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Luise Frisch Tiktok Video Viral: 12 Year Old Schoolgirl Stabbed To Death

Residents of Freudenberg, Germany, were horrified to hear about the recent murder of 12-year-old Luise. Luise Frisch’s TikTok video has lately gone viral exposing what transpired.

Two other young individuals, aged 12 and 13, were arrested in connection with her death, revealing a terrifying reality: the attackers and victim had been classmates and even best friends.

The potential range of motives includes everything from traditional bullying cases gone wrong to misunderstandings resulting from social media platforms.

Whatever the circumstances, there is no doubt that this crime has shocked the neighbourhood and beyond because an unimaginable tragedy has befallen such young people.

The recent tragedy is both unthinkable and heartbreaking. Two young suspects, who come from middle-class backgrounds, have been relocated by authorities.

Due to their age, they will not face any trial since they are below the German criminal responsibility age of 14.

The father of one of the suspects is a bank employee who also serves as the band’s treasurer and plays the bugle in the community band.

On the outskirts of Freudenberg, his family resides in a two-story home. Luise had spent her final night there before being killed after a sleepover.

Together with her parents, grandfather, and two siblings, Luise shared a home. Indeed, no one expected such an event to happen and their neighbours have been left shocked by this devastating occurrence.

This case has taken an eerie turn due to the recent discovery that a note on the door of one of the suspect’s houses instructed the media to keep away and that a police car was making regular sweeps past the house.

This makes it crystal clear that the suspects were aware of the media attention this case was receiving and wanted to do something about it.

One patron of a nearby café described Louise Frisch as being as “sweet and innocent” as any other girl her age when he spoke of how he used to see her every day.

However, it appears that she had been connected with two of these suspects, as evidenced by a Tiktok video shared by the 13-year-old suspect shortly after her body was found, further unveiling an even more unsettling story.

The 12-year-old young lady’s unfortunate passing has shaken the local people and brought a feeling of sorrow to their little neighbourhood.

Her folks remain firmly persuaded they will get justice and support in this difficult time. Neighbors who used to monitor her continuously affirm that she was like any other typical adolescent, loaded with vitality, excitement, trustworthiness and tenderness – attributes which may have left the neighbourhood painfully lesser now she is gone.

They continue to pray to God on behalf of her family, standing in solidarity with them as they look for a proper way to end the young woman’s life.

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