this, Kohei had given Ryo proof of their friendship and convinced him that they were close. As Kohei grew older and more resentful and power-hungry, their relationship worsened. Even though it was clear that Kohei no longer regarded him as a friend, Kyo remained by his side. Even after everyone else runs away, Ryo remains next to Kohei as he begins to lose the battle against Oya High. Finally, the gap begins to close between the two, and a tentative relationship begins to take root. Despite falling short against Fujio, Kohei makes a commitment to come back, and Ryo, staying true to form, stands by his comrade.

Who is Raoh?

In this film, Raoh, a brand-new character to the “High & Low” series, makes his on-screen debut. He is Suzuran High’s strongest student. He is the leader of a faction with just six members. Roah is surrounded by a lot of lore and is widely regarded as a deadly individual with whom no one wants to tangle. Despite the modest size of his party, he nonetheless commands respect and holds sway over the unruly Suzuran High grounds. Fujio first shows interest in Raoh and seeks to learn more about him. He follows his interest to the Suzuran High campus, where he tries to find Raoh but only runs across his crew.

Later, with Tsukasa’s assistance, Fujio learns more about Raoh and his history. Misaki Mario is Raoh’s actual name. His parents abandoned him at The Kasumi House when he was barely a baby. He had been a shy child at first, but he soon discovered his strength when he stopped a brawl between two kids. After that, he began to protect his siblings and use his fists to help them with their issues. One well-known legend involving Raoh is Pub Ruby.

When Raoh was a first-year, he once instigated a fight at the Pub that led to the establishment’s permanent closure. Most people presume that some insignificant event caused the fight to break out. Raoh, however, had come to the Ruby Bar in order to confront a child’s abusive father. The father of the child had been assaulted by Raoh, who had also advised him to avoid him. Fujio learns that Raoh is not the monster that others frequently portray him to be after hearing the real tale behind Pub Ruby. Instead, Fujio offers Raoh a hand of friendship because he views him as a kind, honourable man. In the end, Raoh and his crew appear as backups for the Oyas, and this bond between Raoh and Fujio plays a significant role in Fujio’s win over Kouhei.

Does Ueda Sachio Come Back to S.W.O.R.D. City?

One of the main characters in the final entry in the “High & Low” series, “High & Low The Worst,” was Ueda Sachio. He was the head of Housen and had commanded the most resilient generations of miscreants from the Academy. In the last film, Fujio had made a friend in Sachio, and they had ended things amicably. Yet Sachio isn’t there when Fujio visits Housen in “High & Low The Worst X.” Due of his mother’s failing health, Sachio was forced to relocate abroad. As the story develops, Fujio gets a letter from Sachio pleading with her not to argue with Raoh.

Later, Oya High enlists Housen Academy’s assistance in their last conflict with Kohei. Due to Shidaken, a student at Housen, being rendered unconscious by the Alliance, Housen consents to join them. The head of Housen also adds that Sachio would have desired to assist Fujio, therefore the rest of the Housens will as well. Sachio doesn’t actually corroborate this notion until close to the conclusion of the narrative. Once Kohei summons additional thugs for assistance, Sachio arrives. He aids the Oya High students in winning the conflict. Although Sachio plays a little role in the story, his followers will nonetheless enjoy his abrupt, surprise presence.

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