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Jacky Oh’s Siblings: The Story of Kayla and Keith Smith Jr.

On November 3, 1990, in Oakland, California, Jacky, a well-known television character, was created.

At the age of 32, Jacky’s life was sadly cut short. Jaclyn Smith, who went by her real name, had been dating DC Youthful Fly for some time.

When DC Youthful Fly delivered his speech on the famed MTV programme “Wild ‘N Out” in 2015, their paths had already met.

Despite the fact that they were never able to get married, their love was sufficient to give birth to three wonderful children.

Jacky Oh established herself in the modelling, acting, and business worlds. The most notable aspect of her career was her participation on the VH1 show Wild’ N Out, but she became well-known for her numerous film and television roles.

Under the alias Jacky Oh, Jacklyn Smith debuted her lip gloss collection, J Nova Collection, in 2019. She was born in 1990, was raised in the US, and is of Brazilian descent. Seven years later, in 1997, she gave birth to her siblings Keith Smith Jr. and Kayla.

Siblings of Jacky Oh

Friends, family, and associates of Jacky Oh Goodness’ siblings are mourning her tragedy at this dreadful time, and they are all stricken with grief.

Amazingly, she had a strong bond with her long-term lover, the accomplished performer DC Youthful Fly, whose heart should be weighed down by sadness.

Jacky, a well-known Wild ‘N Out competitor, comes from a large family with numerous siblings and other kids.

Although her true identity is unknown, she has a sister and goes by the online entertainment moniker kbaby_.

The Kin team frequently works together to produce interesting content for their YouTube channel. Like her, her sister has a large following and a YouTube account with over 590 subscribers.

The sisters gave an intimate look into their lives in a breathtaking question-and-answer video they posted on Jacky’s channel in December 2019. It was a significant turning point for their YouTube business.

Despite having brothers among her family members, Gracious has opted to keep the identities of her family a secret, therefore nothing is known about them.

Even though she was born in California, she treasures her Brazilian background.

Jacky Oh is a person of mixed racial and ethnic heritage; her mother is white and her father is black. Despite being multiracial, she sometimes comes off as white because of the way she looks.

Jacky was shielded from her father’s social influence as a child, which caused her darker skin to make her stand out among her contemporaries. It’s interesting that she once received the enthusiastic moniker “Jacky Gracious” from a classmate.

DC Youthful Fly, her creative collaborator, is a multi-faceted performer who is successful as a rap artist, comedian, and YouTube personality. After quitting “Wild ‘N Out,” Jacky went after other business opportunities.

She created her own line of lip gloss and engaged in real estate trading. She shared her appreciation for being a mother in an Instagram post on Mother’s Day, writing, “I do a lot, but being a mum is my #1.”

The model’s loved ones, acquaintances, and admirers were horrified to discover the tragic news of her passing.

Her premature departure at the age of 32 has left a void that many people will feel keenly.

The stunning information was revealed to People by a representative of BET Media Gathering, who also expressed their sincere grief over Jacklyn Smith’s absence (also known as Jacky Goodness).

Her global influence will always be appreciated and lamented. She was a beloved member of the “Wild ‘N Out” family.

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