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Hijack Episode 7: Recap and Ending Explained – Flight KA29’s Fate Revealed

The focus of “Brace Brace Brace,” the seventh and final episode of the thriller series “Hijack” for Apple TV+, is on the passengers of Flight KA29 attempting to regain control of the plane from Stuart and his squad of hijackers. Louise Aitchison and Neil Walsh, the British home and foreign secretary, try to decide how to handle the approaching hijacked aircraft. In an effort to protect both his own life and the lives of his fellow passengers, Sam Nelson demonstrates sympathy for the woman who wrests control of the plane away from the hijackers. Let’s discuss how the suspenseful episode 7 concluded. It’s nothing less than an exciting ride! Below are spoilers.

Hijack Finale Recap

Sam tries to identify the woman in the opening of the episode “Brace Brace Brace” who takes over flying the plane after the pilot is murdered. When Stuart tells Sam that she is not one of them, Sam is confused. To prevent Stuart and the other hijackers from being killed, Sam steps in. He alerts the gang that things have gotten worse as a result of the original hijackers taking over the plane again. After tying up Stuart and his crew, Sam learns the woman’s name is Amanda and tries to speak to her. Sam’s advise is disregarded by Amanda, who continues to seek out more direction from Edgar.

hijack season 2,hijack episode,hijack movie ending,hijacking episode 7 * ending explained

In light of the coming hijacked plane, Neil and Louise discuss the best response for the authorities. Neil and his colleagues believe that the jet will crash into London because it may be useful for the hijackers in the worst case scenario. In order to avoid a crash that may result in more than twice as many fatalities as Flight KA29, Neil, the home secretary, believes that the plane should be shot down. Louise isn’t ready to put someone to death, though. When the Prime Minister contacts him, Neil promises the woman that he will be responsible for every decision he makes, but he forgets to say the same to the Prime Minister.

Louise then urges the Prime Minister not to act inimically by shooting down their airliner. Two police policemen arrive at Sam’s house after Kai dials 911. The “cleaners” effectively discard them without raising any red flags. DI Daniel O’Farrel calls Kai to see whether he’s in danger after learning about the dubious call Marsha received concerning Sam’s address. Although Daniel steps in to save Kai and catch the two murderers who were waiting at Sam’s flat, Kai skillfully expresses his danger.

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Hijack Ending: Does Flight KA29 Crash or Land?

Flight KA29 touches down. When Amanda commandeers Flight KA29, Sam tries to reach her, but she disconnects the landline. At that point, Sam gets her phone. He sees a photo of Elodie and Amanda when he glances at the wallpaper. Sam learns from the trader who has dealt with the hijackers that the hijackers have been pressuring civilians into performing dirty work for them by threatening to kill their family members. When the corporate negotiator finds out that the trader’s family is being kept hostage, he assumes that Amanda hijacked the plane because Amanda’s family is also being held hostage.

hijack season 2,hijack episode,hijack movie ending,hijacking episode 7 * ending explained

Instead of supporting the belligerent passengers who want to kill Amanda in order to regain control of the flight, Sam empathises with her. He assures her that he would have responded similarly if his child had been in risk of being slain by a group of criminals. Sam gets Amanda’s trust by encouraging her rather than making fun of her, so she is willing to let him into the cockpit. By then, he had gained contact with Alice Sinclair, the air traffic controller in charge of the jet. Amanda tells Sam that the hijackers gave her the option of either crashing the plane if she doesn’t hear from them or bringing it down after getting confirmation from them.

Sam, a seasoned negotiator, makes every effort to convince Amanda that the bloodthirsty hijackers will kill her partner and daughter Elodie regardless of what she does. As a result of his declaration that they won’t leave a witness alive, Amanda is highly vulnerable. Sam is aware that he needs appease both groups in order to find a solution to a dilemma. To placate Amanda, he convinces the home secretary to promise that she won’t be detained if she follows Alice’s suggestion and makes an emergency landing at a nearby airfield. After hearing Neil make the same pledge, Amanda realises that paying attention to Sam and Alice is the greatest way for her to reconnect with her daughter. She then makes a safe landing for the plane to avoid a collision.

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Why Does Flight KA29 Get Hijacked?

Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown’s release is thought to have been planned when the organised crime group behind the hijacking of Flight KA29 gave Neil its demands, according to Louise and the British authorities. As two of the most dangerous criminals still at large in the UK, Neil and other officials battle greatly to let them go, but in exchange for the safety of more than 200 British citizens, he ultimately agrees to their release. At that moment, Neil and other others learn that a low-profile financial writer by the name of Felix Staton was the one to report the takeover initially via Twitter.

hijack season 2,hijack episode,hijack movie ending,hijacking episode 7 * ending explained

The revolutionary report by Felix paves the way for a decline in the stock price of Kingdom Airlines. The company’s stock declines more quickly than their aircraft, putting London in jeopardy. The two outcomes of the hijacking are Edgar and John’s release from prison. Given the size of their group, Edgar and John could have obtained their release by kidnapping a well-known politician, but instead they decide to hijack a plane in order to make a lot of money. Before the hijacking, Edgar and John utilised a trader who would later board the plane to conduct a bear trade and wager against the value of Kingdom Airlines’ stock.

Edgar and John earn significantly from their wager as the stock of the airline company keeps falling. They intended to notify Amanda to instruct the plane to land once they had enough cash. John kills Edgar before he can follow suit, perhaps in an effort to seize control of the money they have amassed on their own.

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What Happens to Sam Nelson? Why Does Stuart Try to Kill Him?

Soldiers help the passengers evacuate the plane after Flight KA29 touches down. Sam waits for the other passengers to exit the aircraft, but Stuart kills him and traps him inside. Stuart makes an effort to kill Sam because he is unwilling to accept defeat. He doesn’t want to lose everything from the hijacking and be captured by the military. The fact that the hijackers’ leader has already lost his brother Lewis and perhaps his mother Elaine makes him incredibly vulnerable. After Amanda steals the plane from his unit, he learns that Edgar and John betrayed him.

hijack season 2,hijack episode,hijack movie ending,hijacking episode 7 * ending explainedStuart tries to kill Sam in an effort to vent his frustration and helplessness. Sam tries to convince Stuart that by sticking by him the entire way, he will find a way out of the predicament. Stuart must have thought Sam had betrayed him as well as he tried to flee the plane and become a free man because he is expected to be taken prisoner by the army. He tries to assassinate them in order to stop the corporate negotiator from receiving the freedom he would not. Armed men board the plane to apprehend the hijackers’ leader, and Sam escapes from Stuart with their help. As he steps off the plane, Sam is scheduled to greet Marsha and Kai.

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