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The Kevin Eastman Case: Discovering the Whereabouts of the Infamous Killer

Given the seriousness of the crimes and the adoration that Scott Sessions had acquired as a result of his success as a musician, the double murders of Heather Frank and Scott Sessions in 2020 became a hot topic of conversation. It didn’t take long for Kevin Eastman to be identified as one of the main suspects in the case, which led to the problem’s solution. The tale is told in a special episode of ABC’s “20/20: Dying to Meet You.” We’ve got your back if you’re wondering where Eastman is these days.

Who is Kevin Eastman?

It turns out that Kevin Eastman and Heather Frank have been dating since roughly 2015, and everyone involved has long understood that the relationship is abusive and violent. In the Sessions and Frank murder case, the prosecution disclosed that he had previously pulled out her hair. When Heather first met Scott Sessions during a performance, the relationship terminated before January 2020.

kevin dean eastman wikipedia,scott sessions obituary,heather frank obituary,troy bonnell,kevin eastman net worth,kevin nash now,kevin eastman killer now

Scott was a regional musician in and around Greeley, Colorado, and Heather and him quickly began dating. While living with his sister, Eastman appeared to be going through some difficult times. He first resisted taking Troy Bonnell’s employment offer because he wanted to stay in Greeley. He discovered his ex, Heather, was seeing someone while back in the city and allegedly went to her place on February 8, 2020.

While Eastman alleged that Heather killed Scott, it appeared that the prosecution and the jury were more inclined to assume that the musician was killed because Eastman was dating her. Evidently, Scott had informed his father that he would be visiting Fort Collins, Colorado, to meet with a buddy. Up until February 10, 2020, when a snowplough operator in Bellvue, Colorado, found Scott’s body in a ditch close to the intersection of Old Flowers and Pingree Park roads, his apparent disappearance caused a great deal of concern.

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Inspection revealed that Scott’s spinal cord had been broken due to the severe cutting through of his neck. His body also had several burn scars. When the detectives learnt about Heather, they made the decision to examine her residence and were disappointed to discover it to be empty. The authorities were able to determine what may have happened from the big bloodstain they did discover in front of the residence.

Heather was one of the suspects because of her disappearance, but Eastman was also wanted because of their previous romantic relationship. A tip brought law authorities to Bonnell’s rural property a week or so later, on February 16, 2020, where they discovered her dead next to a woodpile and a firepit. Heather was shot twice in the heart, and an autopsy determined that the shots were fired at close range.

Eastman was discovered with a container at a petrol station later that day, February 16, 2020. He also had two bullet casings that corresponded to the wounds Heather had sustained. The prosecution contends that Eastman killed Scott and that Heather, who was terrified, decided to assist him in covering it up. He then made the decision to shoot her in order to silence the witness to his earlier crime and to hide her body at the home of his former boss.

Where is Kevin Eastman Now?

kevin dean eastman wikipedia,scott sessions obituary,heather frank obituary,troy bonnell,kevin eastman net worth,kevin nash now,kevin eastman killer now

Kevin was found guilty on July 21, 2022, following a three-week trial. He was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of tampering with a dead person’s body, and two more counts of tampering with evidence. He received two life sentences plus an additional 27 years for his actions. Those who were close to Scott and Heather, who had been mourning their loss for more than two years, were relieved by the ruling.

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Stanley Sessions, Scott’s father, stated, “He started a chain reaction that I’m sure he doesn’t know anything about.” He “caused our family the most anguish that you can ever impose on a family” by doing what he did. Alexander “Alex” McLaughlin, Heather’s son, continued, “My mom was more than simply my mom. She was my closest pal. I’ll always cherish the times we spent together. She is someone I miss every day and will always miss. As of this writing, Kevin remains incarcerated at the Fermont Correctional Facility in Fermont County, Colorado, carrying out his sentence.

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