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Jessica Bullman: Where is Leslie Jenea’s Daughter Now? Update

The brutal aftermath of Todd Chance’s murder, which took place 45 years ago in Bakersfield, California, is explored in NBC’s “Dateline: Point Blank.” It was his wife, Leslie Jenea Chance, who shot and killed him on the morning of August 25, 2013, close to an almond orchard, leaving his body behind to bleed out and rot. She was motivated by greed for insurance money and rage over the fact that her husband was exchanging flirtatious texts with another woman. Fortunately, she was discovered shortly after, and her kids—especially her eldest daughter, Jessica Bullman—were put in charge of tidying up the mess. Let’s investigate the specifics and learn where Jessica Bullman is right now, shall we?

Who Is Jessica Bullman?jenea chance before and after,jenea chance weight loss,todd chance,jessica bullman now instagram,jessica bullman now 2020,jessica bullman now in india

The offspring of Leslie Jenea’s previous union is Jessica Bullman. When Leslie married Todd Chance in the middle of the 1990s, she was only six or seven years old. Despite the fact that he wasn’t her biological father, he subsequently became the closest thing she had to a father figure. Jessica claimed in court in late 2019 that Todd was both her “get out of jail free card” and her favourite person in the entire world. He was her pillar of support and the one who stuck by her no matter what.

On August 25, 2013, Todd Chance went missing. The following morning, Jessica showed up at their home, but her mother, Leslie Jenea Chance, refused to let her in. Even though Jessica never thought her mother was a part of the crime, she thought Leslie was acting strangely, so she decided to help with the investigation that followed. She was also devastated to learn that Todd had been shot twice at close range after the police discovered his body in an almond orchard in Northwest Bakersfield.

When investigating the homicide, the police discovered that Todd had left the house the day before he was killed with an unnamed female. Additionally, they were able to find his car, which was nearby his body and was abandoned. The police discovered CCTV footage proving that Leslie was the lady who accompanied Todd and that she had abandoned the vehicle before leaving the location, despite the fact that a search of the vehicle turned up the gun believed to be the murder weapon. Because there was sufficient proof to support an arrest, the police accused Leslie Jenea Chance of killing her husband.

In December 2019, Leslie was charged with first-degree murder, and Jessica was called to testify as a hostile witness. She couldn’t even say her own name for a few minutes after she started crying as soon as she was called to the stands. Jessica was unable to comprehend how her mother, who she claimed to be and still is her best friend, could have committed such a heinous act. Yet after a while, Jessica admitted that she felt “cringe-worthy” simply by being there.

She continued that she would go to any lengths for her mother, including breaking the law, but that was not the reason she didn’t contact the detectives at the outset of the investigation. Jessica expressed her anger, her desire for her sisters to mature before they became involved in such a mess, and her suspicion that everyone already knew who the perpetrator was. So, when asked if the woman in the surveillance video was her mother after seeing it, she simply replied, “I guess.”

Where Is Jessica Bullman Now?jenea chance before and after,jenea chance weight loss,todd chance,jessica bullman now instagram,jessica bullman now 2020,jessica bullman now in india

With her partner Benjamin Mckenzie, a worker at a nearby gas pipeline company, Jessica Bullman has continued to live in Bakersfield, California, where she is raising and selling handcrafted wood boards as a side hustle. Her Facebook profile states that the 3-foot boards cost $25 apiece, with additional designs adding another $30, and the 6-foot boards cost $40 each, with more patterns adding another $45. In addition, the couple launched a second company in 2022 where they rent out water slides and bounce castles to toddlers and small kids.

Jessica seems to be content with where she is in her life right now despite everything she has experienced and seen. She still misses her mother and the guy she believed to be her father, but she is doing her best to move on by putting her attention on her present and existing family. She currently devotes the most of her time to caring for her young children, Joshua, Monroe, Aubrie, and Baby Drew, who are the most important people in her life.

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