Is Willow Star Ruby Cruz Straight, Gay or Bisexual ? His Sexuality And Social Media Presense

The LGBTQ+ community seems to freak out whenever a new, subtly evident gay romance appears in a film or television series and begins to question whether or not the characters are actual members of the community. The same is true of Willow, a brand-new series available on Disney+ that continues the 1988 events depicted in the film.

The sexual tension between Jade, played by Erin Kellyman, and Kit, played by Ruby Cruz, was hinted at in the show’s teaser, so it wasn’t a surprise that they were dating. Since Jade and Kit kissed in the first episode, the first two episodes did nothing except confirm our thoughts. What about Erin’s on-screen love interest? We’ve already talked about Erin’s place on the autism spectrum. Ruby Cruz is bisexual, gay, or heterosexual.

Social Media Presence

Ruby appears to have a very little social media following. She doesn’t have any official Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or other accounts. So it could be difficult to tell whether she belongs to the LGBTQ+ group or not. Ruby Cruz certainly keeps her social media accounts hidden from the rest of us, if she even has them.


In addition to hiding her social media accounts or having none, Ruby Cruz’s biographical information is likewise quite scanty, save for her appearances in films and television shows. Even her birth date is unclear as far as we are aware, but we do know that she is in her early 20s and that she is 5’5″ or 165 cm tall.

She played Annie Wilkes, or rather, the teenage Annie Wilkes with flashbacks to her lasting over 2 episodes, in the Castle Rock series, an adaptation of a Stephen King novel. The last time we saw her on the show was at that point, and she wouldn’t get another significant role until 2021.

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Ruby portrayed Erin’s friend Jess Riley in Mare of Easttown, while Cailee Spaeny had the role. Additionally, it was revealed in 2021 that Cruz would play Kit, Queen Sorsha’s daughter from the first film, in Willow.

Ruby Cruz as Kit

What do the fans think about Ruby and Erin’s relationship? Fans were eager to see a gay character take the lead in a fantasy series, and both Ruby and Erin undoubtedly delivered. The opinions of the fans are divided; some believe that neither character is endearing, while others believe that Kit is too much of a queer mess for Jade.

Some disagree, claiming that the two’s romance is put at the heart of everything and is very organic. They also make the speculative claim—which has not yet been confirmed—that Ruby’s character is non-binary. In the final six episodes, we might see it proven, but I doubt it.

So what’s the story: Is Ruby Cruz a member of the neighbourhood?

It’s impossible to determine whether Ruby Cruz belongs to the LGBTQ+ group. She might be or she might not be, but let’s avoid putting the actress in awkward circumstances by demanding that she provide personal information. We all have a propensity to freak out over our role models and conduct extensive internet research to try to learn as much as we can about them.

Even while it could appear innocent, recognising your role models could be detrimental in some ways. I respect Ruby’s desire to keep her personal affairs private. The wiki sites appear to believe she is straight because they include her relationship status, although it may just be conjecture given that it is still the “standard” among many people, despite the fact that we live in the twenty-first century.

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For the time being, we’ll just have to enjoy Kit and Jade’s dramatic relationship. Disney promised in March 2022 to include at least 50% of all characters as gay, therefore it is encouraging to see LGBTQ+ characters in their shows. I’m not sure about the 50%, but more fantasy-related inclusion would be excellent.

So what’s the deal: Is Ruby Cruz part of the community?

Every figure with even the slightest hint of a gay appearance or who exudes “that vibe” is subject to endless speculation and labelling by the community. I’ve done it myself. It doesn’t matter if Ruby Cruz is a member of the neighbourhood. The main reason why fans want to know is because they’re sick of seeing characters who aren’t homosexual in real life play gay characters.

In the case of Erin Kellyman, the actress who plays Jade, it has been established that she is, in fact, a lesbian. She has been open about it ever since she began her profession and is not at all ashamed of it. She attended a 2019 pride parade with her girlfriend, with whom she is still dating now. When she starred in Marvel’s Captain America and The Falcon in 2021, the LGBT panic broke out, and she even addressed the issue by blaming the fans for taking so long to notice.

We can only hope Ruby Cruz experiences the same thing. She currently appears on television as Kit, a purportedly non-binary queer character in Willow. On November 30th, the first two episodes made their debut. There will be a total of 8 episodes, with the final six airing each week on Wednesdays up until the final episode, which will air on January 23rd, 2023. year

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