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How Did Luis Become a Cannibal? Investigating His Disturbing Transformation

The horror-comedy series ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ on Amazon Prime was made by Aaron Mark and is based on the podcast of the same name, which was in turn influenced by Mark’s own theatrical performance, ‘Empanada Loca.’ Dolores, a character played by Justina Machado, is a woman who was wrongfully sentenced to a 16-year prison term and who, after being released from prison, finds herself at the core of cannibalistic murders. Luis, who joins Dolores in crime, engages in cannibalism, but viewers are not given a whole picture of his past. Here is all the information you need to understand how Luis became a cannibal and what would become of him in “The Horror of Dolores Roach.” Contains spoilers!

How Did Luis Become a Cannibal?

Dolores shares an apartment complex with Luis Batista, an old friend of hers. Alejandro Hernandez plays the role of Luis in the movie. He is most recognised for his role as Casey Acosta in the medical drama series “New Amsterdam.” He was left the ownership of his father’s empanada shop. After being released from prison, Dolores meets Luis at his shop. Since he has always been attracted to Dolores, Luis offers her a place to stay. As the narrative progresses, Dolores ultimately ends up killing Marcie and Gideon Pearlman. Luis overcomes the problem by using their fleas as the meat for his empanadas. Dolores discovers that Luis is a cannibal as a result. However, it is unclear how Luis began to practise cannibalism until the penultimate episode.

luis becoming a cannibal pdf,luis becoming a cannibal read online,luis becoming a cannibal book,luis becoming a cannibal pdf download,luis becoming a cannibal

In the eighth episode, Luis claims that his father’s girlfriend sexually assaulted him when he was just twelve years old. After Luis told his father about her actions, which infuriated him, the girlfriend left them. Out of humiliation over destroying his father’s relationship, Luis attempted to cut off his penis, leading to disfigurement. Luis considered cutting off a section of his body, but decided against it. It’s possible that Luis’ self-mutilation influenced his propensity for cannibalism. His obsession with slicing, preparing, and eating human flesh seems to have developed as a result of his inability to cut his own flesh. As a result, Luis’ poor and inappropriate love life serves as the impetus for the emergence of his complex cannibalistic urges. Luis takes risks, which makes him a capable ally, but his actions frequently endanger Dolores’ security.

Is Luis Dead?

After discovering the corpses, Luis decides to care for them and help Dolores. Luis starts using the flesh from the dead to make a new Empanda dish that is well-liked by the restaurant’s customers. As a result, business prospers and Dolores goes unnoticed. Luis hides the dead in the basement and freezer of the shop, putting his and Dolores’ futures in risk. As the victims multiply, Dolores thinks about moving to Luis and starting a new life outside of New York. In the climax, Luis moves the dead bodies into Nellie’s flat, which leads to Nellie being detained by the police. Dolores is consequently forced to flee as the cops arrive and start searching the entire building. When Luis tries to stop Dolores from leaving, a physical altercation develops between the two of them.

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During the final fight, Dolores cracks and slams Luis’ face into the deep fryer. We do not witness Luis’s demise, but he does collapse to the ground with evident burns from the boiling oil. Then Dolores’ voiceover confirms Luis’ demise. Luis made his Empanda dish with human flesh because to his cannibalistic tendencies. He deep-fried the human flesh from Dolores’ victims to make the empanadas. Luis himself perishes in the fryer when his skin is deep-fried. As a result, Luis’s dying is accompanied with a beautiful sense of justice. Despite her greatest efforts to persuade Luis to accompany her, Dolores always knew that he constituted a threat to her life. Due to her animalistic survival instinct taking over in difficult circumstances, Dolores kills Luis. Additionally, Luis’ demise represents the end of a stage in Dolores’ life.

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