Kim Kardashian Balenciaga’s Controversy – Is She Leaving The Brand?

Finally speaking out on Balenciaga’s divisive holiday commercial is Kim Kardashian. The French design business faced criticism after it published pictures of kids wearing teddy bears in servitude. The star of “The Kardashians” has criticised the brand for its child abuse prank and is rethinking her affiliation with the business.

Kim Is Shaken By Disturbing Images…

On social media, there was a huge uproar over Kim Kardashian’s silence about Balenciaga’s divisive ad. The actress, who usually works with the French design brand, has at last spoken up, saying that the upsetting photos of kids posing with teddy bears in bondage have left her shaken.

She tweeted a succession of times about how the frightening photos had left her feeling shaken as a mother of four. The safety of children must be prioritised, and attempts to normalise child abuse of any form should be rejected outright by our culture.

In her tweet, she added that she has been quiet not because she hasn’t been offended and disgusted by recent Balenciaga campaigns, but rather because she wanted a chance to talk with their staff so she could figure out how this could have happened for herself.

The “Kardashian” actress did admit that she is currently re-evaluating her relationship with the company, citing “their willingness to accept ownership for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place and the actions I am expecting to see them do to safeguard children” as the reasons.

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In the end, Kim was grateful for the French design house’s apologies and cancellation of the advertising. She continued, “After spoken with them, I believe they recognise the gravity of the situation and will take the appropriate steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Fans have been pleading with Kim to address the divisive commercials in Kim’s Instagram comments for days. “No one wants to make a purchase from you. One irate admirer wrote on her post promoting a deal on her skincare line, “Speak up and stand for something.

“Please raise the subject of Balenciaga. One admirer urged, “You cannot avoid it because you have been such a great supporter of them. “Kim, when are you going to reply? Another person wrote, “Your reputation is on the line here. “You’re a mother. Don’t let that slide,” a different person teasing the mother of four, who is well-known for her frequent collaborations with the business, said.

What Did Balenciaga Do?

After its recent contentious holiday ad, the opulent French fashion brand came under fire. The company has received a lot of criticism from celebrities and other brands because of its document showcasing a Supreme Court case concerning child pornography and showing young models holding bears dressed in fetish clothing.

In case you missed it, Balenciaga also included references to or allusions to child pornography in the form of “easter eggs,” which the internet has criticised. One of the first to call out the effort was YouTuber June Nicole Lapine: “very purposefully poorly disguised court document about ‘virtual child porn’.”

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The company, however, issued an apology for the campaign after the holiday photo shoot went viral, saying that “our plush bear backpacks should not have been featured with children in this promotion.” The campaign was promptly taken off from all platforms. Balenciaga said that they were “taking legal action against the companies responsible for designing the set and inserting unapproved objects” for their campaign and apologised for “displaying upsetting papers” in their statement.

We apologise for using disturbing papers in our marketing, the brand said. We are taking legal action against the parties who built the set and added the unauthorised items for our Spring 23 campaign photo shoot because we take this issue very seriously.

Any kind of child abuse is severely condemned. We support children’s health and safety,” the company said in its final statement. I’m not sure if Kim K. will leave this brand because, well, money matters. And yes, she seems to have already forgave the brand in her concluding statement. What do you think about this controversy?

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