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Jim Ross Murder: Where Is Dennis Michaels Now?

In April 1996, when emergency personnel arrived at a complex in Colorado Springs, Jim Ross was discovered unconscious in a pool of his own blood just outside his apartment. Jim was transported to a hospital by officials while still alive, but his injuries were too severe, and he died while receiving treatment. The programme “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Primal Instinct” on Investigation Discovery walks viewers through the terrible incident and the investigation that led to the discovery of the truth. We have information for you if the specifics of the crime have piqued your interest and made you want to learn more.

How Did Jim Ross Die?
James Ross, a Colorado Springs resident, was 39 years old when he passed away. James was described as a loner who tended to keep to himself by his neighbours. In addition, the police discovered that although Jim had been previously married, their union soon ran into difficulties, and they ultimately decided that filing for divorce was the best option. Jim made the most of his life even though living alone, and his friends were unaware of the tragedy that ultimately claimed his life.

When police officers arrived at a neighbourhood apartment complex on April 3, 1996, they saw a blood trail heading to one of the apartments. Jim Ross was found in a pool of his own blood just in front of the apartment door. Medical examiners discovered Jim had multiple gunshot wounds, but they soon learned he was breathing, so they had him transported to a local hospital. Authorities entered the flat and saw some furniture on the floor, which suggested a struggle. But, the actual weapon was nowhere to be located. They did, however, come find a big knife sheath.

The police ruled out burglary as a possible motive since, strangely enough, there was not a single drop of blood inside the flat and there were no indications of forced entry. Jim’s injuries, however, proved too severe for medical professionals to handle, and he grew weaker as the hours went by. He eventually passed dead in the hospital, and the autopsy revealed that several gunshot wounds were the cause of his demise.

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Who Killed Jim Ross?

When Jim Ross’s death was reported to 911, Dennis Michaels identified himself as the caller and said he had shot the victim. Even though Dennis, who later revealed to be Jim’s roommate, surrendered to police, he argued that he had shot his friend in self-defense. Dennis was initially considered to be telling the truth by the police, but a polygraph test quickly revealed otherwise. But as the inquiry took a turn, detectives discovered that Dennis had been given a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis, which explained why the polygraph had failed. Doctors noted that the disease had a detrimental impact on his mental health and cognition, and in fact, the diagnosis caused him to be fired from the army.

Detectives, on the other hand, learned that Jim Ross had a criminal history and was even detained following a case of domestic violence involving his ex-wife. Jim’s ex-wife mentioned that he had a volatile temper and frequently threatened people with a knife when things did not go his way. Police examined Dennis’ flat after suspecting that he may have acted in self-defense, before discovering the missing knife in a nearby forested area. Investigators discovered that Dennis only shot his friend dead after being threatened at knifepoint. Forensic evidence on the knife showed that Jim had used it just before he died.

Where Is Dennis Michaels Now?

Once the sequence of events that resulted in Jim’s death was evident to the investigators, they focused on determining whether Dennis was acting in self-defense. The police concluded that Dennis not only acted in self-defense but that his mental state had no bearing on the occurrence after a deputy district attorney had heard Dennis’ version of the events. As a result, they chose not to press charges, and Dennis was given a free pass. Since then, Dennis Michaels has embraced privacy and values maintaining the secrecy of his personal affairs. Also, he has a scant social media following, making it challenging for us to determine where he is right now.

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