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The cast of Netflix’s Home Team really helps the film sparkle despite the fact that it is a classic, heartwarming underdog story. The cast of Home Team takes the usual football scenario and transforms it into something totally unique. The cast is made up of a mixture of comic household names and up-and-comers. The whole cast and crew of Home Team are listed below.

The most recent sports movie on Netflix, Home Club, is based on the true tale of Sean Payton, the former head coach of the New Orleans Saints, who relocates back to his hometown to take over his son’s football team after serving a one-year NFL suspension. It doesn’t help that young Connor Payton is the offspring of an NFL icon that the Warriors are the laughingstock of their league. Sean Payton must get the Warriors in shape after leading the Saints to their first-ever Super Bowl victory while also getting to know his son.

Another movie from Kevin James’ Hey Eddie Productions and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions is titled Home Team. Another joint effort between the two close friends, both comedy actors worked as producers on the film. James and Sandler have worked together on films like Grown Ups, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and Hubie Halloween for more than ten years. Their most recent project, Home Team, has the following actors:

Gary Valentine As Coach Mitch Bizone

The Warriors’ well-intentioned but frequently ineffective assistant coach is Mitch Bizone. Coach Bizone, who is infamous for consuming a little too much “coach juice,” is frequently seen riding a subpar bicycle or acting a little out of character. Coach Bizone made sure to tell the team that he is still the second-in-command and the “vice president” to Coach Troy’s president after Coach Sean Payton joined the team. Coach Bizone is yet another member of the odd Warrior family, despite the kids’ jokes about him.

Gary Valentine does a fantastic job portraying Coach Bizone. In Home Team, the two provide a humorous contrast as Kevin Smith’s older brother. Valentine has previously appeared in films with his brother, such as The King of Queens and Paul Blart, but he diverged from the humorous genre when he played Deputy Knudsen in Fargo season 1.

Jackie Sandler As Beth

All of Connor’s games are attended by Beth, who also frequently prepares barbeques for the team and, to please Jamie, dons an embarrassing couple’s Snuggie. Beth is the epitome of a loving mother and husband. Connor was mostly raised by Beth alone because Sean has been absent for the majority of his life. Beth is committed to fostering a close relationship between Connor and Sean after Sean’s return from New Orleans, despite their divorce. Beth is based on Beth Shuey, Sean Payton’s actual ex-wife.

Jackie Sandler is most known for appearing in films that her husband, Adam Sandler, both writes and produces. Jackie has played a variety of characters in well-known Adam Sandler films like Big Daddy and Grown Ups. Kevin James and Sandler have collaborated on several projects together, including The King of Queens and Hubie Halloween.

Kevin James As Sean Payton

Coach After leading the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl victory, Sean Payton was at the top of the world. However, everything fell apart when he was implicated in claims that the Saints staff had improperly rewarded players for harming rival players. Sean, who was facing a one-year suspension, returned to Texas in an effort to reconnect with his son Connor, whose life he had missed while serving as the Saints’ head coach. The Warriors serve as a reminder to him that what matters in football is the love of the game since his need to win has made him blind to the important things in life.

Kevin James, a well-known figure in the comedy industry, creates the character of Sean Payton. James started out as a stand-up comedian in Long Island, New York, but he swiftly worked his way up to become one of the best on Comedy Central. His major acting debut came with his own CBS comedy, The King of Queens, after a few minor appearances on various television programmes. He is also recognised for his roles in the films I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Grown Ups.

Rob Schneider As Jamie

Sean Payton and Jamie, Beth’s partner and Connor’s stepfather, are practically diametrically opposed. He is a kind, spiritual man who is far more concerned with Connor than football. Even though he may refer to football as a “trauma agony fest,” Jamie attends every game in support of Connor and is always willing to provide him sound counsel and a nutritious snack.

Another comic mainstay in Adam Sandler and Kevin James movies is Rob Schneider. Schneider has frequently appeared in Adam Sandler films as well as those with Kevin James. Rob Schneider always makes audiences laugh, whether he’s playing a delivery man who learns to read in Big Daddy or a hippie who hooks up with a much older woman in Grown Ups.


Tait Blum As Connor Payton

Young Connor struggles in the Texas football league as the son of the well-known Coach Payton, especially since his squad is viewed as the worst in the state. When his father returns after years of coaching, he is initially cautious, but deep down he is anxious to get to know him better. Connor has a fierce loyalty to his friends and his team, and he is prepared to fight for them against anyone, including his own father. Sean Payton may have joined the team to pass along some football knowledge to his kid, but Connor Payton may have far more to impart.

One of the newest cast members of Home Team is Tait Blum. With roles on numerous TV shows like Shooter and the Apple+ series For All Mankind, his career got off to a strong start in 2018. With the release of the 2020 film Wish Upon A Unicorn, Blum made his film debut.

Taylor Lautner As Coach Troy Lambert

The Argyle Warriors’ head coach is Troy Lambert. Coach Troy obviously cares about his squad, despite the fact that they are not the best in the league. He tries his best to uplift the youngsters despite their setbacks, but when Payton shows there, he recognises the ideal chance to assist them in getting better. Coach Troy’s main concern is the guys’ happiness. He may regularly disagree with Payton as a result, but he discovers that his small group of outcasts has real promise. Brenan Hardy, the real-life Liberty Christian Warriors coach and former president of the Liberty Youth Football Association, served as the model for Coach Troy.

Taylor Lautner’s career began as a voice actor for shows like What’s New, Scooby-Doo? but really took off when he played the role of Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Lautner has already collaborated with Kevin James, who plays Lautner’s rival Frat Boy Andy in Grown Ups 2. However, his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight film series is his real claim to fame.


Home Team Supporting Cast & Characters

Paulie, a member of the Warriors who is much more interested in eating than football, is portrayed by Maxwell Simkins.

starring Jacob Perez as Marcos One of the Warriors’ top players, Marcos is aware of his talent. The young player has the self-assurance to match his on-field talent.

Dennis, played by Bryant Tardy Sean Payton needs Dennis to play defence against his own too enthusiastic mother even though he shies away from contact on the field.

The smallest player on the pitch, Harlan has the largest heart. Harlan is played by Manny Magnus. If only he could quit kicking the ball towards Paulie, he could become the unstoppable kicker for the Warriors.

starring Merek Mastrov as Brian Brian could get lost in the playbook easily, but this Warriors quarterback gives it his all on the field.

Gus, the Warrior family’s devoted bus driver, may be a little strange and his football tales may not be factual, but he blends in beautifully with the Warrior clan, played by Lavell Crawford. Huell was portrayed by Lavell Crawford in the television series Breaking Bad.

Eric, played by Jared Sandler Eric is a subpar hotel front desk agent.

Lionel the Janitor, played by Sean Payton – The actual Sean Payton makes a surprise appearance in Home Town as Lionel, a janitor at the Saints’ office, near the end of the movie.

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