Lost Ark Roadmap: How to Find Every Song In Lost Ark

Although Lost Ark uses tried-and-true ARPG principles, such as class abilities and loot, it also plays with the genre’s formula by incorporating innovative MMO-style ideas, such as a library of songs that let you utilize a range of special spells and actions.

Players can amass a collection of songs throughout Lost Ark that effectively serve as additional talents. Some can open secret tunnels, while others can teleport people to predetermined locations. Similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s (or, more precisely, Majora’s Mask’s) musical mechanic, each class has its own instrument.

While some songs can be obtained automatically by playing through the game’s story, others need a little more effort. Therefore, if you feel as though you’re missing a particular song from Lost Ark, you can locate it here.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Escape

The Song of Escape, as its name suggests, allows players to leave any instanced place whenever they like, making it possibly the most helpful song in Lost Ark. This is quite helpful for players who wish to leave a dungeon quickly after completing it or who need to leave after realizing they aren’t equipped to handle the challenge.

One of the first songs that players in the game will learn is this one. All they need to do is complete “Legends and Fairytales” by moving forward with the main plot quest.

Where to Find the Song of Trixion in Lost Ark

Players are teleported to Trixion via The Song of Trixion. However, players must eventually get to Trixion because the place and its lone NPC, Beatrice, are crucial to the narrative. It makes logical that the music can only be acquired during a primary story quest given how important it is.

Players will obtain the multi-step assignment “To the Edge of the World” after finishing the quest “The Wingless.” Players are tasked with learning the Song of Trixion at the completion of this quest, which they can use to teleport to Trixion whenever they choose after that.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Return

To help players navigate the environment, the majority of MMOs use a simple teleportation system. The most well-known illustration is Hearthstone from World of Warcraft, which allows players to connect to an inn and teleport back whenever they like. Song of Return from The Lost Ark performs a similar function. However, the Song of Return allows players to warp to any Portal Statue in every capital city they like as opposed to teleporting to inns (so long as they set it as a return point first).

Players must speak with the bard Shannon during the main quest “Song of Return” to designate the adjacent portal statue as their return spot. Shannon then rewards them by teaching them the Song of Return.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Hearth and Home

Since they allow players to personalize their own homestead and produce some fairly potent goods, strongholds are a wise investment in Lost Ark. Although they are optional, using them grants access to a free song that enables teleportation home whenever it is most convenient.

You must complete a few minor tasks in order to earn this tune, which is called the Song of Hearth and Home. The “Clerk Theo’s Invitation” quest, which is offered after taking back Luterra Castle during the main quest chain, must first be obtained (and finished). A cutscene will start once you speak with the Royal Receptionist outside the castle. The quest “Song of Hearth and Home” will be given to you once you speak with the Royal Receptionist once again. You will receive this priceless song as a prize for completing this quest.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Valor

While some songs in Lost Ark allow players to teleport to specific areas, the majority are used for rapport, or the game’s equivalent of reputation. Players will eventually receive numerous goods when they engage with and present gifts to certain significant NPCs. The Song of Valor is the first of several songs that players will learn in Lost Ark that are used to build rapport with NPCs.

Players will be given the objective “Song of Valor” throughout the main quest chain. Players only need to speak with Captain Mak to complete the task (who directs them to Maller). A cutscene will start playing after the player has retrieved some Silver Bush Leaves and spoken to Maller once again. Maller gives the players an artifact that teaches them the Song of Valor after they have one last conversation with him.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Heart’s Melody

From this point forward, songs are essentially utilized to build rapport with specific NPCs. Heart’s Melody is one example of this.

Time for Treatment’s reward, Heart’s Melody, begins as a straightforward fetch quest for restorative herbs. But by the end of the quest, participants have studied enigmatic tablets and miraculously instructed them in Heart’s Melody.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Temptation

The Song of Temptation is yet another melody that increases rapport with some NPCs.
Players must work hard to obtain the Song of Temptation, in contrast to other songs, which were simply quest rewards. Players must complete 50% of the Adventurer’s Tome on the continent of Yudia in order to get this tune. Examining vistas, gaining access to fast travel locations, and finishing dungeons are all actions that contribute to the completion. When a player achieves 50%, all they need to do is go to the Yudia part of the tome and click on the reward, which will teach them the song automatically.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Starlight

Only select NPCs can be made more amiable by singing the Song of Starlight.

The majority of the songs in Lost Ark are either quest rewards or things that happen to players when they reach particular milestones. On Starlight Isle, the NPC Favreau does, however, sell the Song of Starlight. 3,300 Gienah’s Coins are required from the players (which are primarily acquired through co-op quests).

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Serenade of Love

Only few NPCs can be improved upon using the Serenade of Love.

The “Relationship Guru” quest, which begins on the island of Liebeheim, has this song as a prize. Sending love notes and conversing with NPCs are both required for this objective. Players get the Serenade of Love after completing this straightforward quest.

Usually, songs come with prizes that are promised, but not with Heavenly Harmony. Anyone who doesn’t find this specific song in their initial chest should try again because it is a randomly dropped item from the co-op mission for Harmony Island. The Serenade of Love appears to be a need in order to take part in that task, as if that weren’t annoying enough already.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Elegy of Serenity

Only select NPCs can be improved upon with the Elegy of Serenity.

This song is a prize for finishing a lengthy quest chain that starts with the “Iceberg Inquiry,” not a reward for a main goal. Players will obtain the task “Elegy of Serenity,” which entails writing a celebration recital, after completing the penultimate quest, “Justice Achieved.” Players receive the song Elegy of Serenity as a reward for finishing the task (along with a bunch of other prizes).

Lost Ark: Where to Find Song of Resonance

Song of Resonance has two primary uses: it can improve relationships with specific NPCs and it can unlock secret doors marked by unique statues.

The road to the Song of Resonance is long and difficult, much like the Song of Starlight. Players must pay Peyto-based Treasure Hunter Igran a whopping 16,500 Pirate Coins in order to purchase this melody. Players who want the music should prepare to grind for those digital doubloons since they are acquired through unique Island Quests dispersed throughout the planet.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Forest’s Minuet

The second song on Lost Ark that functions as both a rapport builder and a secret-revealing tune is Forest’s Minuet. However, this tune unblocks thorny vine-blocked pathways rather than moving statues.

Players must travel to Lullaby Island and accept Traveler Eclipse’s mission “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” in order to get Forest’s Minuet. This begins a quest line and directs them to the Hiding Fairy, who the players must interact with multiple times and select the appropriate options for. Following are appropriate interactions:

The Forests Where Fairies Sing: (Whistle.), (Wait.), (Whistle again.).

I Hear You: (Lay the glittering pebble down.) “Remember me?” “It’s a present” (Wait quietly.).
No worries, Miss Fairy: “I’m Listening.” “I’ll Look for one.” “Sure.” “No worries. “, “(Just watch. ),” and “(Listen with your back to her. I enjoy taking risks.
Players must then accomplish the cooperative quest “Magick Melody” three times after completing those steps. The quest “It’s Ok, Miss Fairy” offers many rewards, including Forest’s Minuet, and should supply players with enough Voice of the Forests to complete it.

As a side note, in order to earn Forest’s Minuet, players first require the Song of Resonance.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Eternity

Only few NPCs can be improved upon by using The Song of Eternity.

The Song of Eternity can only be acquired through making progress through the Adventurer’s Tome, just like with Heavenly Harmony. But this time, in Rohendel, they need to reach 60% completion.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Reminiscence

Only select NPCs can be made more likeable by using the Song of Reminiscence.

Another prize for a series of quests is this song. The prerequisite Twilight on the Horizon must also be present for players who wish the Song of Reminiscence to start with “Strange Mail” in Rothun. The mission “Lost Footsteps,” which may be discovered in the Frozen Sea, is the last in this series. Players must converse with numerous NPCs and select the appropriate emotions when speaking with Allegro. Players will earn a number of gifts after everything is said and done, including the Song of Reminiscence.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Spring

Only few NPCs can be made more amiable by singing the Song of Spring.

Since players must first locate Shangra Island, getting this melody might be exceptionally challenging (which can pop up randomly on the overworld sea). The path is quite simple once players get at the island. The only thing left for players to do is finish the island’s questline, which begins with “The Garden Path.” Once finished, “Shangra’s Pure Energy,” the second link in the chain, grants users the Song of Spring.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Requiem of Twilight

Only select NPCs can be made to like you more by using The Requiem of Twilight.

Players must go to the Island of Eternal Rest and speak with Derisa in order to obtain the Requiem of Twilight. You will receive the “She Only Dreams of Peace” mission from her, which requires you to gather lilies and place them on a few graves. Derisa awards the Requiem of Twilight and some cash after these straightforward duties are completed.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Romantic Weapon

Only some NPCs can be made to feel more at ease by using the romantic weapon.

Players must fill out Yorn to 60% completion, another song that is sealed to the Adventurer’s Tome.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Soulful Requiem

Only select NPCs can be made to like you more by using Soulful Requiem.

Players must fill up Feiton to 60% completion to unlock a second song that is sealed on the Adventurer’s Tome.

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Song of Harmony

Only some NPCs can be made to feel more at ease by singing the Song of Harmony.

The Song of Harmony, which should not be confused with Heavenly Harmony, can be unlocked by completing the Adventurer’s Tome in Punika to 50% of its entirety.

Since Lost Ark is a live service game, anticipate to see this list expand as new songs are either discovered or uploaded to the game.

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