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1000-lb Sisters: Tammy’s Current Rehab Stay Has Dismayed Her Fans


Tammy Slaton hasn’t always taken her health seriously in 1000-lb Sisters, and her current stint at a treatment center hasn’t given supporters much optimism for her recovery. Tammy’s followers had been calling for her to return to rehab after a series of health issues, but now that she’s been admitted to a facility, many are skeptical of her progress. Tammy’s recent rehab stint has 1000-lb Sisters fans discouraged, from rejecting her residency at a nursing home to failing to take responsibility for her setback.

Tammy has needed medical intervention for the past two years as the star of 1000-lb Sisters, according to viewers. Tammy’s fans realized she needed aid from others if she was ever to qualify for bariatric surgery after she failed to fulfill her weight loss objectives in season one. Unfortunately, as Tammy’s career as a re ality star evolved, things only became worse for her. Tammy’s enabling boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, and her COVID-19 contraction caused her to fall even further behind on her weight loss goals in season 2. Tammy has gained 15 pounds after prematurely checking herself out of rehab in the latest 1000-lb Sisters season, demonstrating her need for medical care once again.

Tammy didn’t seek medical help until she had a health issue after filming season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy took to TikTok in late November to reveal that she had returned to the hospital. The Slaton sister acknowledged that she was on the mend, but that she had been poisoned by carbon dioxide. Tammy’s health was stable once she arrived at the hospital, but doctors had to use a trach to keep her lungs free. Viewers believe this is bad news for Tammy because the trach will make it difficult for a surgeon to do a bariatric surgery. Fans also realized that if Tammy ever wanted to lose weight and change her life around, she needed to go to a rehab center now more than ever. Tammy’s most recent batch of TikToks has been both good and terrible news for her fans.

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Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

On the one side, Tammy is receiving the medical care she requires; on the other hand, fans believe Tammy is not in the right frame of mind to seek help. 1000-lb Sisters followers responded to Tammy’s now-deleted TikTok in which she demanded that her supporters “ride or die” and claimed that “Amy isn’t the blessing y’all think she is” in a recent Reddit post. Tammy is “still blaming everyone else,” according to a dissatisfied fan. Tammy isn’t acting like a mature adult, according to viewers, who find it disheartening that she continues to blame her faults on her sister. “Her family needs to let her reside in the nursing home and enjoy their life,” one commenter said. In the end, many were unhappy that Tammy was being overly optimistic about her health. “[Tammy] is on a whole other world than the rest of us at this time,” one fan explained.

Tammy’s followers had hoped that the 1000-pound Sisters actress would enter treatment, but now that she’s posting videos from a nursing home, their anxieties haven’t been allayed. Tammy’s posts have deterred her worried fans, from blaming her problems on her siblings to failing to recognize the gravity of her situation. Tammy, perhaps, will gain more knowledge from her recovery treatment than she did from her time in 1000-lb Sisters.

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