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One of Hunter x Hunter’s most enigmatic characters, Hisoka leaves fans wondering about everything from the reasons behind his acts to the fundamentals of his past. Though his influence on Gon’s adventure is apparent, Hisoka manages to hold his cards close to his chest practically every step of the way, whether as a friend or an enemy.

One of the most well-known characters in Hunter x Hunter is Hisoka, who has tremendous strength, cunning, and the ability to skillfully sway every circumstance in his advantage. And while there are still many unanswered questions regarding the mysterious magician, some of them can be addressed.

How Old is Hisoka?

Hisoka has hardly ever discussed his history or divulged any private information, refusing to share even the most basic details like his age. Hisoka’s age has never been mentioned in any official Hunter x Hunter content, despite several claims to the contrary. Furthermore, Hisoka’s age is consistently given as “unknown” even when the ages of other characters are specified.

Hisoka is thought to be in his mid-20s, similar to Illumi Zoldyck, with whom he appears to have the closest ties. He may be anywhere between 25 and 200, though, because there is no definitive answer and because of all the other peculiar characteristics about him. It is unknown why the clown is disguising his age, but admirers are hopeful that they will ultimately learn something about it.

How Tall is Hisoka?

It is unknown exactly how tall Hisoka is, as is customary for him. Chrollo specifies that they are seeking for someone over 6’2″ while the Phantom Troupe is looking for him at Heaven’s Arena during the Succession War arc. Even though this is more detailed than the majority of the material provided regarding Hisoka, it is still unable to provide a precise solution.

Fans have frequently argued about whether Hisoka’s height is indeed reflected in Chrollo’s appraisal of him or if it has been adjusted to take into consideration his shoes. Hisoka has worn heels with some of his prior clothes, despite not donning them when he first appears for the fight with Chrollo. It’s probable that Chrollo is thinking about doing this. But because he never makes it clear, it is still open to fan interpretation.

Who Voices Hisoka?

In the 2011 anime adaptation, Hisoka received new voice actors for both the original Japanese version and the English dub, giving him a total of four. Hisoka is voiced by Brendan Hunter and Hiroki Takahashi (JP) for the 1999 adaptation (EN). Brendan Hunter has made appearances in many Gundam series in addition to Hisoka. And while Hiroki Takahashi is arguably best known as Ryu from Street Fighter, fans may also recognise him as Pariston Hill from the 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter.

Daisuke Namikawa (JP) and Keith Silverstein are Hisoka’s voice actors for the 2011 season (EN). Outside of Hunter x Hunter, Keith Silverstein may be heard as Overwatch’s Torbjörn and Genshin Impact’s Zhongli. Toru Oikawa in Haikyuu!! and Jellal Fernandes from Fairy Tail are two characters that Daisuke Namikawa is well recognised for voice acting.

What Nen Type is Hisoka

In the beginning of Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka’s convoluted talents and combat techniques, together with his proclivity for deception and trickery, make it challenging to comprehend what precisely he is capable of and how his Nen functions. He believes that keeping his Nen’s identity a secret is a wiser strategic move, as he explains to Gon later.

He describes the many applications of his Nen Abilities while Machi restores his arms during the Heavens Arc, but he doesn’t truly reveal his Nen type until the battle with Gon. One of the few specifics fans know about him is that he declares himself to be a Transmuter there. Hisoka’s native Nen type is transmutation, but his talents show that he is also incredibly skilled in conjuration and emission, and at the very least, capable in enhancement and manipulation.

How Strong is Hisoka?

Although Hisoka’s real strength level has never been clearly established, he has established himself as one of the strongest Hunters in the series and a very dangerous opponent. In addition to having extraordinary physical ability and Nen mastery, Hisoka is also extremely intellectual and capable of coming up with seemingly foolproof plans. He was able to slay Zoldyck butler Gotoh and Single-Star Hunter Bushidora, become a Floor Master, and defeat other Phantom Troupe members.

Chrollo is the only character to have significantly defeated Hisoka during the whole of Hunter × Hunter. Hisoka is able to create a technique for self-resurrection though, putting together a complicated network of Nen powers and effects that bring him back to life despite having had his body entirely shattered. In the end, he fails to murder Chrollo, but he succeeds in conquering death.

What Did Hisoka Whisper to Kurapika?

Hisoka notoriously gives up his duel against Kurapika during the Hunter Exam by whispering something into his ear. This happens when Kurapika’s eyes turn red and his Kurta ancestry is revealed. It is not yet clear to the viewer what specifically Hisoka said at that point or why he abruptly left the fight, but it appeared to have a significant impact on Kurapika.

Later, Kurapika claims that Hisoka muttered to him, “I know something intriguing about spiders,” during the struggle. The group is also informed by Kurapika that Hisoka was confronted by him and instructed him to meet him in Yorknew in September. Although this exchange takes place at the start of the Heaven’s Arena arc, it prepares the audience for the Yorknew arc, in which Kurapika will confront the Spiders for their atrocities against his tribe.

What did Hisoka say to Bodoro?

Bodoro is supposed to be Hisoka’s second opponent after Hisoka forfeits his fight against Kurapika in the final exam phase. Although Hisoka’s win is not all that unexpected, how he achieved it has remained a mystery since it was first portrayed. Bodoro hears Hisoka say something in a whisper that makes him forfeit, although it is unknown exactly what it is.

This might never be addressed given Bodoro’s eventual passing and Hisoka’s customary enigmatic demeanour. Given that Bodoro had declared that he would never attack children, many fans have hypothesised that Hisoka may have threatened to hurt Gon or Killua if Bodoro didn’t concede. This appears to be one of the more plausible explanations for this mystery, especially when combined with Hisoka’s well-known penchant for grandiose threats.

What Episode Does Hisoka Fight Chrollo?

Hisoka has made it known that he wants to battle Chrollo, the Spider’s Head, since since the Phantom Troupe was introduced. This objective drives almost all of his interactions with the Troupe, including pretending to be a member and briefly working with the gang. In Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka and Chrollo are two of the most powerful Nen users. They also appear to be cognitively and physically equal. One of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the novel was their battle.

However, the Battle to the Death has not yet been animated because the 2011 anime ends at the conclusion of the Election Arc. It might take some time before viewers get to see Chrollo and Hisoka square off on TV, despite the fact that it happened in some of the final chapters published before the break.

What does Hisoka want with Gon?

While Hisoka’s true motivations are still unknown, he has actually been rather open about the outward causes of his involvement with Gon. Hisoka has made it clear time and time again that beating formidable foes is his biggest love in life, to the point that he will outright refuse to engage with people he considers to be insufficient. So far, the majority of his acts in the narrative have been at least partially consistent with this objective.

Hisoka remarked that he thought Gon had amazing potential and wanted to see what he would eventually be capable of when they first met. He has so far stuck by his word and declined to attack Gon, even going so far as to temporarily support Gon and Killua. Although Hisoka surely has many ulterior intentions, it appears that he sincerely wants to see Gon develop into a formidable foe.

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