Interstellar 2: Will There Ever Be a Sequel To The Interstellar Movie? Does It Even Make Sense?

Christopher Nolan is one of the few current film directors who, in all honesty, almost never makes a terrible movie. The film Interstellar is one of them. Many fans are curious if there will ever be a sequel to Nolan’s science fiction classic Interstellar given how well-liked it is.

As far as is currently known, Interstellar 2 will not take place. There has been no word on a sequel in the seven years since the release of the first film, despite Nolan’s dislike of sequels (with the exception of The Dark Knight trilogy). Matthew McConaughey made a mention to a potential sequel seven years ago, stating that it might happen if things went well.

The information that is currently known about Interstellar 2 will be included in the remaining sections of this page. You’ll learn whether a sequel is likely, what to anticipate from the story, whether viewers will tune in, and even whether a sequel would make any sense at all.

Will There Be an Interstellar 2?

It’s feasible, but I’d need to conduct my usual research on the script, director, and other factors.

– Sky News, Matthew McConaughey on a “Interstellar” sequel (2014)
A sequel would be possible, according to Matthew McConaughey, one of the Interstellar movie’s stars, who said as much back in 2014.

Since then, the film has garnered a plethora of accolades—including one Academy Award—earned $701.8 million globally (on a $165 million budget), and both critics and viewers have hailed it as one of the best films of the decade. Therefore, we might infer that things went fairly well.

Yet no formal announcements concerning a sequel have been made since then. We have no information on a sequel, and despite some speculations that it is in the early stages of development that appeared in summer 2020, neither Warner Bros. nor Nolan, nor any of the cast and crew, have provided any.

We assume that a sequel is extremely unlikely to occur and we’re leaning towards the theory that a sequel, sadly, won’t happen ever because we know that Christopher Nolan is not a fan of sequels, save for his work on The Dark Knight trilogy, and because we have absolutely no information on a possible sequel.

Is Interstellar Part of a Trilogy?

Interstellar is not a part of any trilogy, rest assured. Currently, it is a stand-alone science fiction movie that is unlikely to ever even have a sequel, much less turn into a trilogy. Nolan dislikes sequels, and The Dark Knight trilogy is the only trilogy he has produced.

What Could We Expect from Interstellar 2?

We would like to change what occurred in the original Interstellar film in order to properly explore the potential futures. As we can see, agricultural pests caused human civilisation to decline and eventually become an agrarian society. Former NASA pilot Cooper has a farm with his family. Murphy, Cooper’s ten-year-old daughter, thinks a ghost is trying to talk to her in her bed.

The “ghost” turns out to be an unidentified intelligence that is transmitting encoded messages via gravitational radiation and leaving binary coordinates, which directs the father and daughter to a top-secret NASA laboratory run by Professor John Brand. The researcher says that a wormhole has been created close to Saturn and that it goes to worlds where humans might be able to survive.

Miller, Edmunds, and Mann – named for the astronauts who studied them – were the three possibly hospitable planets discovered by the “Lazarus missions” sent years previously. If one of the planets turns out to be livable, humanity will head for it aboard the NASA facility, which is actually a massive space station. Brand hires Cooper to fly the Endurance spacecraft and recover astronaut data. Murphy is devastated by Cooper’s leaving.

Cooper is joined on the Endurance crew by Brand’s daughter, biologist Amelia, scientist Romilly, planetary physicist Doyle, and the robots TARS and CASE. As they travel to Miller through the wormhole, they find that due to the planet’s proximity to Gargantua, it has significant gravitational temporal dilation, with each hour on the surface being comparable to seven years on Earth.

They get at Miller and discover it to be hostile due to the shallow seas and powerful waves that cover it. Amelia is attempting to recover Miller’s data when a wave strikes the crew, killing Doyle and delaying the match. Cooper and Amelia return to Endurance and find that 23 years have passed.

Murphy, now an adult, assists Brand in developing the equation that will allow the launch of a large space station utilising gravity while also working as a NASA scientist on Earth. On his deathbed, Brand acknowledges that he has already found the solution and determined that it is unachievable; he buried the information to maintain optimism and put his trust in “Plan B,” which involves deploying fertilised eggs aboard Endurance to revive the human race.

But Murphy comes to the conclusion that the equation holds up when further information about a black hole’s singularity is included. Endurance can only travel to one more planet before returning to Earth because she is running low on fuel. After a tough vote, they decide on Mann because he is the only one who is still broadcasting.

Though Mann always knew that Plan B was the true mission aim and fabricated the data on the viability of his world for Endurance to rescue him, they discover that the planet is frigid and unfriendly. Cooper’s helmet visor is broken, and he abandons Cooper for dead before taking an auxiliary ship to Endurance. In order to keep his secret safe, Mann planted a bomb that kills Romilly.

Cooper is rescued by Amelia on a different shuttle. Cooper uses his shuttle to steer the spacecraft when Mann docks it wrongly and is killed in an explosion that also damages Endurance. Cooper and Amelia intend to catapult Endurance around Gargantua on their way to Edmunds after running out of fuel.

In order to gather information on singularities and aid Amelia in lowering the mass of the spacecraft, TARS and Cooper sacrifice themselves by falling into the black hole. They emerge in an extraterrestrial “tesseract,” where time is represented as a spatial dimension and portals display brief snapshots of Murphy’s bedroom as a youngster.

The wormhole’s purported alien builders, according to Cooper, are actually highly developed humans who have mastered other dimensions and made this area so that he could communicate with his daughter and save humanity. At a later point, Cooper understands that Murphy’s “ghost” was actually him.

Relying on gravitational radiation once more, it transmits the singularity data gathered by TARS to Murphy’s wristwatch, who, as an adult, also realises that the “ghost” was the father and communicates with her through the temporal dimension, enabling her to solve the Brand equation and launch NASA’s space station, allowing it to escape Earth.

Cooper regains consciousness a number of years later on a NASA space station, an O’Neill cylinder that orbits Saturn and acts as a hub for humankind’s wormhole travel. Due to temporal relativity, Cooper, who has aged only a few years, encounters Murphy, the species’ exodus leader who is now an elderly woman.

She persuades him to go back to Anne Hathaway’s Amelia Brand and the planet she discovered to be habitable after the heartwarming conclusion in which McConaughey’s Joseph Cooper reunites with his daughter, who is now much older than him. Cooper has since taken off to join Brand, leaving us in that situation.

Therefore, how might Interstellar 2 fit in? Would Cooper land on the planet and start dating Brand? Could Nolan tell the tale of the astronauts who came before Endurance, including Matt Damon, in a prequel and sequel? Perhaps Nolan would take after Tom, the character’s son played by McConaughey.

As you can see, there are a tonne of options for a new Interstellar film, regardless of whether Nolan decides to make a prequel or even a direct sequel. As it is, Interstellar doesn’t really need a sequel because the plot is excellent and perfectly consistent with Nolan’s earlier works. However, there are ideas for one, and we’re confident that the Nolan brothers could develop a fresh plot.

Would an Interstellar Sequel Make Sense?

As we’ve seen, there is undoubtedly a case for a sequel to Interstellar, albeit one is not entirely required. It’s usually a good idea to carry on a compelling narrative, but Interstellar is one of those movies that stands on its own. Now that the story has an unclear finish, some would claim that it is ideal just as it is and that a plot twist would undo all the hard work of the original movie, while others might prefer a story with a satisfying conclusion.

Of course, it depends on personal interests, but a sequel to Interstellar would be logical from a story perspective. The question of whether it would be wise or not is entirely different.

Would People Be Interested in Seeing Interstellar 2?

Both critics and viewers loved the first Interstellar movie. Millions of people saw the movie in theatres, and it earned an astounding $701.8 million, ranking it as the tenth-highest-grossing movie of 2014. And in the years since it was released, the movie has developed a fan base.

All of this suggests that there would be a strong demand for an Interstellar sequel. It would be due to the sequel itself as well as the fact that Nolan’s work truly draws audiences, and they enjoy visiting theatres to experience his imaginative directing.

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