Who Is Jasper Dolphin? What Is He Known For? Why Is Jasper Dolphin Famous?

The contentious “Jackass” actor Bam Margera, who is said to appear in just one stunt in the movie, may not actually be featured in “Jackass Forever.” The entrance of carefully screened newbies will result in an increase in the film’s total percentage of dangerous stunt performers, despite the fact that one of the franchise’s most recognisable faces will be largely absent from “Jackass Forever.” According to Variety, these new “Jackass” alumni come from a range of professions, including acting (Eric Manaka), stunt work (Zach Holmes of MTV’s “Too Stupid to Die” fame), surfing (Sean “Poopies” McInerney), and comedy (Rachel Wolfson). One new “Jackass” member, though, has a major job that, up until you look more closely at his employment, you might not necessarily identify with injury-defying comedy pranks.

Rapper and performer Jasper Dolphin has shared the stage with some of the real industry superstars.

Let’s look at the star of “Jackass Foreverundiscovered “‘s story.

He’s good friends with Tyler, the Creator

As is customary for the “Jackass” franchise, “Jackass Forever” has a number of celebrity cameos. Some of them are “Jackass”-related stars, such as skateboarder Tony Hawk, who has appeared in numerous instalments of the franchise over the years. Others look like a logical fit for the franchise, including actor Tory Belleci from “Mythbusters,” rapper Machine Gun Kelly, and comic Eric André. However, if you didn’t know better, Tyler, the Creator’s varied hip-hop genius might not seem like such a great fit with “Jackass” shenanigans at first.

You can hear Tyler, the Creator’s voice acting in “The Jellies!” and “Axe Cop,” for example. Tyler, the Creator and Jasper Dolphin are also longstanding friends and co-conspirators. Dolphin has appeared on Tylers’ albums, the duo has worked on a variety of artistic endeavours, and, according to Spin, they have even gained notoriety as fashion icons.

Jasper Dolphin is a longtime member of Odd Future

Due to his affiliation with the hip-hop group Odd Future, which put out its debut album in 2008, Jasper Dolphin has been making waves on the scene for a while (via Discogs). Odd Future had so much going for them that a 2011 cover article in Billboard dubbed them “the future of the music business.” Tyler, the Creator and singer-songwriter Frank Ocean are among the group’s members, who are all very well-known.

According to the Billboard article, Dolphin’s primary goal has been comic relief and having a significant online presence, even if he performs on a variety of tracks. Of course, it should be recognised that Odd Future has always been much more than a musical project. The collective, whose official name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, has served as a home for a lot of individuals whose interests span from skateboarding to music, design, and film.

Jasper Dolphin’s first Jackass connection came years ago

Jasper Dolphin may be well-known to Adult Swim viewers from “Loiter Squad,” an Odd Future-themed sketch comedy programme. The three-season run of the show on the network between 2012 and 2014 was perhaps a significant milestone on Dolphin’s journey to “Jackass Forever.” After all, the first and second seasons of “Jackass” were made by the “Jackass” production company, Dickhouse Productions, with “Jackass” co-creator Jeff Tremaine serving as executive producer.

As a result, it’s not surprising to see multiple “Jackass” cast members in “Loiter Squad” as special guests.

The most enduring of them all is undoubtedly Bam Margera’s 2010 performance as Dubstep Dad, but “Loiter Squad” also includes cameos from Tony Hawk, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and regular “Jackass” guest Johnny Knoxville.

In fact, it could be argued that “Jackass” pales in comparison to “Loiter Squad’s” number of guests. The cast of the event includes a who’s who of music superstars, from Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne to Q-Tip and George Clinton, in addition to Hollywood A-listers like Channing Tatum and Seth Rogen.

Dolphin is one of the most prominent cast members, so if Knoxville and others hadn’t already taken note of his abilities, this is most likely where they did.

He further honed his Jackass chops in Jasper & Errol’s First Time

In 2019, Jasper Dolphin and Errol Chatham, both former members of Odd Future, collaborated on the series “Jasper & Errol’s First Time,” which explores what occurs when the two try activities for the first time that they have never done before. Under this wildly amusing premise, the team tries everything from highly technical feats like synchronised swimming and yodelling to Jackass-esque bull riding, becoming a “human beehive,” and walking on fire (via Vice). Dark Shark, Dolphin’s father, is another significant character on the programme.

The fact that Jeff Tremaine is producing “First Time” once more shows that Dolphin had his foot firmly in the “Jackass” door at this point. He also acknowledged the influence rather quickly. Dolphin stated, “I for definitely grew up watching ‘Jackass’ and ‘Wildboyz’, as well as all the movies. However, he observed that as opposed to the typical “Jackass” tendency to aim for painful failure, “First Time” seems to focus on really learning the things they attempt. This time, I’m genuinely experimenting rather than merely saying, “I’m going to damage myself today,”

You’ve seen him in some surprising places

Even though Jasper Dolphin is best known as a rapper, his work on “Loiter Squad” and “First Time” shows that he is also experienced in front of the camera.
Despite rumours to the contrary, Dolphin is not listed in IMDb under the name Jasper Dolphin in “Jackass Forever.” Since he frequently uses various billings—aside from Dolphin, he has appeared as Jasper Davon Wilson and Davon “Jasper” Wilson—his birth name, Davon Wilson, is listed in his screen credits.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the aforementioned shows, there’s a good possibility that you’ve seen his work before. Dolphin has had numerous cameos in music videos, both his own and Tyler, the Creator’s. This is likely due to his past as a musician and member of Odd Future. Additionally, you can see him dancing in Pharrell Williams’ well-known music video for the famous song “Happy.” He has provided voices for the animated series “The Jellies!” by Tyler, the Creator, which also stars voice acting giants like Phil LaMarr and Kevin Michael Richardson. Along with these shows, he has also appeared in “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family,” “The Eric Andre Show,” “WWE Smackdown,” and “Ridiculousness.”

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