Logan Storm: Tracking the Whereabouts of the Convicted Pedophile

“Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” on Investigation Discovery. In “Weathing the Storm,” Logan Storm, a convicted paedophile, is finally apprehended by the police. Before being extradited to the US for his conviction trial, he was twice captured in different nations. What did Logan do, and who is he? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. So let’s get started, shall we?

Who is Logan Storm?

Amy Anderton, then 28 years old, was recently single and living it up in the spring of 2010. She cherished her time as a single woman, saying, “I was looking forward to love and passion. I believed there were many fish in the sea and that the world was my oyster. She was relaxing in an Irish pub in Portland, Oregon, in March 2010, when a customer approached her and casually struck up a discussion. Logan Storm was the charming stranger’s name who had a strong Irish accent.

When Amy described how she worked for a nonprofit to provide community service, Logan pretended to be a teacher and a kind guy and showed much interest. The episode claims that when she got home that night late, a matchbox with a note stating how much he liked her was in her luggage. Logan pushed on a date the following night when Amy contacted him because she was intrigued. She recalled him talking about his Irish upbringing and his son, who lived with him for three days a week and was 12 years old.

As Logan and Amy got to know one another better, he confided in her about his troubled and troubling background. She said that he claimed his mother was compelled to transfer a young Logan to his grandparents in Belfast, Ireland, and that his father allegedly spent time in a mental hospital. Although he did not explicitly say so, he suggested that the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was the main factor in the decision to deport him to Portland. Additionally, Logan is said to have disclosed to her his efforts to repair his relationship with his parents.

Logan had introduced his little kid to Amy by May 2010, and the two of them moved in with her in the middle of the month after he pretended to be having financial difficulties and unable to make rent. Although she had preferred to take things slowly, she supported the decision because she was anxious to support her new partner. The episode said that Amy’s friends liked Logan and encouraged her to keep seeing him since he appeared like a good match for her. She became sceptical, though, when she discovered that Logan had supposedly been mentoring a former pupil who had become a stripper.

Logan and Amy’s relationship soured in June 2010 after he went out late at night against the advice of his girlfriend to assist his student and give her a ride home from a strip club. On July 23, 2010, Amy noticed the strange behaviour and crept into his room to uncover a startling discovery. She discovered a pen drive concealed beneath other trinkets and items in a jewellery box on his table when she went into his room while he was at work.

Where is Logan Storm Now?

Amy plugged the pen drive into a computer out of curiosity to learn what her partner had been hiding from her. The tablet had hundreds of explicit photographs of young children being abused and raped in child pornography. Amy urged Logan to leave as she instantly ran to her family’s house in Utah out of fear for her safety. She made contact with the police after she was secure in her family’s home and turned him in.

Logan’s computer and two pen drives were taken away by the Multnomah County Child Abuse Team, but they did not immediately arrest him. The authorities issued a warrant in his name after confirming the pictures. However, Logan had left the nation the next day. He drove to Canada before making his way to Europe, where he stayed for more than six months. The authorities then learned he had assumed a phoney name and never visited Ireland.

based on court records Logan had previously worked as a teacher at Beaverton, Oregon’s Stoller Middle School. According to police records, the forensic examiners discovered his thumb drives contained violent cartoons depicting child sexual abuse and other child erotica in addition to classroom pictures of his former students from Stoller Middle School. Logan’s solicitors persuaded him to come home to face his accusations some months later. On January 29, 2013, he was found guilty by a federal court of one count of child pornography.

Up until a detention hearing the next morning, Logan was permitted to remain free. Logan, though, took off an electronic monitoring bracelet and left once more, sparking a second international manhunt. Around six weeks later, he was captured in Mexico City. The 37-year-old was given an 84-month prison term in the child pornography case as well as a 12-month consecutive sentence for missing a detention hearing on September 10, 2013, in court.

The judge also stipulated that Logan must undergo ten years of strict supervision after his release from prison. He won’t be allowed to use his laptops or hang around with kids. He was also obliged by the court to register as a sex offender and take part in sex offender treatment. Logan, who is in his late 40s, has completed completing his term and continues to be under restricted police monitoring.

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