Kenneth Roth murder

Unveiling the Dark Secrets of Kenneth Roth, the Infamous Murderer

The hunt for the killer of Linda Smith by Kenneth Roth lasted more than eight years.

Linda, an Ohio-born nurse, was 61 years old. When someone went to check on her in December 2009, they discovered her dead in her home. She was restrained and choked.

The Kenneth Roth murder case was left unsolved at first because the inquiry produced no results. But later, at the crime scene, the police discovered some DNA evidence that supported their conclusion.

They determined that the suspect was Kenneth Roth, a former handyman for Linda.

After a few years, he was ultimately found guilty of murder. Sadly, Kenneth passed away from COVID-19 in April 2020 while he was incarcerated for life.

Despite this, Kenneth Roth’s name is now associated with actions that defy understanding. For those unfortunate enough to come into contact with him, his acts have had a lasting effect on their life.

Linda Smith Found Strangled and Assaulted in Osnaburg Township Home

When Linda Smith, Casey Langley’s mother, didn’t return her calls in December 2009, Casey Langley became concerned.

Casey contacted the police to request a welfare check at Linda’s home on Orchard View Drive Southeast in Osnaburg Township out of concern for her safety.

Bunny, Linda’s cherished pet dog, was barking nervously when the police arrived at her home, and her dead body was discovered laying face down on a bed.

Although she was still dressed in nursing attire, her slacks had been yanked down and her bra had been severed from her body.

Surprisingly, she was unable to speak since something had been forcibly put into her mouth.

Linda’s pants had been securely tied in a knot around her neck, slowly strangling her to death. This added to the horrific scene.

The additional information that came to light throughout our investigation revealed a horrible picture of the abuse Linda Smith had endured.

The ferocity of the crime later left the authorities and the neighbourhood greatly shocked, and their determination to find Linda’s perpetrator only increased.

Reunion and Divorce Investigation of Linda’s Relationship

The investigation shifted its attention to figuring out the complexity of Linda Smith’s relationship after her husband made a statement about their reconciliation.

To learn the truth about their circumstances before to the unfortunate event, all of the investigators painstakingly acquired further facts and statements.

To find out more, they talked to family members and acquaintances of Linda and Craig. Langley, Linda’s daughter, revealed crucial information by revealing that her mother was actively making arrangements to cut Craig out of her financial plans, signalling that she planned to move forward with their divorce.

The study sought to establish a precise timeline of events and ascertain the veracity of the reconciliation claim.

It became essential to comprehend the dynamics of Linda and Craig’s relationship since doing so would shed light on the potential causes and suspects of Linda’s horrifying murder.

The case of Linda Smith’s murder went cold for a while as a result of serious difficulties that were discovered during the investigation.

Authorities initially encountered a dearth of evidence that slowed their progress. Despite the fact that the residence had been plundered and certain objects had been reported missing, no evidence of a forced entry was found. The investigation came to a frustrating halt since there were no solid leads or suspects.

Re-opening Linda Smith’s murder case

Given the evolving nature of Linda Smith’s relationship with Craig and its significance in the quest for justice, investigators carefully attempted to solve the riddle and learn the truth behind her untimely death.

The case was reopened in 2013, though, and that was when things started to change. All of the evidence that had previously been gathered from the crime scene was identified by investigators.

The investigation into Linda Smith’s murder advanced significantly after DNA evidence established a critical connection between the crime and the handyman, Kenneth Roth.

Particularly, Kenneth Roth’s DNA was discovered on Linda Smith’s pants, and this strongly implicated Roth in the 2009 slaying. It’s disturbing to note that Roth acknowledged being there when Smith was brutally murdered.

At the time, the 61-year-old nurse hired Roth to help with a variety of jobs, such as garden work and furniture transportation. The fact that Roth had a troubled criminal past, having previously been found guilty of murder and sexual assault, was also revealed.

This information strengthened the case against Roth as a suspect by establishing a strong link between him and the murder of Linda Smith.

Kenneth Roth Convicted in Linda Smith’s Murder Case

The Kenneth Roth murder investigation changed dramatically once DNA evidence linking Linda Smith’s handyman to Roth was found.

However, Roth was put on trial for the killing of Linda Smith and found guilty of aggravated murder.

The horrifying accusations made by the prosecution were that Roth had damaged the nurse’s corpse and strangled her with her own pants.

The trial concluded when Kenneth Roth was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in February 2017.

Because of this funny offence, he was imprisoned at the Marion Correctional Institution. In an unexpected turn of circumstances, Roth unfortunately passed away from COVID-19 in April 2020 while still serving a life sentence.

Later, Covid-19 caused the death of Kenneth Roth’s killer, adding a sombre chapter to the story and highlighting the finality of his punishment.

The terrible circumstances surrounding Roth’s death acted as a reminder of the far-reaching effects of the epidemic, while Linda Smith’s family sought solace and justice for their loved one’s premature passing.

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