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A new Lost Ark roadmap has been released, which includes a new Legion raid, a new Class, weekly challenge dungeons, and more. In April and May, the planet of Arkesia received two huge improvements, and it appears like the creators will keep up the pace this summer. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about the latest Raiders of the Lost Ark update, including information on the Arcanist class and the upcoming release timetable.

New Lost Ark Arcanist class

More lessons on the Raiders of the Lost Ark? Please, yes! If you’re not sure which Lost Ark class to choose, the Arcanist is the next Advanced Class, and it will be released in July. The Arcanist is a sorceress who enhances her assaults using special cards. She has a “trick up her sleeve for every occasion,” according to the developers.

Card Deck is the Arcanist’s specialised skill, allowing her to utilise a card with random attributes in combat. Although it is based on chance, the Card Deck skill has the potential to be quite damaging. Landing attacks, as normal, charge the ability.

Lost Ark class release schedule

If you need additional Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds, here’s how to get them.

The Lost Ark class release schedule has been widely discussed online, but now we finally know what to expect: for the rest of the year, the game will receive one new Advanced Class every two months. So, in 2022, after the Arcanist is introduced, we can expect two more classes.

Before introducing new general classes, the team has stated that they would release all Advanced Classes. The three remaining Advanced Classes are expected to arrive this year, while the next regular class could arrive in 2023, according to this update timetable.

Finally, keep in mind that the developers have accelerated the release timetable in order to catch up to other regions. In 2023, the frequency of updates will most likely decrease.

Lost Ark June update

Vykes is a Legion raid. The item level 1430 (normal difficulty) or 1460 (hard difficulty) is required for this eight-player challenge (hard difficulty). The spoils from the second Legion Raid, after Valtan, can be utilised to complete your Relic gear set upgrade.
Kungelanium is the target of a Guardian Raid. In the Guardian Raid, there’s another level 6 Guardian to take on. He can be taken on as part of a team or solo by players with item levels 1460 and up.
Thronespire is a single-player dungeon for players with item levels of 1325 and up. Before you become overwhelmed, you must clear as many floors as possible (a total of 50). After 25 floors, you’ll receive the first-clearance prize.

Lost Ark July update

Here’s what we know about the Lost Ark July update so far:

New class: Arcanist. As mentioned, the next Advanced Class will be part of this update.

Inferno is a new Valtan Legion Raid difficulty. So, instead of a brand-new Raid, there will be an extra-difficult difficulty (item level 1445 and higher) that will offer accolades and titles rather than materials upgrades. Because the Book of Coordination (also used for PvP) is required for this Legion Raid difficulty, everyone’s gear is standardised against the Legion Commander’s level. Furthermore, the gate progression system is incompatible with this difficulty level.
Abyssal Dungeon is a challenging dungeon. A new weekly exercise that uses the Scale of Harmony to balance your power against your opponent. There are various trials for various item levels, all of which yield a wide range of sharpening materials. Each week, you can complete one dungeon (one per roster).

Free Power pass and second Express Event

The Lost Ark crew promised a free Punika Power Pass arriving “this summer” in a post from June 1. There will also be a second Express Event to help players level up their characters faster. We don’t yet know the specifics or start dates, but you should start thinking about the characters you’d like to utilise them on.

Last but not least, there are new skins! Yoz’s Jar is the next cosmetics pack for Lost Ark, and it includes a selection of Epic and Legendary skins. Furthermore, any skins you don’t like or wear will be able to be broken down into cloth, which can then be used to purchase new skins. Legendary skins can be overlaid with older or less powerful skins to preserve the Legendary perks.

Keep a look out for updates on new Lost Ark material as well as release dates!

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