Jujutsu Kaisen : How Fans Feel About Junpei’s Story? Why Junpei’s Unrealized Potential Is A Concern?

From the outside, it might appear that “Jujutsu Kaisen” supporters have little reason to be invested in Junpei Yoshino. He only appears in four episodes of the first season of the shonen franchise, making him a rather minor character. He does have an appearance in the first opening theme of the programme, which is something, but he lacks any especially noteworthy superpowers, only engages in one significant combat, and spends the majority of his on-screen time being controlled by Mahito, the antagonist.

However, Junpei is a character who the series’ viewers really care about. In fact, he has gained so much popularity among fans that a single Reddit post about Junpei received approximately 6,000 upvotes on the r/JuJutsuKaisen Subreddit.

Why would followers get so fixated on such a minor character? Actually, the response is quite straightforward. Junpei is a very well written character, much like many of the others in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” His character development more than makes up for its shortcoming in quality and emotional impact.

How fans feel about Junpei’s story

When Junpei is initially introduced to us in episode 8 of the show, it is quite obvious that he is a young boy with many problems. Being the victim of vicious bullying, Junpei has all but given up on humanity, to the point that “if there was a button that made everyone who despised [him] die, [he] would push it without hesitation.” It seemed at first that his developing friendship with Yuji will cause him to modify his perspective for the better. But before betraying and murdering Yuji, Mahito gets Junpei to work against him. The final product is a character who sadly lost his life before discovering true bliss.

In the aforementioned post, Reddit user u/Tarkik Vasta stated, “His exchanges with Mahito were excellent. I wasn’t really expecting him to pass away, but he was a pretty well-written character.

I’ve never felt as deceived by an opening as I do now, wrote user/marumarumon. “I genuinely believed he would join the gang,”

In general, it appears that Junpei’s unrealized potential is the sole cause of the strong feelings that many admirers have expressed in response to his passing. His character development unmistakably seemed to be moving Junpei towards a better place, and the beginning of the series seemed to imply that he might have been a major player. However, he and his family are ultimately murdered by a villain, and Yuji’s grief over this is evident even to the audience.

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