Lord of the Rings’ Characters Who Could Be A Part Of ‘Rings of Power’ Season 2?

Following the events building up to the war against Sauron, eight episodes of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power bring the audience back to Middle-earth (Charlie Vickers). The show’s fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 after learning of the renewal. The series has already introduced a number of characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, including Elrond (Robert Aramayo), Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), Sauron, and (presumably) Gandalf (Daniel Weyman). Even in the various settings, character overlapping is possible due to the lengthy lifespan of elves and other creatures in Middle-earth. But they haven’t yet utilised every character that may be employed. The list is still extensive, in reality. Any character that appears in the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit books, including the appendices, is owned by Amazon. And a lot of characters fit that mould. In Season 1, Rings of Power has only begun to scrape the surface.


Despite the fact that her family plays a significant role in the story, Arwen is the least likely established figure to appear. Most people are familiar with Arwen as Aragorn’s love interest in The Lord of the Rings. Through her mother, Celebran, she is both Galadriel’s granddaughter and Elrond’s daughter. Arwen may theoretically appear, although it would seem odd for Galadriel and Elrond to discuss so much about their friendship while ignoring their shared family. Though her parents are married, Celebran may not have been born as of Rings of Power Season 1. The situation is complicated by Celeborn’s presumed demise, although it’s plausible that she’s still alive and not with Elrond. If this is the case, Arwen might be born before the series’ conclusion. Arwen, though, is a character who might be best left unexplored.


Galadriel’s husband is Celeborn. Although he only makes a fleeting appearance in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, much of his narrative is found in other Tolkien works. This should imply that Amazon can employ him but will probably need to embellish portions of his background. Rings of Power’s Season 1 reference of Celeborn did not result in his eventual appearance. As a result, we are aware that Celeborn and Galadriel are already wed before the show begins. Marton Csokas portrays Celeborn in The Fellowship of the Ring. Despite being assumed killed in the series, he undoubtedly survives the Second Age. The reason Galadriel believes he is dead must thus be explained by his appearance in Rings of Power.

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Glorfindel is another near-eternal elf who might make an appearance. In the novels, Glorfindel assists Frodo Baggins in getting to Rivendell while he is hurt. Glorfindel battles a Balrog in other Tolkien novels, but loses the battle and perishes. To Valar, his spirit returns. However, he is permitted to visit Middle-earth once more in the Second Age on behalf of Valinor. Although Glorfindel didn’t have a significant role in the battle against Sauron in the books, Amazon is free to utilise the character anyway they see appropriate, so it wouldn’t be unexpected if he appeared. Rings of Power has so far had no trouble shifting the history, therefore it’s likely that his absence from the conflict is related to the time he spent in Valinor. Glorfindel will probably make an appearance in the programme at some time.

King of the Dead

The spectral apparition helping Aragorn retake Gondor is known as the King of the Dead or the King in the Mountain. The only reason the king and his army act in this way is because they are bound by an oath they took to Isildur, an ancestor of Aragorn, during the war with Sauron. They are prevented from genuinely dying by the unfulfilled oath. Rings of Power should start where the army formerly fought for Sauron before their alliance with Isildur. Since he will still be alive in real life, the King of the Dead won’t look like him at all. Since a young Isildur (Maxim Baldry) appears in the series, the oath and subsequent treachery are very probably going to be significant plot points. But that won’t happen for quite some time. The King of the Dead, if he or she is revealed in Season 2, will probably start off as a temporary human servant of Sauron. But Rings of Power should introduce him early on to establish his potential role.



Radagast is another Istar who might appear. In the literature, Radagast isn’t actually mentioned (though he does in The Hobbit films). His name is repeatedly left out, though. Amazon can probably employ the character in some way given these mentions. He is close to wildlife, particularly the Great Eagles, according to the material in the literature. He mostly serves as the forest’s defender and has minimal interaction with either men or elves. He is good friends with Gandalf though. Another individual who could be able to assist the Stranger in the forthcoming season is Radagast.


Wizards, like elves, appear to live lengthy lives, and Saruman is one. Due to his betrayal of Gandalf for Sauron, Saruman the White plays a significant role in The Lord of the Rings. Saruman is one of the five Istar that the witches from Rhûn refer to, despite the fact that he isn’t specifically referenced in Rings of Power. Saruman, as the leader of the Istar, might be essential to the Stranger’s quest to learn more about his history. The fact that Saruman’s life at this point is not fully documented is beneficial to Amazon. Saruman’s decline is portrayed in The Lord of the Rings, yet during the Age of the Rings of Power, he ought to stand up to Sauron. He is also supposed to be extremely knowledgeable about the power rings, so when the rings spread, he ought to appear.

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The Witch-King of Angmar (and Other Future Nazgûl)

Although the character in the series won’t be well-known, the face probably will. The Lord of the Nazgûl, who no mortal man can slay, is a more popular name for the Witch-King of Angmar. This monarch will not yet be in his Ringwraith form if he shows up in Rings of Power, but he will still be quite dangerous. The Witch-precise King’s identity is unknown. He is among the nine lords who were given men’s rings. Like the other future Nazgûl, he developed a power complex. He lived longer thanks to the ring, but finally he disappeared into the night to become a Ringwraith. The Witch-King and the other Nazgûl can have their identities developed in Rings of Power. The first rings were forged in Season 1, and it shouldn’t be long until males start receiving rings. The Witch-Monarch was probably a king and a feared sorcerer in his lifetime, being the most powerful Nazgûl. Some speculate that he may be from Nmenor because of his position within the Ringwraith hierarchy; this would further connect him to the series. The Last Alliance of Elves and Men takes place when the Nazgûl are present, giving the series the chance to study these people as they transform into Nazgûl, which would be intriguing. In essence, the Witch-King must make an appearance.


It is possible that Thranduil will appear in the series because he is another character who is intended to be part of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Fans know him as the Woodland Realm’s ruler and Legolas’ father, although Thranduil is still a prince during this time. When Bilbo and his companions pass through Mirkwood in The Hobbit, Thranduil makes an appearance. Who can forget Lee Pace’s role in the three The Hobbit films? The difficulty for Amazon is that the majority of the accounts of Thranduil’s Second Age deeds are found in publications to which they lack the legal authority. It doesn’t follow that Thranduil won’t appear, but his tale might take a different turn.

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Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil is a mysterious character in particular. He and his riverwoman wife, Goldberry, roam Middle-earth. Bright yellow boots, a blue jacket, and an antique feather cap make up his unique ensemble. Tom Bombadil only uses rhymes when speaking. While on their journey to Rivendell, he encounters Frodo and the other three hobbits. He briefly housed the Hobbits, and Frodo gave him access to the Ring to examine it. Bombadil had no reaction to trying it on. One of his numerous monikers is Tom Bombadil. The hobbits who gave him this one are aware of him, but so are the other races. He goes by the names Dnedain among the elves, Orald among mortals, and Forn among the dwarves. He is referred to as being old by all of these designations. Before the arrival of the Valar, Bombadil asserts to be the oldest surviving creature in Middle-earth. He is undoubtedly present someplace during Rings of Power, yet it is unknown what he is doing or who he supports in the oncoming fight. And his appearance would be reason for celebration in any form.


The Ents have been segregating themselves for a very long period, as evidenced by their presence in Lord of the Rings. The eldest Ent, Treebeard, ought to have existed long before Rings of Power, thus he might have made an appearance. The Ents are a lethargic race that takes days to do most tasks, but when they team up with Saruman in The Two Towers, they become a formidable force. Treebeard makes an allusion to the conflict between Sauron and the elves, which is likely to occur in Rings of Power but in which Ents had no part to play. However, the Entwives went missing about that period, so possibly that can play a role.






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