Julia Murray Murder-Suicide: A Crime Executed to Perfection

Julia Murray, a young mother, killed her two children tragically in an act of unspeakable savagery. The tragic events in this case, also referred to as the “Julia Murray murder,” are still fresh in the minds of many who saw or heard about them.

This page seeks to examine the specifics of this chilling tale, respond to queries, and comprehend the circumstances that led to this unfathomable catastrophe.

Who Was Julia Murray?

Julia Murray, a 21-year-old woman from Glynn County, seemed common to people around her. She was seen as being quiet and introverted, yet she was dedicated to her two children, Ansli and Creighton.

She had no violent or criminal past, despite the terrible and unfathomable nature of her activities.

The 911 Call and Confession

On that fateful day, the 911 call sent shockwaves through the emergency services. Julia Murray calmly confessed to drowning her 4-year-old daughter: “I just killed my two kids.”

John Girton, the dispatcher, sought to keep her on the line in the hopes that she might be able to save the kids’ lives, but he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

But it was already too late. It was immediately obvious how horrible what had happened had been.

When John Girton learned that Julia Murray had admitted to her crime and had done it so matter-of-factly, he was astounded and horrified.

He was aware that he needed to act quickly, but the youngsters were already dead when he arrived on the scene.


Julia Murray Daughter Investigation As they looked into the case, the investigators created a timeline of the incidents that led up to the catastrophe.

In an effort to uncover any hints or indicators that would explain Julia Murray’s abrupt plunge into darkness, her family and friends were questioned. However, no clear explanation emerged, leaving investigators and neighbors perplexed.

There were no indications of any financial difficulty or marital problems, and Julia had been employed in a secure position with a respectable salary. She had no known opponents and was also well-liked.

Unanswered Questions

Despite thorough examinations and enquiries, there hasn’t been a definitive explanation for Julia Murray’s murder-suicide.

There are still a lot of unresolved questions because there is no apparent motivation. What might have caused a mother who seemed to love her children to perpetrate such a heinous act? Did outside forces contribute to her near-death experience?

Those affected by this catastrophe are still plagued by these unanswered questions.

Julia Murray call details

When Murray answered the call, the 911 operator noticed that she sounded incredibly composed. Her tone was flat and devoid of emotion.

The operator urged Murray to say what she had said about killing them again in shock.

The mother from Glynn County, Murray, 21, replied, “I drownded them… They are 2 and 4,” she said, followed by a protracted period that was only broken by her labored gasps.

She took her own life less than a minute after the operator begged her to explain what had happened.

Are you there? the operator inquired repeatedly. Do you feel okay? Murray spoke softly and slowly in his response, sounding perplexed.

When Murray eventually lost her cool, she said the word “No. Please move quickly; I just shot myself with a gun.

She drowned her daughter Ansli, 4, and nearly drowned her son Creighton, 2, at their Baumgardner Road home, and these were the final things she said during the nearly two-minute conversation.

Murray was discovered by Glynn County police officers in a room next to a.357-Magnum pistol, mortally wounded.

Her son and daughter’s still-wet bodies were discovered in their shared bed in the children’s bedroom, where they appeared to have been tucked up for the night. Other than those that suggested drowning, there were no obvious symptoms of injury.

The Brunswick hospital of Southeast Georgia Health System received Murray, Ansli, and Creighton.

Ansli died at 10:44 in the morning, and Murray passed away at 11:57. County Coroner Jimmy Durden claims that when Creighton was transported to the hospital, he was in a stable condition.

Funeral details

Sam Foskey was looking forward to a four-wheeling excursion with Ansli Murray, 4, and her younger brother Creighton.

Instead, Foskey finds himself making the trip to Brunswick for Ansli’s funeral. Ansli was tragically killed by her mother, Julia Murray.

Murray first drowned Ansli, then came dangerously close to doing the same to Creighton, also known as C.J., before ultimately killing herself during a terrifying 911 conversation when she calmly admitted to the unthinkable.

Foskey shared his uncertainty and anguish with The Times-Union in a direct telephone chat from his house.

As the children’s paternal grandfather, Foskey struggles with the burden of sorrow, just like Murray’s family does.

Tuesday morning as Murray, 21, called 911 to request an ambulance, she frankly confessed, “I just killed my two children.” She dialed 911 for Glynn County in between frantic gasps for air.

She sobbed bitterly as she acknowledged, “I drowned them,” before saying, “I just shot myself…with a rifle…Please get moving.

On their bedroom bed, Ansli and Creighton were found together. Ansli unfortunately passed away while Creighton lived.

Investigators, including Glynn County Police Capt. Marissa Tindale, still don’t know why Murray committed the horrible crime of drowning the kids in a bathtub, but they do suspect that Murray was responsible for it.

Fortunately, Creighton is anticipated to fully recover and has been released from the Brunswick hospital of Southeast Georgia Health System as of Wednesday morning.

The family was taken by surprise by the death, according to Murray’s older sister A.J., who also noted that there had been no warning symptoms.

Why are murder-suicides increasing day by day?

According to a study by the Violence Policy Center, there are an estimated 11 murder-suicides in the United States every week, making them alarmingly common.

Given that firearms are regularly used in both murder and suicide, there is a significant relationship between gun violence and the frequency and severity of murder-suicides.

To address this problem, many measures are being implemented, such as tighter gun control regulations, more public awareness of domestic violence warning signals, and improved access to mental health treatments.

These stages include identifying at-risk persons, offering resources and support, and reducing the use of fatal methods.

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