Who Is Juawana Colbert-Williams From Selling Tampa? HerInstagram, Hometown & Work Profile

Many fans are very interested in learning more about Juawana Colbert-Williams, who also earned the moniker “HR” on season one of the Netflix series Selling Tampa. Fans soon realised that despite not having the most years of seniority at Allure Realty, Juawana is Sharelle’s most dependable worker there. The majority of the Allure Realty agents refer to Juanawa as “HR” because she constantly seems to be micro-managing others, although having all this power does raise some eyebrows.

When the time comes for Sharelle to temporarily stand aside in order to care for her infant, Juawana will still be in charge of managing Allure Realty. Colony Reeves took exception to this since she want that status for herself. It also gave Rena Frazier more motivation to leave Allure and launch her own real estate company. Anyhow, a lot of followers are interested in learning more about Juawana outside of Selling Tampa.

Juawana Colbert was born in Los Angeles, California, and is 40 years old. Juawana reportedly resided in cities including Houston, Texas, and Fayetteville, North Carolina, throughout her life. Bryan Williams and she were married in 2016, but little is known about his profession. However, one of the show’s key plotlines had Juanawa choosing to divorce her spouse and gradually breaking the news to her coworkers. Juawana’s Instagram handle is @juawanacolbert, and as of the time of writing, she had close to 30,000 followers there.


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Juawana used Instagram, as can be seen in the post above, to introduce herself to potential Selling Tampa fans. In particular, Juawana talked about how she can eat French fries every day, how she adores hot sauce, and how her legs and grin rank among her greatest physical features. Juawana also mentioned how much of a morning person she is. In fact, she posted this particular article about six in the morning. Juawana only had about 5,000 followers before Selling Tampa debuted on Netflix, but she has now increased that number to almost 30,000, which means that in just a few short months, her fan base has increased by a factor of up to six.

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There is no doubt that if Selling Tampa is renewed for a second season, Juawana’s presence there will increase much more. Fans may get to witness Juawana managing Allure Realty for a while in season 2 while Sharelle cares for her new child if producers begin filming right immediately. If Selling Tampa is picked up by Netflix for a second season, it will surely be entertaining given that so many of the cast members are a little disturbed by Juawana’s management style.

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