How Many Wives & Kids Does Kody Brown Have? How Much Money Does He Have?

Kody Brown, a guy in his fifties, leads a life that most people find difficult to comprehend. Brown, a native of Wyoming and born on January 17, 1969, had more spouses than most people can count. When he started starring in his own reality television program called Sister Wives, he rose to fame. The life of Brown is a fascinating one. He was raised as a Mormon and shared a home with his mother, father, and his father’s three wives. His father engaged in polygamy much like him. Brown, one of 10 children born to his father’s numerous spouses, absorbed a lot of knowledge from him. Brown also has numerous wives, a large family, grandchildren, and a busy life, which raises some questions in our minds. What does Kody Brown do for a living in order to provide for his large family?

First, How Many Wives Does Kody Brown Have?

Really, it’s hard to keep up with all his wives. But here’s what we do know:

In 1990, Kody wed Meri, who later became his first wife.
In 1993, Kody married Janelle in his heart.
In 1994, he married Christine in a spiritual union.
In 2010, Kody married Robyn in his soul.
But in 2014, Kody and Meri got divorced. However, they are still spiritually wed. Only because he wanted to formally adopt the kids Robyn brought into their spiritual union from her previous union did he divorce her. Shortly later, he and Robyn were legally wed. In 2021, Kody and Christine declared their spiritual separation. If our calculations are correct, Kody Brown now has three ‘wife’ of various types, was once legally divorced, and was legally wedded to two of his four wives.

How Many Kids Does Kody Brown Have?

Kody Brown has numerous children. We all inquire, “What does Kody Brown do for a living to support his family?” because of this. One kid was born to Kody and Meri. Sadly, she miscarried their second child in the 1990s, and as a result of her heartbreaking loss, she was unable to conceive again. Kody fathered six children with Janelle, his second “wife,” bringing his total to seven.

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Kody and Christine have six kids together after their “marriage.” His total now stands at 13 children. Robyn had three children by the time Kody met her. In order to adopt her three children and raise his total to 16, he legally married her in 2014. However, they also had two biological children later on, bringing the total to 18. Additionally, he is a grandfather to six grandchildren.

What Does Kody Brown Do For a Living?

A long time has passed since Sister Wives first appeared on television. The children of Kody Brown and his four wives—now three—are numerous. He oversees multiple houses. However, the reality is that nobody is aware of this man’s occupation. Since we first met the family in 2010, their show has aired for 14 seasons, and we are aware that he is earning a comfortable livelihood while filming it. He and all of his wives receive hefty compensation for their status as reality stars. According to reports, Kody Brown’s net worth was $800,000 as of 2022. With so many wives and children, it’s not a bad net worth for a man.

He used to work in online ad sales, but he left that position and has since been working continuously to develop the family business, so that is all we can deduce about him. We are aware that he does not provide for his family alone. When the show initially debuted, all of his wives had jobs, so there were many various sources of revenue. They both now work on their side projects, though. They earn money as bloggers, social media influencers, and other jobs. Meri’s employment at a bed and breakfast owned by her great-great-grandparents and passed down through the family is known to us.

Many members of the family are self-sufficient, the spouses all have their own businesses, and some of the children are now grownups. However, it currently appears that Kody Brown makes a living by appearing as a reality star on television. He is not particularly affluent by most standards, and his family does not partake in the opulent lifestyle, but they manage. Over the years, they have had many financial hardships, but they always manage to overcome them. Right now, the family appears to be doing okay, but who knows how much longer the public will want to watch the family’s life on television?

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