This Indian Guy Has Caught Up To 3000 Snakes Now. You Will Be Scared To See 100 King Cobras And Other Terrifying Images

Some people hunt to satisfy their desires to be among the killers. But there are some people who treat them instead of hunting them and let them go and there are some who also work to save people from these dangerous creatures, especially snakes. one of this kind is present in India. He is called The Snake Man and no one can take away this title from him.

The name of this snake man is among some such people who are courageous enough to catch these poisonous creatures. Yes, you’re right. what you heard is a snake man. If I take a snake’s name in front of you then you go from us. For a while, your beats will stop. But this person is totally different from us all. It’s very much like playing with dangers and it’s all a big hobby to catch different snakes.

These hobbies may seem strange to all of us, but this work is of great courage. Only a sting of a snake can happen to the person’s death and they are so scared to see that we lose our senses. Today we will tell you everything about this snake man.

The real name of this man is Vava Suresh. Vava Suresh is a taluk from Thiruvananthapuram. He started working as a snake since the age of the year and today his age has started. Wawa is doing it more like your hobby than your job. For this purpose, he turned down the job offered by the government and decided to work on his own level.

They believe that if they get into government jobs then they can not provide social services. Indeed, today Vaavas save people from snoop and no hero is working. Working with such deadly poisonous animals is a big deal.

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During his long tenure, he has also caught a large wiper King Cobra and a Norman snake. Playing with hazards is their hobby. Among his work, Snakes have often visited Suresh but they have never left this profession.

Today Suresh has become so popular that if someone sees a snake, he first calls Suresh. Suresh removes a snake from that human area and leaves a safer place. You can tell that so far there is a record of catching 3,000 nominal snakes in the name of Suresh and catching dangerous snakes of more than 100 King Cobra species.

British Prince Charles will have an unusual guest at Vazhachaal in Thrissur today: A master snake catcher!

The prince who spent his first day in Kerala in the company of ministers, politicians, businessmen and other dignitaries had expressed his desire to meet 39 year old Vava Suresh of Thiruvanthapuram who caught nearly 30,000 snakes from various parts of the state in the last 25 years, whenever he gets a call from people for help. – Via India Today

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