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Korine Opiola’s Whereabouts Today: A Mysterious Journey

“Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris,” which was directed by Jamie Roberts, tells the amazing story of one of the most well-known burglars in history. Not one, not two, but five paintings were taken in Vjeran Tomic’s bold May 2010 theft from the well guarded Paris Museum of Modern Art. The paintings he attacked were some of the most priceless gems in the museum, valued across Europe as well as being a part of French cultural legacy.

After about a year and a half, Tomic was captured by the authorities. In a strange turn of events, he met Korine Opiola a few days prior to his trial, and their tale started. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re excited to find out more about their journey and what the future holds for them. Shall we begin this exploration now?

Who is Korine Opiola?

Korine Opiola was born on December 12, 1963, and raised in France. She attended Bévaux from 1978 to 1980 after completing her high school studies at Verdun’s Margueritte High School. She is a mother of three and a passionate reader, cook, music, art, moviegoer, and traveller. Being a well-traveled individual, Korinemar has visited numerous locations throughout Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, and Switzerland.

korine opiola current status today,korine opiola current status in english,korine opiola current status 202

It was in a Parisian pub across the street from the Église de la Madeleine when Tomic, who had been freed on bond after his arrests and several months before his trial, met Opiola. She was deep in concentration at the moment reading a UFO magazine. Their first interaction occurred when Tomic asked to glance at the magazine; Opiola saw that he was genuinely interested in meeting her and wasn’t just trying to flirt. “You felt like he was really present,” she remarked. I sensed his sincerity.

Tomic and Opiola bonded over a shared authenticity and honesty that brought them closer together. When they first spoke on the phone, they had connected on Facebook. Opiola was unaware of Tomic’s true identity and background at this time. Tomic didn’t decide to tell her about his history until the day before his trial. When Opiola discovered he was the notorious “Spiderman” burglar who had caused a stir in the media, he was shocked.

Surprisingly, Opiola’s opinion of Tomic remained unchanged when his criminal history was made public. Her embrace and understanding did not waver. She was saddened to hear that Tomic had received an 8-year prison sentence and realised how much time they would be apart. While he was incarcerated, Opiola started writing letters to him to stay in touch, and soon after that, she started going to see him once a week. Tomic took comfort in the knowledge that there was one person on his side who saw past the sins he had committed and saw who he really was.

Tomic confided in Opiola, expressing his conviction that he may not have turned into a thief if he had grown up with nicer parents. Opiola, though, saw things differently. She thought there was more to his behaviour than his background. She believed that Tomic’s desire to own priceless artworks was kindled during his visit to the Musée de l’Orangerie, which served as the catalyst for his decision to take the paintings. She clarified that what led him down this path was an inexplicable need for possession.

Where is Korine Opiola Now?


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Once he is released from prison, Tomic plans to use Korine Opiola, who also goes by the first name Corine, for his drawing and sculpture projects. Korine Opiola resides in Bievres and has a studio in Paris. She went to the Detention Centre Les Vignettes in 2022 to pick him up during a parole visit. Hugs and kisses were exchanged at their reunion, and she was obviously thrilled to finally meet him in person after they had become close while he was incarcerated.

She took Tomic to the ocean on their journey back, and he was enthralled with the amazing natural marvels. The two can’t wait for Tomic to be released from prison so they can spend more time together and explore their dreams for the future. Korine has always wished to travel and will soon be starting her journey to see various places throughout the world, including South Africa, Peru, Russia, Latvia, and many more.

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