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Lori Loughlin’s Abigail: Revisiting Her Role in ‘When Calls the Heart’

Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin), who appears in Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” is a much-loved character. The viewers were understandably disappointed when she left Hope Valley in season 6 because her endearing connection with Elizabeth has been one of the plot’s major turning moments. Since then, everyone has been looking forward to Abigail’s comeback, and with the premiere of the drama series’ tenth season, rumours about Lori joining the cast are rampant. Let’s investigate to see whether there is any truth to this, shall we? Spoilers follow.

What Happened to Abigail Stanton?

Abigail is one of the first people who offer Elizabeth assistance when she initially arrives in Hope Valley. She lives with her widowed daughter-in-law, Clara, and is struggling with extreme sadness after losing her husband and son in the coal mine tragedy. Among the widows in the community, Abigail is seen as something of a leader. She organises the ladies to protest Henry Gowen’s crimes and urges them to labour in the mines to protect their homes. Not only that, but Abigail decides to look into the coal mine explosion’s cause and confront Henry about his treatment of the widows.

abigail when calls the heart,when does abigail leave when calls the heart,when does abigail return to when calls the heart,when calls the heart where did abigail go

Eventually, with Elizabeth’s assistance, Abigail builds a cafe in the community that she runs with Clara. She finds a collaborator for her inquiry with Bill Avery’s arrival in Hope Valley, and they quickly become friendly. Their future romance is, however, put on hold when his ex-wife shows up and causes turmoil in Hope Valley. Abigail later meets Pastor Frank Hogan and aids the locals in accepting him in spite of his history. He assists her in raising Cody and Becky, two small children she adopts during this time.

However, Frank decides to leave Hope Valley and leave Abigail behind when he is chosen the pastor of a children’s hospital in another town. She assists in bringing the telephone to the community after his departure, and she also assists in rescuing the bank from trouble. Additionally, Abigail fights off the railway company to shield the locals from mistreatment. She does, however, prove to be Elizabeth’s most loyal friend and her best supporter after Jack’s tragic passing.

Additionally, Abigail gives Henry a second chance to atone for his previous actions and extends her forgiveness to him. Sadly, when her mother gets unwell, she is forced to move to Brookfield and leave Hope Valley with Cody. Although Abigail abruptly departs town, it is later discovered that Henry has continued to stay in touch with her and even paid her a visit at the end of season 8. Additionally, despite the fact that she no longer lives in Hope Valley, her friends still think fondly of her and keep in touch with her.

Is Lori Loughlin Returning to When Calls the Heart?

There is presently no chance that Lori Loughlin will return to “When Calls the Heart” because her departure from the series midway through season 6 was final. Due to the actress’ involvement in a college admissions scam in 2019, Abigail’s character was abruptly wiped out of the plot. Following allegations of bribery, Loughlin was required to serve a 2-month jail term. She eventually made a comeback to television, but not in ‘When Calls the Heart,’ as many of her fans had anticipated.


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As of this writing, Loughlin is still playing the same role in the show’s spin-off, “When Hope Calls.” Abigail’s return to Hope Valley has been eagerly anticipated by many viewers, but neither the actress nor the show’s producers have made any pronouncements to that effect. However, as Abigail is still occasionally mentioned in “When Calls the Heart,” one can only hold out hope that there may one day be a remote possibility that she will make another appearance in the programme. But Loughlin won’t be coming back to the show for season 10 or the current story arc, which means Abigail won’t either.

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