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Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 4 Recap and Ending Analysis

Miyamura studies in Kyouko’s house in “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces” episode 4, “Hori Kotatsu,” in order to get ready for the upcoming tests. Later, Kakeru comes to join them. Inadvertently sending messages to Miyamura rather than his girlfriend causes a major misunderstanding between Shindou and Kyouko. Later, Miyamura finds out that Kakeru’s father and his girlfriend’s parents have been longtime acquaintances. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of episode 4 of “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces.” Spoilers follow!

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 4 Recap

Miyamura visits his girlfriend’s residence so they may study together as the examinations are about to start. When Kyosuke notices how hard they are working as a team, he chooses to join them in the Kotetsu. Interestingly, Souta is also present, and they all end up dozing out for a while. When Miyamura awakens, he discovers that his legs are all intertwined with the legs of others and that he is unable to move at all, which is a major issue because he needs to use the loo.

horimiya episode 5 summary,horimiya the missing pieces episode 4,horimiya episode 4 recap and ending explained reddit,horimiya episode 4 recap and ending explained in hindi,horimiya episode 4 recap and ending explained in english

Miyamura struggles to move his feet slowly because of excruciating agony in his legs, and it is clear that Kyosuke and Kyouko are also needed. Unfortunately, none of them is willing to put forth any effort. As Kyosuke snoozes, this causes the couple to fight briefly. Miyamura eventually succeeds in freeing his leg, and he uses the loo. Later, Kakeru joins them, and the three pals begin studying for the tests.

Kyouko discovers that Miyamura has three unread texts when he eventually nods off after studying one day. They seem to ask Miyamura to meet them in the park and claim to be from Shindou. One of them claims to adore him. Kyouko is understandably upset, but it turns out that Shindou really wanted to communicate with Chika, and everything was a big mistake. Later, when Miyamura awakens, he sees that his girlfriend is upset over something, but they end up sharing a kiss. Later on, the couple visits a nearby grocery store to make a purchase.

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 4 Ending: Does Kakeru Tell His Father About His Girlfriend?

When Kyouko Hori and Miyamura visit the former’s home once more, they discover Takeru Sengoku there, together with Kyosuke Hori and his son, seated on the kotatsu. The two of them find out that Kyosuke decided to invite Kakeru and Takeru to his home after they ran into each other earlier that evening. Takeru observes Miyamura’s carefree visit to the Hori residence. Kyosuke then clarifies that he is dating his daughter after Miyamura admits that he does spend a lot of time there.

Takeru informs Kyosuke that his son doesn’t have time for such things because he doesn’t appear to like the notion of dating at such a young age. Miyamura and Kyouko are obviously shocked by this as they realise Kakeru hasn’t told his father about his girlfriend. He had even invited Remi over for Christmas, but they ended up going to the latter’s flat because he had been waiting for the proper moment. Therefore, he was unable to inform his father about Remi, and he continues to be unaware of his dating activities.

This presents an opportunity for Kyouko and Miyamura to tease Kakeru. Kyosuke, however, is not a fan of Takeru’s seeming severe stance on his son’s dating life. He makes the observation that his kid must be interested in someone and likely wants to date them. He contends that it is unfair to demand that youngsters see relationships with such rigidity. Kyosuke even goes so far as to call Takeru’s outlook archaic, which the latter naturally finds offensive.

Then there follows a brief argument between Kyosuke and Takeru. Kyouko tries to bring up Kakeru’s girlfriend again, though. She is unfortunate in that no one truly listens to what she has to say. Takeru assures his son that he doesn’t require a partner as he heads home that evening. Naturally, Kakeru decides not to mention anything since he believes that his father is not at anyway prepared at this point to learn about Remu.

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