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Where is Justin Kimball Now? An Update on the Convicted Killer

Both “Evil Lives Here: Evil Undercover” and “20/20: Rocky Mountain Horror” on Investigation Discovery follow the horrifying serial killer and con artist Scott Kimball’s life. Surprisingly, the programme mentions that Scott allegedly attempted to kill his own son, Justin Kimball, merely to commit insurance fraud, despite committing hundreds of frauds and killing four victims in cold blood. Thankfully, the boy avoided damage and managed to flee. If you’re interested in this case and curious about Justin Kimball’s current whereabouts, look no further.

Who Is Justin Kimball?

According to the programme, Scott Kimball and Justin Kimball never got along. They were never friendly, and Scott relished making fun of his son’s sweetness. Additionally, Scott became highly furious when his son displayed feminine characteristics, and he used it as an excuse to verbally and physically beat him.

Scott Kimball had been married to Lori McLeod since 2004, although she was unaware that her husband had killed her daughter at the time. Scott, though, persisted in abusing his family, and things quickly deteriorated. In July 2004, Lori was unexpectedly alerted to an emergency as Justin, Cody, Justin’s younger brother, and Scott were having fun in their home’s backyard. When she saw Scott holding Justin in his arms, she knew the boy was hurt and dialled 911 right once.

But before help could get there, Scott got in his car and apparently headed for the hospital with his son. Nothing, however, could have prepared Lori for the sight she encountered when she arrived at the hospital and discovered Justin laying on a stretcher with blood pooling all around him. The injuries didn’t look anything like the ones she had seen back home, and he was convulsing. When Scott enquired further, he revealed that Justin had inadvertently and quickly slipped out of the car window, hitting his head on a metal grate and suffering significant injuries.

Where Is Justin Kimball Now?

Lori was forced to believe Scott’s story because Justin had been placed in a coma through medical means, despite how absurd it was. However, according to accounts, Scott’s mother, Barb, believed that her son had attempted to kill Justin in order to commit insurance fraud. Justin remained insisting that his father had attacked him after he had recovered. He said Scott pushed him out of the car on the way to the hospital after hitting his head on the metal grate in their backyard.

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Despite a police inquiry being requested, two distinct entities were in charge of the two complaints. An probe went wrong due to this conflict of interests. Sadly, Justin Kimball disappeared from view following the tragic event. There were no additional reports on the allegations, but according to sources, one of the reasons charges were not brought was because Justin’s doctors said the injuries might have impacted his memory. However, one of Justin’s claims—that the rug his father used to wrap one of the victims was the same one he had played with as a child—proved to be important to Scott’s conviction.

Despite the fact that Justin has come to value privacy and wishes to keep her private information private, he still feels guilty about his father’s crime. Being the son of a serial killer, Justin said on the 20/20 programme, is difficult since the stigma would follow him throughout his entire life. But he is determined to forge a separate identity and not forge his own path. The fact that Justin gets along well with his mother, Larissa, and brother, Cody, who claims to be getting along with the help of her family, will also please readers. Therefore, even if it’s unknown where Justin is right now, we wish him luck in escaping his troubled past and looking forward to a better future.

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