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How DId Super Sized Salon Star Jamie Lopez Dies So Young? What Happened To Her?

Losing someone who inspires and encourages us, especially when they are so young, is the thing that hurts us the most. Jamie Lopez, the host of WE tv’s Super Sized Shop and the creator of Babydoll Beauty Couture, passed away suddenly at the age of 37, according to the workers at her salon.

The team behind Babydoll Beauty Couture posted a statement on Instagram on Monday, “On behalf of the Babydoll Beauty Couture team, we unfortunately announce, with tremendous grief, the passing of The Founder & Owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, The Legendary Jamie Lopez.”

How Jamie Lopez Died

When everything in her life looked to be going so well, we can’t even begin to imagine the agony that all of her loved ones must be experiencing right now. The renowned star’s weekend hospitalization in Las Vegas was the beginning of it all.

Multiple heart problems led to this situation. TMZ was the first to deliver the awful news to the entire globe on Monday after receiving information from sources who were close to her.

charlbi dean death

Who was The Beloved Jamie Lopez?

The impression was of a truly lovely spirit. The inspiration behind Babydoll Beauty Couture was Jamie. The salon quickly gained popularity since it catered to all the plus-sized women who had ever felt excluded from the typical salon.

It simply demonstrated how she had experienced being out of place and had made it her goal to ensure that all plus-sized women were able to find a place they could call home. We’re all due that.

Jamie created Babydoll Beauty Couture when she was confined to her bed, which was its most amazing aspect. She was too hefty to stand up and explore the world because she weighed roughly 846 lbs. She still accomplished a pretty damn remarkable amount given the conditions.

When she first established the salon in 2017, some heartless people weren’t too pleased with all the attention she was receiving. As a result, she received numerous vandalism incidents and death threats, forcing her to change her residence. Jamie was unable to enter the salon due to the amount of weight she had gained.

Jamie also had to contend with the COVID-19 outbreak, which forced her to shut down her business.

charlbi dean death

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Super Sized Salon

As a result, the “Super Sized Salon” was founded due to her weight. The popular TV program aired on WE tv on June 29. It featured the staff and clients of the salon in addition to Jamie’s weight loss journey.

It was particularly tragic to learn that Jamie was preparing to start filming season 2 of the popular television show at the time of her passing.

Jamie revealed to Starcasm before the series’ premiere that a two-year keto diet was what helped her shed pounds. This entire process took place in just one year, and she lost an astonishing 400 pounds. She gave credit to her keto diet, exercise, and weight-loss pills, all of which contributed to her stunning change.

Jamie had previously appeared in the 2019 documentary series “Shake My Beauty” before her show.

charlbi dean death

Big Fat Lies

The fact that the exceptional star is also the author of Big Fat Lies is another honor. The most heartbreaking of her experiences, which were all documented in the book, was being kidnapped. She weighed over 800 pounds at the time, and due to her immobility, she was taken away under duress. Her captors exploited her further to make matters worse.

Statements From Jamie’s Loved Ones

Beloved staff members broke the sad news and requested for her family’s privacy while they dealt with this trying situation.

charlbi dean death

“On behalf of the Babydoll family, we kindly request some time to mourn this tragic loss. Soon, additional information and plans will be made public. We are grateful for the time and space to mourn peacefully because we have experienced an exceptional loss. Please remember the Babydoll team and family in your thoughts and prayers. representatives for Jamie stated.

They also remembered to thank Matador Content, the creator of Super Sized Salon and WE tv. This is in appreciation of all the love and encouragement they have given Jamie since the start of her popular show.

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