Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Opens Up About His ‘Spider-Man’ Character & Night Teeth

First making waves in Steven Caple Jr.’s The Land, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (2016). He has since grown to be considered as one of the most talented young performers in the business. Lendeborg, who is now 25 years old, just made a comeback to the big screen in Netflix’s Night Teeth, the main character of which gives the plot of Michael Mann’s Collateral a genre twist. Lendeborg plays Benny, a substitute driver in the Adam Randall-directed movie, who is picked up by two mysterious partygoers (Lucy Fry and Debby Ryan) and embarked on a voyage that would change his life across Los Angeles. While the majority of reviewers and viewers have noted the similarities to Collateral, Lendeborg affirms it was done on purpose.

Lendeborg tells The Hollywood Reporter, “It was one of the first references that we got, and it obviously fascinated me quite a lot.” Having a vehicle that rides similarly to theirs isn’t a bad project to attach oneself to, even though Night Teeth is that title without Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. What can I accomplish on a somewhat level playing field with the genre benefiting me as well? I thought.

Lendeborg is also well-known for playing Midtown High newscaster Jason Ionello in the Spider-Man movies from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Lendeborg is briefly discussing his work with Spider-Man: No Way Home in light of the December release of the third instalment of the Tom Holland-starring trilogy.

Lendeborg remarks on his persona, “Man, he does [have plans this December], bro.” He has virtually little to do with the main Spider-Man group, just like in the previous film [Spider-Man: Far From Home]. He’ll probably be playing video games at home.

Lendeborg also explains why he favours shooting at night in a recent interview with THR, something he did a lot of with Night Teeth. Then he remembers his favourite moments with Brigsby Bear and Bumblebee.

I must admit that it was pleasant to see you on a skateboard at the start of Night Teeth. Since The Land, have you continued to skate in any way?

Great question, dude. Sincerely, I purchased a skateboard once more early yesterday morning. In order to maintain my street reputation in the skateboarding realm, I want to film a few things at the local skateparks. However, if I’m on location and someone pulls out a skateboard, I immediately shout, “Yo, it’s kickflip time.”

Although you served as the ensemble leader in The Land, Night Teeth is actually the first movie where you are the main character. What does taking over the top spot on the call sheet mean to you?

I appreciate you bringing it up, but it does resemble the timeless film The Land in that it feels very much like an ensemble lead by me. But it feels amazing, and I’m thrilled to be in a movie at this usability level. It’s actually my dream, though. Therefore, in order to fulfil it, you must first and foremost be in the moment and reflect on how wonderful it is to be the star of such a movie. Because of this, I feel incredibly privileged and grateful that this chance came my way.

Debby Ryan as Blaire, Lucy Fry as Zoe and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Benny.
Netflix © 2021

You’ve definitely heard of Michael Mann’s Collateral, which is the subject of the genre-bending film Night Teeth. Did you guys really make a reference to that movie?

Absolutely. It was one of the first allusions we heard, which naturally piqued my interest quite a bit. Even though Night Teeth is that title without Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, having a car that rides similarly to theirs isn’t a bad undertaking to commit to. What can I do with a somewhat even playing field and the genre advantage working in my favour, I thought?

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After reaching their last high in the early 2010s, vampires are currently seeing a resurgence. What initially comes to mind when you think of vampires?

It has to be Twilight since she is the one who holds the pedestal.

You began filming this movie in New Orleans, and you later spent a few weeks there. Have you shot in Los Angeles a lot, or is it still quite uncommon?

There, I’ve done plenty of producing. Even though I was able to work on Night Teeth for a few weeks, Bumblebee was filmed almost entirely in California. With that, I had two or three months of filming in California. Furthermore, you have to be extremely lucky. To have so many of those Los Angeles landmarks must be a blessing. Also, pardon my accent for the quick side note. I’ve been honing my Canadian accent for amusing reasons since I’ve been working on this small side project for myself. So when I hear that now, I think, “Oh man, funny.” However, you have to be fortunate. In L.A., I’ve had a nice amount of production go my way. To be given access to such amazing sites, you must be lucky. Particularly the Sunset Strip and the L.A. River bridge, Los Angeles is well-known. As a young skateboarder, I can still clearly recall thinking, “Dang, I’m out here tagging the same spot up,” as I saw the Paul Rodriguez and Ice Cube commercial when he runs the same bridge. In that sense, it felt like a really complete circle.

Raul Castillo as Jay and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Benny.
Cr. Kat Marcinowski/Netflix © 2021

Additionally, it appears that you spent a lot of nights filming Night Teeth, which is really appropriate. Does that manner of living always wear on your body and mind, or do you ever get used to it?

Although it is physically and mentally taxing, it is also my favoured method of shooting because during that period of time all errors and inhibitions seem to fade away. It is somewhat more excused. It’s good to have that safety and comfort because this is art imitating life rather than a kind of life re-creation. Night is therefore conducive to it, and it also offers you the subtlety you experience in classic Scorsese movies like Taxi Driver or After Hours. It’s a little blurry. It resembles a glowing, mystical blackness. At least, that’s how it occasionally feels to me when I’m shooting at night. For me, that is where the magic of fantasy really shines. I therefore strongly support night movies. It simply appears stunning. A movie that is mostly set at night has a lot of mystery and nuance.

How much driving did you get to do because Benny is posing as a driver in this movie?

Little, guy. They let me to drive the car around Hollywood and downtown for two hours. But aside from that, I may have driven merely to enter or immediately leave a scene. Fortunately, I have a licence, although the most driving I did was probably three or four hours.

If I were an actor, I would adore Netflix since 213 million people can instantly view my movie and I don’t have to worry about the opening weekend box office. Do you think about those things when choosing a career or do you just concentrate on the subject matter?

I concentrate on the content, but when there is no content available and the only thing left is the impending release date, you must make a decision based on other factors. You could feel your movie “taking up traction” and “gathering up pace” within the first and second week, according to an old adage from the aeon of what once was. You are aware that if the budget was this as opposed to this throughout the first and second weeks, you will be pleased and have something to anticipate. With Netflix, we obviously have more eyes on it, so we didn’t even need to be concerned about it. You can rest assured that those marks are being touched since you can feel it. However, as an actor, the third-party participation that provides some form of metric may also give you more leverage in the future. I’m not an expert on this, so it could also be false. I used to watch Matt Damon, Will Smith, and Robert Downey Jr. in movies to see how they carried themselves. Therefore, on the one hand, that is no longer an issue because more people are watching on streaming, but on the other hand, the allusion to success and increasing success is not monopolised by one source. Not only does it make you feel financially responsible, but it also inspires a distinct kind of gratitude that isn’t confined to a single authority. It’s comparable to a congress commending your work rather than a monarch or king. You could go on and on about how one is absolutely this and that. So it is distinct in that regard.

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I adore the club scene where you use a bottle to hit the guy in the head while Lucy Fry and Debby Ryan’s characters fight in the background of the picture.

I’m grateful. Yes, that photograph was extremely cool. It required two to three days of rehearsal before being figured out and composed. But hitting the guy in the head with a bottle and doing the slow-motion stuff was really the only choreography I had to perform. (Laughs.)

Bumblebee was been mentioned, but it is by far the best Transformers film.

(Laughs.) I’m grateful. The top two, please.

Have you let Steven Caple Jr., the director of The Land, know that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2022) will be a tough act to follow?

(Laughs.) I should have told him that, but I haven’t. What a funny thing. (Laughs.) Let’s compare whose Transformers film is superior.

What day will you start by telling your relatives in 60 years about your time spent creating Bumblebee?

I’ll begin by saying, “Many years ago, there was a lady by the name of Hailee Steinfeld. You are familiar with her. So I appeared in this film beside her. (Laughs.) However, there was a scene where our protagonists were in a location that overlooked the mountains. The clouds were directly below me as we shot close to the Redwoods. That mood and recollection were therefore mesmerising. It was great. Simply put, that was a terrific setting and portion.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jason Ionello [from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home] is asked if he has any plans for December.

He does, man, dude. He also has very little to do with the main Spider-Man group, much like in the previous film. (Laughs.) He’ll probably be playing video games at home.

You were excellent at improvising during your news segment sequences, according to Angourie Rice, who informed me about you. Where did you learn those skills?

Well, when I initially arrived in Los Angeles—where I no longer reside—I took a few UCB classes, which helped me get a handle on the fundamentals of improv. But before that, I believe that writing a tonne of jokes at home gave me the most of my improvisational approach. I would be at home creating jokes while the kids were out playing football, basketball, or doing raps. I tried stand-up comedy merely to keep my sense of humour sharp. So, yes, I did something standing up.

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Brigsby Bear was one of my favorite films in 2017, and I loved how your character gave Kyle’s [Mooney] character a chance, something most people wouldn’t have done in real life. Is there a day on that set that sums up the experience for you?

All that gang did was hang out together all the time. There was a sense of unity. Even a little karaoke was performed by us. Beck Bennett, myself, Ryan Simpkins, Dave McCary, Kyle Mooney, and Chance Crimen. Chance portrayed the other friend that lends a hand in the movie-within-a-movie. Consequently, it was just hanging out and how gracious the Good Neighbor [sketch] group was to us.

Did you really respond to your character’s benevolent soul? Did you appreciate that he was so open-minded to someone as eccentric as Kyle’s character?

Absolutely. I didn’t think much about my reaction to Kyle’s character’s past at the time, but as I’ve matured and given it a second look, I’m like, “That’s a very decent kid.” I say this jokingly and metaphorically, but that young person has always had a global, almost timeless perspective. This is how I’ve observed individuals in other languages doing, and it’s a very kind thing to do. It’s not even remotely far. There are many areas where these things are allowed, but not all people are like that. On the second look, I was double down on that choice because I was proud of it from the outside looking in. I appreciate your kindness in treating Brigsby Bear, so please accept my gratitude. I enjoy it when people appreciate the products I helped create. So it’s a pleasure for me to respond to any questions regarding it. I love hearing that. So, sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much.

That is what fuels my motivation.

Do you engage in any rituals or practises before leaving for the set?

I practise breathing in and out while doing a few breathing exercises. I’ll take a look at myself in the mirror and try to unwind. Beyond that, I simply attempt to properly read between the lines; I do this regularly. I simply attempt to arrive at set as prepared as I can by following my routine.

Are you anticipating anything in particular? I’ve heard you’re penning a Spanish-language love story that follows a couple from their early years until their golden years.

Yes, sir. Some of these upcoming ventures have my utmost anticipation. I just have such high hopes for the future. Check out anything I’m doing because it’s going to be hot. (Laughs.)

Netflix is currently streaming Night Teeth.

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