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Lizzie Wanyoike’s Life After Nibs: Unraveling the Journey Beyond the Spotlight

Lizzie Wanyoike’s husband is a source of unwavering love and support. See the stunning love story of this inspirational couple here.

They joined together to co-found Nibs Beauty, a thriving skincare and cosmetics company in Kenya.

However, after 11 years of marriage, the pair chose to part ways in 2017, which changed the course of their personal and professional relationship.

Even though their romance ended, Lizzie and Ken continued on in their separate directions.


With her passing, Lizzie Wanyoike brought an end to a period of time and left a legacy encompassing more than just her successes as an entrepreneur.

yet also revealed the intricacies of her private life, encompassing the development of her bond with the deceased Ken Wokabi.

Lizzie Wanyoike death

Lizzie Muthoni Wanyoike was seventy-two when she passed away.

In addition to being well-known for her dedication to education, she established the Emory Hotel and Lizzie Preparatory Schools.

Wanyoike, a former secondary school teacher who was born in 1951, founded NIBS in 2000 with a capital of Sh6 million and 25 students.

Currently, more than 7,000 students from various branches attend the institute.

The specifics of her funeral are still pending. Government representatives have recognized Wanyoike’s legacy as a teacher and mentor, notably Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria.

Relationship between Lizzie Wanyoike and Ken Wokabi

Ken and Lizzie got to know one another while they were employed in the fashion sector.

Their shared love of beauty led them to decide to launch Nibs, their own cosmetics firm, in 2000.

In the beginning, Lizzie and Ken ran a little business out of their house.

But it developed fast into a prosperous company with a significant market share in Kenya.

Even though their company was successful, Lizzie and Ken’s marriage was difficult.

Lizzie said in an interview with Capital FM that they had become less close, with their business consuming the most of their time and attention.

Even though we shared a house, she continued, “it just got to a point where we were basically living separate lives.”


2017 saw the formal divorce of Lizzie and Ken, which Lizzie characterizes as a “long and painful process.”

Lizzie claims that after attempting to improve their marriage for a number of years, the two came to the conclusion that they were happier apart.

“We came to the realization that we should prioritize our personal development and happiness,” she stated.

Both Lizzie and Ken found the process of dividing their personal and professional lives to be challenging during their divorce.

Nevertheless, the parties managed to reach a friendly settlement, and Nibs has prospered as a company even after the division.

How Lizzie Faced Changes After the Divorce

Anyone going through a divorce can find it difficult, and Lizzie was no different.

Lizzie said in a Business Daily interview that going through a divorce had damaged her emotionally and undermined her self-assurance as a business owner.

She remarked, “It was a very painful experience that made me doubt my abilities and myself.”

But Lizzie also believes that going through the divorce helped her develop as a person and as a leader in her company.

“I became more resilient and focused as a result of the many things I learned about myself during that time,” the woman remarked.

It also gave me the freedom to fully control Nibs and move the company in the direction I saw fit.

One of Kenya’s most prosperous cosmetics companies today, Nibs is known for its high-quality, cutting-edge goods.

Lizzie is still in charge of the business, and her perseverance and dedication are what keep it successful.

Who are Lizzie Wanyoike’s children?

To her two kids, Lizzie Wanyoike is an incredibly loving mother.

Despite the difficulties of divorce, she has continued to play an active role in their lives by showing them love, support, and care.

Lizzie’s devotion to their family business, Nibs Beauty, and her devotion to her kids go hand in hand.

She has placed a high priority on providing her children with a secure and loving environment despite the upheavals in her personal life.

Is Lizzie Wanyoike still Married?

Following her divorce from her ex-husband, she elected not to be married again.

Instead, she devoted her attention into nurturing and building their business while being a dedicated parent to their two children.

Lizzie’s commitment to her family and their business’s success has gained her broad respect and affection.

Her ability to balance various elements of her life has not just boosted her role as a mother.

She has also reinforced her reputation as a respected figure among colleagues and clientele.

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